Ex lead singer of a well known industrial metal band in Germany turn mage in London



Name: Eugen Eckholt
Shadow Name: Feuer
Path: Mastigos
Order: Silver Ladder
Faction: The Ascended
Legacy: The Fire Tamers
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Lust
Cabal: Formerly a member of Metallschmieder; Probationary member of The Knights Errant
Nimbus: Lightning cracks causing a raging inferno in the distance. Your perception stretches to the origin. You can feel the heat of the inferno.
Height: 7’7"
Weight: 450lbs

XP (Game Play) C. Gen Degeneration XP (Logs) Spent Unspent
100 5 22 106 23


Intelligence: 2 Strength: 5 Presence: 4
Wits: 3 Dexterity: 1 Manipulation: 1
Resolve: 2 Stamina: 2 Composure: 2
Gnosis: 4 Wisdom: 6 Max Mana 13
Derrangements: Vocalisation

Skills and Merits

Academics O
Occult OOO Awakened History
Athletics OOO
Weaponry OOOO War Hammers
Animal Ken
Expression OOOO Singing
Intimidation OOO
Persuasion OO
Socialise OO
High Speech O
Giant OOOO
Language O English
Fame OO Ex-lead singer of a well known metal band, starting new career in London
Resources OOOOO
Weaponry Dodge O


Size: 6
Defense: 1
Initiative Modifier: 3
Speed: 11
Health: 8
Willpower: 5
Mana: 13/13


Level: 6


Mind OO
Forces OOO
Space OO


Forces Control Fire OOO Weaving or Fraying Instant Transitory or Lasting Covert No Cost Presence + Occult + Forces 10
Forces Telekinetic Strike OOO Fraying Instant and Aimed Lasting Vulgar No Cost Presence + Athletics + Forces 10

Combat Traits

Trait Total Attribute Skill Specialisation Equipment Merit Magic
Defence 7 1 - - 2 4 -
Armour - - - - - - 3
War Hammer 5 4 1 5(B)/4(L) - -
Note: If attack is made without rest, -3 penalty


The following is equipment that is always carried
Zippo Lighter *10
Mobile phone
The following is equipment that is usually carried
Steel War Hammer
Modern-construction made Tower Shield
Other equipment and possessions of importance
Penthouse apartment
Lamborghini Aventador Eternal with scissor doors
Personal recreation yacht


Feuer wears what most would consider ‘goth pants’, though they are not. They are black jeans that have numerous lengths of chain hanging down from the front that come back up and resecure at the back. He wears a small singlet top that is long enough to be tucked into the pants, but shows off lots of skin.
Feuers flesh is covered in tattoos depicting his band members using magical power by playing instruments – not an uncommon motif – battling fire breathing dragons and other such creatures. His attire is topped off by no hair and a large buckled belt. The buckle is designed after the symbol of the elemental champions, specifically that of the Fire Tamers, with a smaller symbol inside it representing the Silver Ladder.
Often Feuer can be seen walking around with a large shield on his back, made from ballistics resistant materials. The shield is 6ft high and 3ft wide and emblazoned with the same symbol that is on Feuer’s belt.

Residence and Misc

Feuer resides in a very elaborately expensive residence located in SW6, near the Imperial Wharf. It is a top 3 floors penthouse worth a great deal, and is one of 3 individually expensive possessions that Feuer still has from his glory days. The other 2 are his car and his yacht. Both are described below.
This is the Penthouse
It is located here
Feuer’s Lamborghini is parked in the security car park of the building.
Feuer’s Recreational Yacht is anchored on the Tames near his place of residence.

Future Plans

Weaponry Dodge – Immediate Future
Fleet of Foot 1
Arifact – Near Future
Predator’s Bearing 2
Striking Looks 4
Dexterity 2
Fleet of Foot 2
Fast Reflexes 2
Fame 3
Fleet of Foot 3
Seductive Grace 3
Stamina 3
Dexterity 3
Forces 4
Gnosis 5
Prime 3
Death 1
Mind 3
Space 2 – Near Future


Eugen Eckholt is lead singer of the German industrial metal band Feuer Herrer, or Fire Masters in English. The band was extremely big all throughout Europe in the early years of the new millennium, but seen a steady decrease in popularity between the years of 2008 to 2010 resulted in an official band split-up in early 2011.

He awakened during the declining period of his bands popularity, when he attempted suicide by throwing himself off a skyscraper in Berlin. Just before he hit the ground he rapidly decelerated, before being turned vertical and gently touching the ground. The sudden shock to his system caused him to pass out and have the most vivid dream.

He was in a nightmarish realm, scared for his life and his safety. In front of him, in the distance, he could see a giant watchtower but try as he might he could not ever approach it. As he was about to give up and roll over he heard screams from what was creatures out of someone’s worst nightmare approaching from behind. With every ounce of will he could muster he tried once again to reach the watchtower and found himself there. He scribed the name Feuer below all the others, and awoke.

He was approached by a woman who called herself Adele. She was a Silver Ladders member of the local council and the one who rescued him. She told him that she had sensed great power and potential in him and that she believed he his lineage was truly ancient and powerful. Feurer asked if she could tell him more, and she took him to the Berlin chapter of the Silver Ladder for recruitment.

