The Merry Maidens Rise From the Stone

Two weeks ago police believed they had found a body at the Merry Maidens in Cornwall, England. They were under the impression that the body had been dissected into nineteen parts and spread around the sight. They also believed that the death of the woman was related to the occult style murder of Gwen Miller at Stonehenge, just a week earlier.

While some suggestions were put forward that the two murders were some kind of ritual sacrifice to raise a demon. Or possibly to please some unknown pagen god. These are just two of the many possible suggestions put forward by the general public and tabloid papers.

DNA tests have now proved this to be completely false. The remains were not that of a single women but nineteen separate women from around the country. However, they were not murder victims…mostly. The much more frightening truth is that someone in the past year has been robbing graves and dismembering corpses for this act.

The last women to be buried was in August, 2011. So the removal of the bodies has occurred prior to that. Dr Wilhelm Gardner, a pathologist at Cambridge University stated “The bodies must have been removed from the ground and kept frozen until this prank was ready to be pulled off as the decomposition is much to low.”

Police have begun exhuming the bodies of the girls whose body parts have been found. So far they have discovered that only parts of the bodies have been removed. How long ago each was removed seems to vary between a year and five years.

Police have also started investigating the funeral homes but have so far turned up nothing suspicious there. All the girls were buried by different homes with no crossover of employees.

The only common link between the women is that they all worked as models at some time in the year or two before they died of mostly natural causes. But even there is no common ground. They mostly all worked at different agencies and in different capacities. Including hand models, foot models, leg models, face models and catwalk models.

This is a really bizarre case, that will hopefully be closed soon.


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