Gathering Shadows

Later...Much later

Ok… Azaezel has really screwed us this time.

After a long period of calm were we have been able to finally cement our hold over our new territory (what was held by the Pendragons Swords is now ours). We get a call from Robin to go hunting. Fragor, Sylas and I jump at the chance to break our routine up.

We meet them at a Pub in Cornwall where we are informed that they hunt a Unicorn.
No seriously. A unicorn. Which Fragor confirms is quite a dangerous creature.

Right, okay. Let’s go hunt us a horny horse.

Oh and I hate hiking.

We manage to track it down and I cast a quick emotional barrier over us. We split up with the Merry Men taking one path and us taking the other. Not the best of choices as it turns out.

Okay now this thing is just fucking with us.

We manage to find it before it runs off again. And again. And again.

It leads us to a ring of stone and walking into the middle of them (Fragor freaks out about this) I see each has a rune of a sphere of magic engraved into it. They are not magical themselves however. Fragor joins me and casts a prime spell causing one stone to light up. Between the three of us and a ring Fragor got from Fortune we light up each stone just as the unicorn approaches us it disappears.

Only it was us that left. I feel around the threads of space and find that we are not in Kansas anymore. Feeling a little disorientated Sylas informs us that we may be in Arcadia.


We try the stones again with no joy. I also cannot open a Portal back to Earth. More hiking in the world of faery. Fun.

We do come across an elf who was waiting for us. Apparently he built the ring for us. Azaezel made a deal with him to bring us here. He does however offer us a deal for three pieces of Tass to show us how to get back to our world. The Body Orchid we found the Heart of Flies in. Pointing us off in the right direction we do more hiking.

And more hiking.

Even more hiking.

We do come to a market. Unfortunately it seems to be a slave market. Fragor is very upset but this as are both Sylas and I. Looking around and following the ribbons of Fate Sylas leads us to one stall that has a Young woman who we see is a Mage, Two Werewolf twins and a very young girl. There is a connection between the Mage and us, specifically Fragor.

We need to investigate this more.

Fragor walks off and I join him while Sylas does his own thing. Should we break them out? Buy them? There are some of the things Fragor and I talk about. It looks to me that we may need this Mage so I go back and buy her with the intention of freeing her as soon as I can. I also buy the young girl as I feel she would not be able to survive this place. Fragor is a little upset by this.

Sylas however purchases the twin werewolves. I do not know why. They would be able to look after themselves and had no link to us at all.

We leave the place and hike more with more mouths to feed on our limited supplies. Fragor and Sylas manage to find food in this strange place.

Shortly after we are stopped by hobgoblins who challenge us to a contest. We accept as there is no other path that we can see around them. We do not succeed and now must pay the price. Two Buttloads of wine and an instrument of gold. But they still let us pass unharmed.

Then more hiking that I do not like.

Well we managed to find a way to get the hell out of here. All we need to do is get to the Orchard of Corpses. The same place we found the Heart of Flies.

Eventually I Portal us there and we find Will Scarlet waiting for us.

25 years later….


A Year in Review

It’s been almost a year since we stepped back through into the real world. Since we destroyed a part of ourselves to escape.

I have so much left to learn, so much to continue with. The lessons learnt thus far:

The fight against Legion taught me much. The Vampires, Geists, Changelings, and Werewolves are just as strong as the Mages. Together, we can strike down any who would seek to destroy. We lost some along the way: Gwen Miller, Orpheus (well kinda), Hobie, Honey, and Angel; but this loss strengthened us, helped us find each other.

What happened to Pendragon’s Sword was tragic. We played no small part in this. Symballine lost to seer artifacts. And yet we antagonised them, interfered in their territory and we did not manage to save them. This teaches me that no matter how good the past victories, you must always be cautious of new threats. And that while we wield mighty forces, it can simply be the rules of men and not magic that can lay you low.

The sojourn to Norway, Fate is sometimes unknowable, but always inescapable.

Treachery can wound greater than any blade. Anastasia’s betrayal will not be forgotten, she was a Seer and gave our enemies our best weapons. While we may have allies, our enemies may in turn have allies of their own. The attack by the Minute Men on the Werewolves o f London shows that.

I need to find out more about that artifact that trapped us in the dream world. It tapped into a part of us. I was foolish and did not understand the magic involved. I should have learned from our allies that even if it is not human, a life is a life.

My life has a destiny, and I must see it through. The Knights of Round Table must be reformed, 32 seats. It appears as though the original had members from all the races, so too must the new. I only hope I have a glimmer of the wisdom of Merlin in bringing together something that is a shadow of the former Camelot.

