London Cabbie Murdered

Residents of Lewisham in London woke up to a grissley sight on saturday Morning. They would discover the remains of London Cabbie Vinnie “Lucky” Filipi. He was discovered in the Stone Circle at Hilly Fields. The body was naked with no obvious cause of death.

This case could have many causes. First of all Lucky Filipi is a Black Cab driver in London. Local residents believe the most likely cause would be an unhappy customer or a fare evasion due to his profession. Although his car was found about nine miles away near Reagents Park. It had crashed into a telegraph pole after running a red light at 40 mph. No driver was found in the vehicle after what could have been a fatal attack.

Lucky Filipi had been in hiding from the Mob for several years. He was an immigrant from America after he went into hiding in Chicago for unknown reasons. It is believed the Chicago Mafia had a large price on his head. It is possible that the Mafia has finally caught up to him and have used the recent occult killings to cover up the murder.

Third, the occult serial killer has struck again. This time far more brazen making the sacrifice in a busy London suburb. Although the grizzly death at the Merry Maidens proved to be a hoax this one could be connected to the death of Gwen Miller. The victimology is different though. Gwen was a young, attractive and fit caucasion woman where Lucky Filipi was an overweight middle aged Italian American immigrant. So this could suggest that this is an unreltaed incident.

Finally, there has been suggestions that the murder of Lucky Filipi is related to a bomb explosion in the City of London. The explosion is according to the City of London Police not related to terrorism. Police Sergeant Rebecca Williams said in a statement yesterday “The explosion was to destroy a crime scene. Further investigation will be commenced immediately. We do believe that the only purpose was to cover up a murder.”

This case has so far raised many more questions than it has answered. How did Lucky Filipi get to Lewisham? Who was driving his cab? How did the driver escape the horrific car accident that should have been fatal? Is this related the death of Gwen Miller? Or the incident at the Merry Maidens? Is the Mob active in London? Is this murder related to the explosive murder in the City of London.


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