Russian ex-soldier


Shadow Name: Adel
Path: Obrimos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Legacy: The Celestial Masters
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride

XP (Game Play) Spent Unspent
100 22 122 0


Intelligence: 2 Strength: 1 Presence: 1
Wits: 3 Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 3
Resolve: 4 Stamina: 2 Composure: 3
Gnosis: 3 Wisdom: 7 Max Mana 12

Skills and Merits

Computer O
Investigation OOO
Occult O
Science OO
Athletics OO
Firearms O Rifles
Larceny O
Stealth OOO
Survival OO
Weaponry OO
Animal Ken
Empathy OO Lies
Persuasion O Interrogation
Streetwise O
Subterfuge O Detecting Lies
High Speech O
Eidetic Memory OO
Status OOO Guardians of the Veil
Professional Training OO
Networking FSB, Rosoboron Export
Continuing Education Firearms, Stealth, Investigation
Languages OOOO Russian, German, Sindarin, Quenya, Noldorin, Khuzdul, Klingon, Japanese, Mandarin, English, Celtic, Armenian, Cornish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Icelandic, Italian, French, Navajo
Athletics Dodge O
Occultation OOO
Murder Expert OO
Resources O
Parkour O
Flow When running or using Foot Chase rules, negate hazardous terrain penalties equal to dots in Parkour. Additionally, roll to gauge jump distance is reflexive
Masque OOOOO
Greater/Lesser Description Token Benefit Penalty
The Viziers/Runehold (Te/Sl) Messy and out of style suit with unkempt lab coat Dog-eared Modern Supersymmetry book +2 Science, +2 Academics -2 Empathy, -2 Socialise
The Exactors/Good Death (Pr/En) However is needed to accomplish mission Item carried by last victim +2 Stealth -1 to Wisdom rolls
The Devout/Wounded Monk (Fa/Lu) dressed as Catholic nun, immaculately constructed bones and shell casing on necklace under habit +2 Subterfuge rolls -2 Expression rolls
The Exactors/Binder of Night (Pr/Gl) An unsettling gaze, jeans with “truth is out there” t-shirt tablet full of e-book compendium on occult and dark side of human-nature +2 Occult rolls -2 Empathy rolls
The Exactors/Scepter (Pr/Pr) wears Army uniform, proud and confident fitted with Colonel General insignia +1 to Manipulation-based rolls -1 to Composure-based rolls
Artifact OOOOOOOOOO Circle of Existance Size 1; Durability 7 Structure 8
Doppleganger OOOO Persistant P 10
Ring of New Faces Imposter + Emotional Urging + First Impressions Touch target or stand within 20 yards observing for 1 minute or more. Anytime within the next scene, say target’s name and turn ring 360* counterclockwise Gnosis+3 contested by Composure+Gnosis-1 by anyone who knows the individual Duration is increased by 1 factor due to Weaving rune
Safehouse Size Container, London docks
Safehouse O Cache Fake wall, back of container
Safehouse O Secrecy
Enhanced Item OO Adel’s Toy OSV-96
DR: 5 (8 again)* Range: 300/600/1200 Ammo: 5+1 Strength: 3* Size: 0
All anti-material rifles have Armour Piercing 6. Recoil requires firing from prone stance, else strength requirement becomes 5
h4. Traits

Size: 5
Defense: 3
Initiative Modifier: 6
Speed: 10
Health: 7
Willpower: 7
Mana: 12/12


Level: 7


Mind O
Forces OO
Prime OO
Matter OOO
Space O


Matter Alter Conductivity O Weaving or Fraying Instant Transitory or Lasting Covert No Cost Intelligence + Science + Matter 7 Size <=20;> Gas tank (10c) → Bathtub (20c) → Swimming Pool (40c) → Olympic pool (80c)


Matter Enhance Poison OOO Perfecting Instant Prolonged Covert No Cost Intelligence + Science + Matter 7 Each success assigned to this spell’s Potency increases a poison’s Toxicity by 1

note: has been issues displaying all rotes, hence the split to seperate the tables
h4. Attainments