Loose Ends:

  • Clarent and Excalibur need rightful owners.
  • I possess the Abudeju Cipher (Many different parties wanted this).
  • Jack Thornton (the Ripper?) is still around, quiet as a mouse.
  • Anastasia is still at large.
  • Ankou our former Cabal member has gone quiet
  • Hexecutioner remains unaccounted for.
  • The original architects of the Legion madness remain elusive.
  • The seers behind the time bubble/zombie remain unaccounted for.
Seeing the Thread

The events of the last few days had left me mentally drained. Dealing with the consequences of Ankou’s activities weighed heavily and I needed to think, so I grabbed my coat and decided to wander, take in some fresh air and stretch my legs.

I walked without any real destination, all the while thinking about my next steps. I chuckled and thought that the first step should involve coffee. Finding a coffee shop nearby, I ordered and went to pay, reaching into my pocket. I drew out a handful of coins and a familiar looking business card. Damn, I’d completely forgotten about that.

Handing over the money, I took my hot drink and left still looking at the card. It could not have been coincidence; fate is often not subtle at all. The next steps became clearer in my mind. I recalled some advice that Sean often quoted when instructing his team: “Don’t let your past mistakes distract you. Acknowledge you fucked up, move on to the next objective.”

I felt it was time to speak to her again.

Setting off in the direction of the address listed on the card, I remembered the conversation I had with the mysterious woman. I turned the card over and was surprised to see a date and time neatly printed on the back which I had not noticed before. It was today’s date, and twenty minutes from now. I took that as proof of my readiness to seek her out.

A short time later, I arrived at a building in the vicinity of Waterloo Train Station, a small pub called the Hole in the Wall. Trusting my instincts, I went inside and sat at the bar, asking the barman for a pint.

I didn’t have to wait long. Halfway through my drink and precisely on time, she walked in and took the unoccupied stool next to mine.

I spoke first. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Certainly. White wine, please.” I flagged the barman and requested a moderately pricey chardonnay which he then placed before her. She took a sip. “Good choice,” she said.

She then took several moments to collect her thoughts, just like she did during our last meeting as if she were listening to a tune outside of normal human hearing.

“What do you know about the House?” she asked, breaking out of her revery.

“Not much,” I answered. “Mostly hearsay that the House seems to be omniscient when it comes to matters of the city.”

She nodded and said, “We are geomancers of kind, and at our core we follow a thing called Ariadne’s thread. Since the beginning of the House it has been believed that people, both sleepers and awakened, have congregated around hubs of power, no matter the type. This in turn creates what a city is: a living, breathing entity with a conscience that only the most attuned can fathom.”

I listened attentively, drinking in her words. She went on.

“By following the threads, we can begin to see how the city was shaped, where the foci of power lay, why certain events unfolded as they did. This helps us interpret the will of the city and guide it’s future. It also aids us when we wish to uncover the secrets of the city, whether that be an item, or agenda or person wishing to remain hidden. The city tells no lies.”

She flashed me a smile. “The threads the city wishes to show us may not be the easiest or the swiftest, but they are the surest, for those who can see them. You seem to have been following them subconsciously. Your recent navigation of London has indicated some proficiency.”

I nodded in agreement. “Sometimes it has been a gut feeling, other times it was sheer luck or good timing.”

“The important thing,” she interrupted, “Is that you found what you were seeking. The House would have you, should you wish to join and if you pass the first of many tests.”

I was expecting something of the sort. “You have a trial?”

“Yes. For any mage to be accepted into the House, they must first demonstrate that they can see the threads within the city and follow them for a lengthy period of time, usually several hours.” She looked at me inquisitively. “Do you feel you are up to such a task?”

“Only one way to find out,” I answered, a wry smile on my face.

“Very well.” She finished her wine and stood up. “Follow me please.”

I got up and followed her outside and up the street towards York Road. We turned right and came to a very large roundabout with a theater in the center and Waterloo Road intersecting.

“You shall begin here. You shall travel her threads, wherever they may take you. You shall take as much time as you feel you need to. Good luck.” She stepped back and waited patiently.

I made a small bow to her, and then began focusing my attention outwards. Activating my time and fate sights, I felt the familiar heat scale of time wash over my eyes, while ever changing glimmerings of golden fate sparkled before me. Studying my surroundings carefully, I just barely noticed a thin, translucent gold line meandering like a tiny stream beneath my feet. I began to follow it. She gave no signs as to whether she had noticed what I saw or not, but she followed and remained silent.

