Parent Path: Obrimos
Nickname: Heralds of Death, Ankou
Appearance: Dressed in th etraditional robes of Death and the Ankou legends. Usually shrouded in Shadows.
Background: In Breton mythology Ankou is the personification of death. He was most often sited just before passing. He was occasionally seen in graveyards and tombs. According to mythology, all towns in Breton had their own Ankou. Modern times have replaced the Ankou with the spectre Death.

Organisation: None, they work within their own orders and councils. They do approach Death himself, who will occasionally give them instructions. Although all members tend to start calling themselves Ankou.

Suggested Oblations:

First Attainment

Prerequsites: Mind 2(Primary), Gnosis 3, Subterfuge 2

The mage walks unnoticed by others, blending perfectly into the shadows. The shadows blend around the Mage obscuring him from sight. The shadows don’t hide the person so to speak, but the people watching on simply don’t want to see the person so believe that the mage is obscured by the shadows. If the mage appears to be dangerous he can still be seen. Any weapons must remain concealed for this to work. This attainment works the same as the spell "Incognito Presence*. To activate this attainment, the mage merely performs an instant action; no roll is required. The effect lasts for up to an hour. Any supernatural being must make a reflexive Composure + Gnosis roll and get a number of successes equal to the mages gnosis.

Second Attainment

Prerequsites: Mind 3(Primary), Gnosis 5

The mage walks into and can stop everyone from being able to remember the mage. The mage creates a shadow in the subjects brain that stops the mage from being able to process short term memories. This spell works like the spell Eternal Now. Everybody affected by this power makes a reflexive Gnosis + Composure roll needing to equal the gnosis score. If successful they can retain all memories.

h4. Third Attainment

Prerequsites: Mind 4(Primary), Gnosis 7
Astral Projection, Optional Death to view and affect the Material world


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