For Rotes, I have something special in mind. I am going to give you two ways to learn new rotes. The first is role playing, the second is through your Order’s Libraries. Both will require an extended action to learn.

Role Playing

This will be determined by what you are trying to achieve. But no matter who is teaching you you will need to be able to master the spell. The extended action will take up the teachers time, so performing a service to the teacher will usually still be required. The dice pool to learn a rote is as follows: Gnosis+Appropriate Arcana+Teachers Arcana+Teachers Willpower-7. This learning process takes time and have the following durations and successes required.

Dots Successes Duration
5 1/2 Hour
●● 10 1 Hour
●●● 15 2 Hours
●●●● 20 1 Day
●●●●● 25 1 Week
+1 +5 Next unit(week,month,quarter,year,pentad,decade)

Order Library

Every order has extensive libraries at there disposal. All members can access these libraries of ancient grimoires. The first rule to study in the library you must write down one of your own rotes to be learnt by someone else (this will also help with your status in the Order. The more unique the better for status.). Due to the first rule, many rotes are repeated many times over whilst others are hard to find.

If a rote is in the Core book, there is a copy of it used by the other orders. Unless specified, the dice pool remains the same. These are a part of the spell, not an order’s flare. If a book is in any other book it is only a part of the order it is listed in. This does not mean that they are not available in the library but that they are very rare.

The extended role to find a rote in the Library is as follows: Gnosis + Appropriate Arcana + Order Status + rarity. The role cannot be failed but can be postponed and returned to later. Experience is not spent until the role succeeds. Rarity, successes required and duration are given below.

Dots Rarity(Order) Rarity(Outside Order) Successes Duration(Order) Duration(Another Order)
+2 -1 5 1 Hour 2 Hours
●● 0 -2 10 1 Hour 2 Hours
●●● -1 -3 15 1 Day 2 Days
●●●● -2 -4 20 2 Days 1 Week
●●●●● -3 -5 25 1 Week 1 Month


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