It undulated like a snake through the city and I followed it doggedly, visiting famous landmarks as well as nondescript places with no immediate significance. However, with each place visited, I felt a slight thickening of the thread and saw it becoming more solid and less sinuous. I stopped at each occurrence and observed the city around me, noticing finer details.

I followed the thread for what seemed like an eternity, becoming so focused on my task that I failed to notice the setting of the sun.

Without warning, the thread abruptly ended a what looked like a loose ball of yarn in the middle of a small grassed area. I’d found a knot. I sat down before it and gazed intently at it’s convoluted windings. The ball pulsed strongly and I did not move for a time. Instead, I felt with my sense of time and was awed by the immense age and weight of the city and its numerous happenings.

When I thought I had seen all I could see, I released my mage sight, regained my feet, and turned. She stood two steps away, grinning like a Cheshire cat. I had completely forgotten that she was there.

She stepped forward to embrace me in a hug, and then kissed both of my cheeks. “Welcome to the House of Ariadne. My name is Silverbow, and I will be your guide. You did exceptionally well. Very few see as clearly as you have on their first attempt.”

I began to ask a question, but she put a finger to my lips and hushed. “Shhhh. All will be revealed in due time. For now, keep that card close. It will alter itself with the details of our next meeting.”

A New City; A New Beginning

I love waking up on a glorious Monday morning in a foreign city. Unfortunately, this is London. They do not have glorious mornings. But at least it is difficult to beat the view from here.

I go through my usual routine. Strength training, vocal practices, hitting on women at the local pub, signing autographs, talking to my fans – that sort of thing. Mid afternoon my freight arrives. I unpack my shield and hammer, and strap on my harness. This makes me happy. I am starting to feel a bit more at home. It is later that day when I talk to Dylan. He knows why I am here, and says he might know a cabal that I might like, but he needs to speak to them first. He departs, apparently he has very important work to do tomorrow. So do I.

I wake up Tuesday morning, follow the same routine. Decided I would explore the city a little. It was not long after I returned back home that Dylan payed me another visit. Through the bathroom, as usual. I am starting to think this will be a habit of his. He tells me that he has spoken with the cabal he wants to introduce me to, and they are interested in meeting me. He will introduce us tomorrow. Sounds good. I head out to some of the local clubs, spend a great deal of time signing autographs, and attempt to find some new band members. As much as some people might like living off royalties, I do not. And they will not last forever. I am unsuccessful at finding new members that fit what I have in mind, but I did go home with a few very attractive women. A little short, but so is everyone. Maybe I need to meet a nice werewolf…

Wednesday rears its head. I am a little tipsy when I wake up, but it is nothing I can’t handle. This time I decide to stay in and have breakfast brought up to me. A nice greasy pizza from a 24 hour pizza joint I passed last night. I finish my Pizza when there is a knock. Dylan asks if I am ready to meet the Knights Errant. I nod, and call the concierge as I walk into the bathroom. I ask him to have security politely escort my guests out in half an hour. I am too busy to see them out, and they are not unwelcome, so manners are a must.

We walk into the bathroom, walk up to the mirror, and enter it. We took a horse and cart to a cafe. At least that is what it looked like. I think he teleported us to some town in Ireland or something. Everything had these weird words all over them. It wasn’t long until I was at the cafe. Dylan said he was going to go get the Knights Errant. I was so nervous. It was worse than my first concert performance. This cabal, so renown for their defeat of Legion that we heard of them in Germany, and they are interested in me. No, calm down. Know yourself, know your strengths, your limitations, and be proud and confident in both of them. Such is the way of the Silver Ladder. Such is the way of the rockstar! haha

They finally arrived, and stood with their jaws gaping at me when I stood up. Whatever, I am used to it. I shook each of their hands, trying not to hurt them. It is difficult to control my strength when I am nervous. They seemed nice enough, but… I dislike the small frail one. I really should learn his name… he looked at me as if I was some deranged psychopath. Maybe he is Jewish, and has a chip on his shoulder because I am German. I must ask him what his problem is sometime.

So they asked me some questions about my history, my beliefs, my interest in them. Apparently it is this cabal that has the artifact of the Dethroned Queen that I had heard about. Awesome! I asked them some questions. They seem like they would fit me well. We left as a cabal, and they showed me their communal sanctum. It was very tiny. I showed them my apartment. They were speechless. I don’t know why. It was only a small penthouse! We spent some more time talking, exchanged numbers, and the like. Apparently we are going to Norway, tomorrow, for something. They left, and I booked my first class tickets and hotel rooms.