Early Life

Adel was born in 1971, to the name Anastasia Gorbacheva. Her father was a man named Mikhail, and her mother had the name Nikita. Her father was unremarkable, at least to her, though he had always claimed to be an Immortal – thousands of years old and ageless, with there being no way for him to die. In hindsight, Anastasia has no way of knowing if this is truth or a lie, but it is better to err on the side of caution. Anastasia’s mother died soon after birth, and so she never knew her mother. Anastasia had a brother, named Nikolai, born in 1969 to the same parents.
Nikolai, Mikhail and Anastasia lived in a ‘farm’ in the far north eastern part of Russia. In this environment, from a very early age, Anastasia learned how to survive in extreme cold environments. For virtually her entire life growing up the only contact she had with anyone was her father, who was very strict but also spent a lot of time away from home, and her brother. As a result of the constant contact with her brother, and him being very protective of her, a strong emotional – even romantic – connection developed between them. This connection started to become physical in 1983.
It was on the day of Anastasia’s 13th birthday that she suffered the worst trauma imaginable for a child. Her father had come home, and he went off crazier than usual. He burst through the front door, and saw Nikolai kissing Anastasia on the cheek. He picked Nikolai up by the skull, and tossed him at the kitchen wall with such force that the sound of the snap was almost deafening.
The deafening crack sent Anastasia into a frenzy of uncontrollable rage and the Earth, itself, seemed to move under her feet. The last thing she remembers is screaming her brother’s name as the fire in the fireplace started dancing around her and the roof seemed to cave in.
After Anastasia regained consciousness, she looked around what was left of the house – it seemed to be all rubble. She found her brother Nikolai’s body, took it outside to bury, before gathering some makeshift supplies and heading south. She had resigned to leave Russia, and try and learn more about what had happened to her and try to find a way to kill her father.

The Awakening

The events that resulted in Anastasia’s awakening were very traumatic. It is not uncommon for such awakenings to result in the Mage becoming a Banisher, and even being driven crazy by the weight of it all.
In Anastasia’s case, the trauma that resulted in her Awakening was offset slightly by the peace she felt while in the Supernal Realms.
insert slightly modified description of typical visions of those who awaken to Obrimos
After regaining consciousness, and finding herself back in the ruins of her home, Anastasia – or Adel as she inscribed in her vision – found a ring on middle finger, on her left hand. It was a band of what appeared to be platinum laced with golden symbols. Try as she might, she was unable to remove it – but discovered that it was magical, activated by thought and desire.


With no house left, her Immortal father missing, and her brother dead Adel decided she was going to run – and run far. She felt so full of rage she wanted to destroy the planet. How could her ‘Father’ do something so evil, so cruel?
Adel moved from place to place, spending no more than a month in any one place. At the age of 15, while temporarily living in Denmark, she was approached by a Mage who called himself Scout. He appeared to be in his early 30s. Scout said he had been following her for 3 months, and had noticed her skill with Magic, and believed she would be the perfect candidate to join his order.
He explained that he is part of a group known as the Seers of the Throne. They are the inheritors of the Fallen World, and through them they will bring peace and order to the Fallen World and by doing so they will be exalted by the Exarchs and granted their power. Adel was hesitant to join them, but offered to listen to what he had to say, and learn more. She knew that any order that was this powerful would have the tools for her to take revenge – maybe even bring her Brother back to life.
She would spend the next 6 months, moving from place to place, studying under Scout. In addition to learning more about the Seers of the Throne, Adel was able to undertake study as a Celestial Master. She was the youngest pupil Scout had ever had, but he believed that she would be able to achieve mastery of this Legacy quicker than he did.
It was soon after their relocation to a safe house in France that they were attacked. A group of Mages burst through the door late at night, when both Scout and Adel were sleeping. They paralysed both of them, and a Mage with great power of Mind began interrogating them. When they learned Scout was a Seer they executed him. It was the second person she had seen die before her very eyes – and even though his death was bloodless it was still very unsettling for her.
She was given a choice, renounce the Seers and undertake rehabilitation with their order or be executed. Seers of the Throne would not be tolerated in their area of influence. Even a poor choice is still a choice, and Adel decided to listen to what these Mages had to say.
She spent the next 3 months in study and training with them. They claimed to belong to an order known as the Free Council. They listened to all of her story as well, and while they understood her desires and need for vengeance, they could not condone it if she was going to take a life in anything other than self-defence. They offered her membership in their order and cabal, but knowing what her limitations would be she refused. Something inside her, however, did start to stir. She would miss the structure she had been in studying with Scout and the Free Council.
She decided to head back to Russia. In an effort to help her, and hoping it might persuade her to come back to them in the near future, they offered to help her by giving her identification papers listing her as 18 and born in Moscow, under the name of Vasilisa Tesla, a Russian-born Serbian.

