Guardians of the Veil

Save for the Seers of the Throne and the Banishers, no order is as hated as the Guardians of the Veil.

Mages see them as a necessary evil — valued, but distasteful allies.

Awakened wills are trained to shatter barriers and seek freedom, so most mages have an inherent distrust of anyone who would shackle human desire.

The Guardians have mastered the art of moving among Sleepers in a mundane guise, planting useful stories and careful measures of magical influence to ward off magic’s enemies while providing for their own interests.

Even now, Guardians plant memes and secret signs in the world’s cultures. And for all anyone knows, half of the rumors may be the Guardians’ own lies.

They are certain that every deed is absolutely necessary to the goal of Awakened stewardship of the world, and ultimately victory over the Exarchs & this fact makes them even more dangerous…

Notable members

Guardians of the Veil

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