Another Murder at a Circle

Britons have been under siege of late. Several occult ceremonies have occured at various neolithic monuments. Including Stonehenge, the Merry Maidens, Hilly Fields Stone Circle and now at the Nine Ladies. All of the sights are spread across England which is baffeling police. However with the lead up to the Olympic Games in London, these events seem to be increasing in frequency.

The first was death of the London Homeless girl Gwen Miller. Found dead at Stonehenge. This was followed by the baffeling grave robberies and the desicration of the bodies of nineteen different women. There body parts were scattered around the Merry Maidens in Cornwall. This was followed by the murder of a London Cabbie over ten miles away from his Black Cab, in Hilly Fields in London. Now yet another victim has been found at the Nine Ladies in Derbyshire.

The latest victim has once again shown no signs of struggle or trauma. She was, like the others, found naked by hikers yesterday morning. Like Gwen Miller and Vinnie Filipi drained of her blood with no obvious wounds to her body. It is currently unknown who this woman is. There is no missing person matching her description in the last five years.

The Police are appealing for witnesses for any of these crimes. They would also like to talk to anyone who may know the girl that has most recently been found.


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