Military Life

When Adel arrived back in Moscow she proceeded straight to a recruitment agency. She had decided, over the weeks it would take her to get back to Russia, that she would join the military. If she was to kill her Father she needed to know how to kill – and most importantly, the last 3 years had shown her that she had to learn to defend herself.
While it was uncommon for females to want to join the Army, her gender would not entail refusal by the Russian Army recruiters. Anastasia passed basic training very quickly, and did a better job than most. While she was not the most athletic, she was capable and remembered everything anyone ever taught her. This earned her promotions quickly, and with her magical abilities she was able to easily impress her superiors when out on the field.
The first and last posting Anastasia had with the Russian Army was in Afghanistan. There was a KGB overseer working with her squad, and monitoring them for an unknown reason. During every single one of her missions this overseer was impressed. In Febuary, 1989, when Russia pulled out of Afghanistan and Anastasia was recalled this overseer, who claimed his name was Artyom, offered her a position within the KGB.


In 1989, Adel was offered presented with an opportunity join the KGB. During her time with the Army an operative was placed in her unit. This operative had reported back that Adel had the skills needed for an operative with the KGB, and would be instrumental in showing the world that the KGB was truly the greatest intelligence agency in the world.
It seemed like it would be the perfect place to hone her skills in all regards, and Adel accepted, though she knew from her time in the Army that you generally cannot refuse this sort of job offer. You tend to go missing if you do. It would be a decade that Adel would spend working for them, and in that time she learned many things.
In 1990, Adel was approached by a man named Alexander Krycek – he was director of a new department of the KGB. This department would be code named Tunguska, and it was going to reactivate inactive cells, around the world. These cells were part of a 1960s project code-named Terma.
The old project was to first locate and find the most patriotic of Mages – those with the ability to use magic – and bring them into the employ of the KGB. They would be stationed globally, and generally with no more than 2 per cell, to act on behalf of the USSR in bringing down it’s enemies.
With the end of the cold war, the project was shut down. But, Tunguska was going to reactivate the cells, and locate new mages covertly, so that they can be expanded. It was at this time that Adel came clean about her abilities. She rapidly ascended within the ranks of the KGB, both being able to reactivate almost all of the cells, but expanding the number of operatives by 110% within 6 months.
In 1991, Adel was one of the many KGB agents that were involved in the attempted coup de tat on the failing leadership of Russia. While she may have been a Mage, and may have been a strong one at that, she was not able to make it succeed when there were factors beyond her control causing it to fail.


