Name: Sylas
Path: Acanthus
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Cabal: Knights Errant
Legacy: The House of Ariadne

Unspent XP: 4


Power Intelligence: oo Strength: ooo Presence: o
Finesse Wits: ooo Dexterity: ooo Manipulation: oo
Resistance Resolve: ooo Stamina: ooo Composure: oooo

Gnosis: ooo
Wisdom: 7


Mental Social Physical
Academics: Athletics*: ooo Animal Ken:
Computer: Brawl: Empathy:
Crafts: Drive: o Expression: o
Investigation: o Firearms: oo Intimidation*: o
Medicine*: o Larceny: Persuasion:
Occult: oo Stealth: oo (Crowds) Socialize:
Politics: Survival: o Streetwise: ooo (Undercover Ops)
Science: Weaponry: oooo (Swords) Subterfuge: oo


Common Sense: oooo
Contacts (MI5): o
High Speech: o
Resources: oo
Status (Consilium): o
Sanctum* (Security): oo
Ritual Synergy: ooo


Size: 5
Defense: 3
Initiative Modifier: 7
Speed: 11
Health: 8
Willpower: 7


Fate: ooo (Ruling)
Time: ooo (Ruling)
Space: oo
Life: o


Name Level Arcana Mana Cost Book
Spatial Awareness 1 Space None M:tA 223
Exceptional Luck Blessings of the Gods 2 Fate 1 M:tA 151
Sharpshooter’s Eye 1 Fate None M:tA 149
Perfect Timing Strike True 1 Time 1 M:tA 258
Temporal Wrinkles 1 Time None M:tA 258
Acceleration Swift as Death 3 Time 0/1 per turn after first M:tA 262

Legacy Attainments

1st – Attune: If attuned to the city the mage may use his attunement to feel the city’s history. The symbolism of the city makes itself known to the mage and the city’s resonance applies different meanings to different things. Once attuned to a city, a Metropolitan feels more confident within its precincts. When they are within a familiar city, the Metropolitan receives a +1 “equipment bonus” to their dice pool on any Social Attribute check they makes. On the other hand, a Metropolitan in a rural area suffers a –1 penalty to all Social Attribute checks, as their separation from the urban areas of home make them slightly panicked and disoriented.


Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono – Mage tool
Longsword – 1700 years old


Sylas joined the British Army shortly after finishing his schooling and after two years trialed for the Special Air Service. Upon successfully gaining entry to the regiment he was recommended to the Special Projects Team where he excelled at surveillance and counter-terrorism, and gained a reputation for being unusually lucky.

After another couple of years he became involved in an operation with the focus of investigating the possibility of foreign interests developing biological weapons on domestic soil. Working closely with MI5 for an extended period of time, they eventually uncovered a hidden laboratory doing illegal genetic research on humans to create super soldiers.

Sylas was a member of the team that raided the laboratory and attempted to rescue the test subjects from the operators. What they didn’t know however, was that they were walking into a trap. The operators released the test subjects and turned the raid into a one sided bloodbath.

Once the rest of his team were killed off, Sylas spent the next 24 hours using up every inch of his skill and his luck trying to stay alive against a nightmarish horde of zombified experiments. He very quickly ran out of ammunition and was forced to resort to improvised edged weapons to kill the zombies.

Sylas’ luck held and he eventually came to the main offices which were eerily deserted except for one scientist, whom would later be identified as a mad apostate Death mage in disguise. Sylas expended that last of his strength to stab the madman and then collapsed into a fevered dream.

He dreamed of infinite horizons and a universe of endless possibility. He dreamed of an ever changing landscape he would later learn the name of: ‘Arcadia’. He dreamed of climbing a watchtower towards an ever crescent moon, speaking his name and powerful words.

‘I am Awakened.’

When Sylas woke in the hospital a week later he was visited by a man called Vigilance, and told of the destiny that was now his to pursue. A short time later, Sylas went on extended leave from active duty and joined the Adamantine Arrow.


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