It is Thursday now, and we are leaving for Norway early. I pack some warm clothes, take my shield and hammer over to the Knights Errant sanctum so that Steve can portal them to us. The rest of us leave for the airport. I am swamped with people wanting my autograph as I am trying to board the aircraft, but security is kind enough to rush me through to my seat in first class. So we take our trip to Oslo.

It takes a decent amount of time to reach Oslo, and not knowing the area and wanting to try and find out why Fragor doesn’t like me, I stick with him! As we are looking around Oslo while we wait for our connecting flight, which is in the morning, he enters this strange door. It just seems to appear out of nowhere. We enter the store and there is this strange old chinese man inside. Fragor introduces him as Orpheus, but he claims to already know me, and to have known me for a long time already. We get talking, and apparently I have an “awesome hammer” which I find.

What was this crazy chinese man talking about? I hadn’t ever found a hammer – unless he had meant that strange hammer I purchased once, and I had never met him before in my life. I think I would remember this crazy chinese man! Fragor later explains to me that he is traveling back in time as a result of paradox. This I found very freaky, and very awesome!

We head back to our hotel, I head up to my room, order some room service, get drunk, and fall asleep. When we wake up in the morning, we head to the airport and board our connecting flight headed to the town of Longyearbyen on Svalbard. We arrive in town, and I decide to stay in my hotel room. The others investigate the town, and learn of a crazy old man building a boat named the SS Neiflheim, on the other side of the island. We head to the rangers station, and rent some rifles and sled dogs.

It takes us 2 days to reach the crazy old man. But those 2 days were some of the most trying 2 days of my life. Our first and only night out in the weather was particularly difficult for me. I almost froze my feet and ended up with frostbite. Fortunately, with some treatment and a lot of heat I was able to avoid the loss of my toes!
We also had several encounters with polar bears. The second of which made me laugh and have hope! It was during our 2nd day of travel, and as our sled dogs came to a stop I drew my shield and hammer. Fragor says to everyone to wait until Steve can change the polar bear’s mind. I look at Fragor with a raised eyebrow and he says “yes, I know that is one way to change a mind, but it isn’t what I had in mind”. He then grinned. I finally had hope that maybe whatever he had on his mind that was being held against me had finally been set free.

We reach this crazy old man’s shack, and Fragor knocks on the door with me standing behind him. When the man answers, he says “It’s about fucking time. How long does it take for you to finally come visit!?”. We later find out he is the Arch Master of Fate, and his shadow name is Fortune. Apparently we are using his viking longboat to head to a mythic island off the coast of Ireland. We board, and start rowing. Well… I start rowing. The others contribute very little to our efforts.

I am unsure of exactly how much time passed on the water. My efforts were elsewhere – and when I stopped I would quickly eat then sleep. While on the water, however, as we approached our destination, Fortune called out that he could see a ship. It was the flag of British traders. Strange to see a sail boat on the waters in this day and age… but then I am in a viking longship. As the ship got closer the flag dropped and a new flag – a red skeleton on a field of black – was raised. Pirates. Damn.

This is just not my day. The ship starts firing cannons at us. I place my shield in front of me, hoping to deflect the incoming cannon ball, but it doesn’t work. The cannonball hits the shield… and passes through it. And through me. Huh. This is… not normal. I drop my shield and hammer, and decide to start orating. I explain why they should leave us alone, that we have nothing of worth on board. It doesn’t work. The emotions of the others seem completely unaffected… Though I think it did inspire my compatriots to feel the same as myself.

Shit… The ship turns, and rams us. I grab my shield and hammer and attempt to jump onto this… ghost ship. To no avail, before I am able to jump I am in the water, and attempting to cast some magic to raise the temperature of the water before hypothermia set in. Fortunately, Fragor was already on it before I succeeded. It was short order before we were rescued, however.

This submarine bursts through the surface. We climb on board, following the lead of Fortune who is apparently trying to take it over. I swear this man is psychotic. Typical Brit. The woman, captain of the vessel, introduces herself in that sexy Scottish accent of hers. Her name is Eva, and her submarine is named the Nautilus. It is her sanctum, apparently. And I do love it! and her. She is smoking hot! So I put the moves on her, after all I am gorgeous, wealthy and famous. She tells me I need a shower. Hmm… Maybe she is right.