During his pre-awakening he had amassed a great collection of medieval artifacts from all over the world. He even had a number of replicas made from modern materials, of which his pride and joy was his modern-made solid steel war hammer. However, one of the artifacts that he had acquired was a golden hammer of unknown make. He tried to have it analysed, but had no success with modern techniques. Feuer also spent the vast sums of wealth he had made as a major rockstar in buying property. He bought holiday houses throughout Europe including Norway, Iceland, Russia and a penthouse apartment in London. He had also bought numerous cars, but sold a vast majority of them during his bands decline in popularity, to maintain what he believed was most important.

For the next 24 months Feuer learned about being a Mage, decided he would endeavor to become an archmage of Forces and join the ranks of the Ascended, was placed with a cabal that had, coincidently, formed around a love for the German industrial and metal scene, with great enjoyment for Feuer Herrer being shared by all. The cabal’s name was Metallschmieder, or Metalsmiths for the English speakers.

During this time he had earned some renown with both the Berlin council and the Berlin chapter of the Silver Ladder. He had discovered many secrets, as well as a fascination with the Dethroned Queen and ancient thaumium artifacts, which is what Feuer had apparently acquired during his purchase of rare and exotic ‘medieval’ artifacts. He had spent vast amounts of both money and influence in trying to uncover the origin of the artifact, or even what it was, but he was unsuccessful. He learned it was made of a supernatural material called thaumium, but that was all the information he was able to learn. He decided it would be safer to not use it without learning what it is, and he has occasionally even been frightened of touching it.

In mid 2012 the head of the cabal, a man who is called The Cradle, decided that he was going to disband the cabal and move to a different country. Everyone said their tear-filled goodbyes and went their own way. Feuer spent the next few months trying to find a new cabal, but none seemed to be a good fit. While on temporary probation with a new cabal in western Germany he discovered notes. From what he and his cabal mates were able to decipher they referred to an item called the Sceptre of the Dethroned Queen. His cabal was not interested in pursuing this, but because of his fascination with the stories of the Queen he was.

He approached Adele with this information, and she said that there were rumors of one of the artifacts turning up in London somewhere, but they were unconfirmed at this time. She asked if he would pursue this matter for her, and Feuer told her he was going to anyway. She told him to contact a council member when he arrives in London, after settling in, who’s name was Dylan. It took several weeks to organise transportation for his collection of medieval artifacts, and it would take a good deal of time before they arrived. With a collection this vast and expensive, customs would take a long time to ensure that all the paperwork was in order and none of the items were stolen.

It was Friday, 10th of Novvember when Feuer arrived in London. The following Monday night, after he had finished unpacking his collection of unique items, he called the number Adele gave him for this lord, Dylan.
“I am Feuer. I was given your number by Adele. She said I should give you a call when I arrive in London”
“Ah, yes, I was expecting your call. Where is your sanctum?”
“I do not have one set up yet. But my penthouse is here”
The next thing Feuer knows, there is a knock at the bathroom door.
Lord Dylan steps out
“What the… the bathroom?”
“Yes. You know you should start working on setting this place up as a sanctum. As it stands right now, anyone could come in here”
“I know, and I will”
“So, what did you need to talk about?”
“I am tracking down the Scepter of the Dethroned Queen”
“Oh, wow. That is… why?”
“I have been fascinated with stories of her since I first became awakened. I also found these notes, and at the very least it would be a great experience. However, I want to help lift us all up and exalt us”
“ah, you are one of those Silver Ladder people, aren’t you? what did they call themselves… The Ascended?”
“Yes, I count myself among The Ascended. Is that a problem?”
“Not at all. I have only met a few who were, that is all. I have duty to attend to tomorrow, but I will be in touch with you. I will see what help I can offer once I have dealt with… important matters”
And with that, Dylan returned to the toilet and vanished.

With his suite in order, it was time to start looking for new band members. Feuer placed advertisements in various digital classifieds and in several music magazines. It was difficult to find band members who had exactly the same style in mind. It seems it would be weeks before a new band could be formed.

Generally speaking, Feuer is a rather friendly person. He can seem egotistical or overly proud at times, but as a wealthy celebrity and former major rockstar that is to be expected. For those who know he is a Silver Ladder, the ego does not seem out of place. More so for those who know of The Ascended subfaction, within the Silver Ladder, and know that he is a member. When faced with danger, Feuer’s usual reaction is to whack it with his hammer, and if that doesn’t work – or doesn’t seem like it will work – to set it on fire.

Feuer has a very active sex drive, and often uses his status, wealth, and sheer physical stature and beauty to attract females. It usually works. To Feuer’s dismay, it does sometimes also attract certain males, but that is something Feuer has not participated in – at least not since his days of touring and substance use. Feuer is loyal, and understands the concepts of both honour and loyalty, as well as occasionally needing to do the wrong thing to do the right thing. He does have a chip on his shoulder, however, about being German. Often assuming the reason that people do not like him is because he is German, and they hold a grudge against him for what his people did back in the second world war.

In the previous decade, Feuer was asked to play the role of Wilson Fisk in the American live action adaption of Daredevil, however Feuer turned down the role as he is a comic fan and did not think that he could do a faithful portrayal of the character. He had suggested close friend Michael Clarke Duncan for the roll, and Mr. Duncan happily took the role. The initial reason for Feuer being contacted for the roll was because of his size and deep, menacing voice. His voice falls in line with the likes of Michael Duncan, Christopher Judge and Vin Diesel – though this is expected by most, given his sheer size. When singing, his voice often conjures images of Christian Älvestam and Till Lindemann.


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