Adel had skill enough to hide her involvement in the attempted overthrowing of the government, and as such she transitioned into the FSB after the KGB was dissolved. While the transition may have been abnormal in the length of time it took, ultimately very little changed about how they operated at the time. Given her status within the KGB, the head of the FSB was happy to have her.
In 1995, even though the cold war had ended, she had been given an assignment. There was an operative who was going to defect. This man had been a crucial part of the USSR operations within the US back in the 70s, and was even responsible for a week long power loss on the east coast in 1972. He was flying to London to speak with MI5 directly, not trusting anyone in the American government. She would have less than a week to track him down and eliminate him before he could reveal what the USSR – and, subsequently, the Russian government – had been doing – and is still doing.
The first task, which could be accomplished while enroute, was to decide how to take care of him. Knowing that Mages are less likely to use magic in a crowd due to the chance for their magic to be disbelieved and the heightened risk of paradox, Adel decided she would assassinate him with use of a long range rifle.
• Obtain information on all arrivals coming from America, arriving at the time the operative would arrive. His departure was known, so arrival time was easy to calculate.
• Locate where target is staying. Best method is using private investigator. Job can be done covert, without leading back to Adel.
• With target found, isolate ideal shooting position that will be within target’s path of travel.
Having located the target, and scouted her ideal location for firing at the target, it was time for Adel to obtain her weapons. Having been given the contact details of an arms dealer operating within London by one of her FSB contacts, she would not have much difficulty in obtaining her weapons. She obtained, through this arms dealer, a single OSV-96 with a single clip of ammunition – armour piercing rounds.
The building she was firing from was 1200 meters away, but with telescopic vision it was not difficult for her to line up her shot, even without a scope. She arrived 5 minutes before her target was to arrive at the designated spot – specifically, Hyde Park. She took aim, at the centre of Hyde Park. Her contact arrived there, with a brief case. It was assumed this contained all the information he intended to provide to MI5. Soon after arriving, the traitor was met by a man in a suit. It is possible he was MI5, but regardless she had her job to do.
Adel took aim. As the sight lined up with the traitor, she raised the gun to get him between the eyes. Then more to compensate for distance, adjusting for wind. The bullet was loosed. It flew through the air, quicker than anyone would be able to notice. Unfortunate luck was had, as the man in the suit stepped in the path of the bullet, and a bird flew in front of him. The bullet hit the bird, hit the man, then hit the traitor in the leg.
The traitor curled in a ball, trying to hid behind the briefcase, as everyone stopped and stared at the dead man in a suit. Adel reloaded; she got a bit of a thrill sliding the long, hard bullet into the chamber of her rifle. She took aim again, and knowing this one would destroy him, fired. As the bullet undertook it’s short journey through the air Adel noticed something very annoying. The traitor was starting to disappear. A portal had opened underneath him. He was almost completely through it when the bullet hit the briefcase. But hit it did, and the impact force ripped the briefcase to pieces. In a microsecond of commotion, obscured by the aftermath of the impact of the bullet, the portal began to close. Too quickly for all of the traitor to pass through it.
Adel was unable to see if the bullet made contact with the traitor, but she knew it had. Her shot was perfect. With the adrenaline leaving her body – and in fact her body becoming that of a short, stocky man – Adel noticed something odd where the portal had been. A piece of the traitor’s head was left behind. It appeared like the portal had closed early, severing part of the top of his skull. He was surely dead, and Adel could rest easy.
With her assignment completed she made haste for Scotland. While not a great change in jurisdiction it was enough that she might have a chance to get back to Russia without much difficulty. However, this would not be the case. She was approached by a man who claimed to be a Guardian. A Guardian of what…

The Guardians

Growing up she lacked order. It wasn’t until spending a great length of time with Seers and with the Free Council that Adel started having a desire for order. Her time in the Army gave her that, and her time with the KGB taught her many skills – such as true trust, and total secrecy.
Something was still missing, however. After Adel had finished a very important assignment for the FSB she was approached by a Japanese man named Garuru. He had told her that he was aware of what she had done – and the man she had killed. He asked her if she felt remorse for killing him, and she said no. She did what was right, to protect her people.
Garuru was pleased with her answer. It showed that she knew what was right was not always what was ‘moral’ or ‘wise’. He told Adel that she had a lot to learn, and that for her own sake she make the right choice in whom her teachers are because the path she has been walking down is a very dangerous one, with enemies she does not even know exist – but with his guidance, she could become a great mage. Garuru told her about the Guardians of the Veil, and what they represent.
Garuru also said that she could not and would not be given instant status, for any reason, and would have to earn her status amongst the Guardians – if she joined. Adel responded by telling Garuru that not only would she earn status within the Guardians, she would be the best Guardian there was – she already knew of some of the things the Guardians stood to protect, and she had intended to dedicate her life to protecting Mother Russia from them, once she had achieved enough power to do so.
Adel was given membership within the Guardians. She would undertake training she should have had a long time ago, learning more about the Seers, the Free Council, the Mysterium and all the other organisations within the Mage community. She even put a few pieces together, here and there, realising that some of what Mother Russia had to face in the past was likely caused by the seers.
For the next 8 years Adel would earn great renown and status within the order of the Guardians. Eventually she would earn the title of Susceptor. The Susceptor is the elite spy, even assassin, of the Guardians of the Veil. This suited Adel’s talents quiet well.

London Assignment

In xxxmonth, 2013, while undertaking a mission in Japan, Adel was approached by a contact in the Guardians of the Veil. She was instructed that her previous order had been rescinded on an emergency. It has come to their attention that exarch artifacts had been found in London. She was to uncover who found them, what their intention with them is, and destroy them – at any cost. The taint of the exarch cannot be allowed to spread, and their mere existence potentially threatens the diamond wheel.


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