We all take showers. I am the last to do so. I hear some noises of fright coming from the cabin we are sharing. I run out, wearing my towel, to find out what is wrong. Apparently the walls are coming closer and closer. It is very unnerving. In an effort to distract myself, however, I ask the others if there is somewhere we can dry our clothes. They look at me, as the submarine shudders and I lose grip of my towel while stabilising myself and they all sort of seem to be in shock. I imagine it would be the same expressions they would have if they were standing a couple dozen feet from a train collision.

“For God’s sake man, go put some clothes on” Fragor says.
“I did not need to see that” Sylas says, going an obvious shade of pink.
Keeping eye contact with me as much as humanly possible, and making it very obvious he is attempting to do so, Steve says “There are warm clothes by the shower. Go put them on”
Realising the obvious embarrassment my companions have, and forgetting how over-the-top British sensibilities are, I quickly went and got dressed.

We head to the kitchen to get something to eat when the submarine is violently rocked. The others stumble, trip or fall. I whack my head violently on a kitchen vent. I am fairly certain I would have been on my arse I had not been so tall. We all head to the control room as the submarine stabilises. I ask Eva if she is alright, and if there is anything I can do to help. She smiles and says no. We find out that it was the lock ness monster, apparently, playing tag with the submarine. This was very surprising to me. I had assumed Nessie was a myth. Eva confirms we will soon arrive in Iverness. I hand Eva my number, give her my address and ask if she will let me show her around sometime, show her one of the best views in London by candle-lit dinner.

The Final Straw

The house shook and I knew instantly that something was up. I diverted my attention away from the street and focused on the life forms inside the house. Ankou’s life signature had become solid again. He’d come out of the twilight inside the house!

In my head, the clock started ticking. I feared the worst was about to happen.

With a sudden magically enhanced burst of speed, I crashed through the front door and sprinted up the stairs to see Ankou clutching the window sill, a massive hole where the floor used to be, and a determined looking member of his former organisation about to put a bullet through him.

Without hesitation, years of training kicked in and with one smooth action, I drew my sword and dropped through the hole, slicing downwards in a massive overhand sweep, very nearly cutting the gunwoman in two.

The rumblings of the house became more pronounced and with a series of crashes began falling down around me. I managed to dive outside before the whole lot came down behind me.

I stood up and surveyed the wreckage. Where the house once stood was now a mound of rubble, two very faint human life forms within. I searched within the house for Ankou, finding him deathly pale and quickly rushed him to the car, then started driving back to the sanctum. As we moved away, I felt the woman’s life slip away and frustration made me pound the steering wheel.

On the way, I called Fragor to appraise him of the situation. He hung up without a word. I also called Anastasia and told her to meet me at the sanctum – it was an emergency.

I arrived a short time later and dragged the unconscious and bleeding Ankou onto his bunk and began stabilising his condition. Anastasia arrived a short time later and began seeing to his injuries.

Fragor turned up and demanded a full run down, he wasn’t impressed at all. I think we have reached a breaking point.

I'm Back

So where was I last.

I had just returned from my training to find the Cabal in bother. Ankou had killed… again… and again.


To summarise, Ankou had found himself to be arrested (I am not sure why) and to escape he had the wonderful thought of fusing the accelerator of the cop car he was in to the floor and destroy the cops seatbelts. Everyone died. Ankou managed to come back however.
We had a small talking to Ankou on this and his general behaviour. I mentioned quite firmly that his actions no matter what they were reflected on the Cabal as a whole. The Council left it up to us to arrange for a suitable punishment. He must save an equal number of lives as he took without the use of magic. He swore to us that he will not kill again.
The Cabal had discovered that the Pendragon Swords may be corrupted and have allied themselves to a Pure Werewolf pack. This is something that the Werewolves of London do not like.
The Cabal also discovered King Arthurs other Sword.
Well it seems they can be very productive when I am away. All I need to do is put them on the right path. This I can do.

What else.

Oh yeah. Ankou killed again. Another Cop this time, accidentally. What happened was that we were tracking down the thefts that had been occurring around the Sanctum in a fairly precise circle. We followed them to a building bordering both ours and the Pendragon Swords territories. There was a fairly powerfully enchanted coin stuck to the road just opposite the building. it was Ankou, Sylas and myself that were there. I make an anonymous call to the cops of suspicious activity in the building we are watching. One cop arrives to check it all out. He knocks but there is no answer. He wonders back to his car. Meanwhile Ankou go to break in to the place thinking the cop had gone. He had not and saw Ankou attempt the break-in. He then did what cops do best and chased Ankou down an alley. What happened next I can only piece together from the aftermath. Ankou opened a portal to the Shadow realm but I think something went wrong as a lot, and I mean a lot of Wraiths started to appear. The cop freaked out and started shooting. Ankou somehow managed to draw the cop into the Shadowrealm and the Wraiths had a feast. Ankou meanwhile had been knocked out. It was up to Sylas and me to pull both the cop and Ankou out. The portal closed but the cop was already dead an Ankou out cold. At this stage I descided to keep the cops death from the Cabal. I needed to give Ankou a chance to redeam himself and this additional death could only harm him and by extension the Cabal. After Sylas left with Ankou I got rid of the body out in the ocean.

This still weighs heavily on my conscious.

Lessons Learnt

We finally get inside Castle Richard only for to really want to be somewhere else. It is an itch that I can not scratch. “There is something wrong guys. I don’t think I should be here.”

“What do you mean?” Fragor asks.

“Sorry guys. I have to go…somewhere.”

“Again, what do you mean?”

“I don’t understand.” says Ankou.

“I don’t understand either Grim.” I say.

“Ankou.” replies Ankou.

“Ankou.” I correct myself.

I feel a small spell being cast. “Is something pulling you?” asks Sylas.

“Yes. But I don’t know what. I just need to be somewhere else.”

“Fuck that.” Fragor interrupts. “We just got here and now you need to fuck off? This is important. You know what? You can go.”

“Whoa,” Sylas butts in. “Um guys, we have a problem. This hallway is full of bad things happening.”

“I can death gate us around it if we need.” Ankou offers.

“No.” we all answer at the same time.

“I’ll make you a portal to the end of the hallway but then I really need to go.” With that I pull at the edges of Space, reach out the the other end of he hallway and bring it toward me. The spaces merge and a portal opens. Everyone but me steps through. “I’ll catch up as soon as I can. I shouldn’t be too long.” With that I release the portal. I can just see them at the end of the hallway talking to each other. Fragor looks back and turns away first. Ankou follows and Sylas gives me a quick wave.

But where do I need to go? The urge is there but I can not see where I need to go? I look back at the rest of my Cabal leaving and the sight of Sylas gives me some inspiration. Maybe Fate should decide where I go.I pull out the coin that I have been practising to learn Fate with. Rolling it between my thumb and forefinger I let my mind wonder. The itch is still there. I focus on it, follow it. I let it guide me.

I see a room. A small room with two windows and one door. In it sits a person somehow familiar to me. I can feel the thin connection and recognise it as the source of my itch. I drop the coin and a portal opens. As I close the portal behind me the person rises. They are dressed in a old hooded cloak and is wearing a feline mask. “Nothing is real. Everything is allowed.” Her whisper gives her sex away. Her voice is familiar.

“Your the one who said you would train me.”


“Train me is what?”

“To see the world around you. See how it is all connected. See how you can change it. I am to teach you to be see and be unseen.”

“I don’t think I understand.

“And nor should you my apprentice.”

I sigh, “Look the catty Palpatine act is not going to work for me.”

Her whole posture drops. “Oh thank god for that.” She says as she removes her mask. “I hate the whole no-one must know who we are bit.”

“So who are you then?” I ask.

“Oh I can’t tell you that. You got to work that out for yourself. For now you can call me either Master or ”/campaigns/gathering-shadows-2012/characters/roswell" class=“wiki-content-link”>A. I am going to call you… ummm…"

“How about Steve. Seems to work for everyone else.”

“Oh I know. I’ll call you Bob. So Bob do you know why you are here?”

“I believe you brought me here.”

“That’s right. I did. Man am I good at that. Gotta be subtle. Lesson one. Be subtle. Write that down.” I look around for something to write. “So you coming or what?” A asks standing by the open door. Time for your first lesson."

“I am just trying to find a pen to…” I do not get to finish the sentence as A walks out the door in to a bright sunny day. I run to catch up.

“So what we gottta do today is see what you don’t know.” She says while walking. We are in the suburbs but I do not know what city or even what country. I can not read the street signs so I know we are not in England any more and I feel it would be rude to use magic to find out.

“You mean what I do know right?”

“Sure. Right we are here. What I want you to do is find out who runs this place. See ya.” And then she left me in the middle of god knows where to find out who runs this area? How the hell am I going to do that? I think of plans only to discard them just as quickly. Nothing is going to help. So I start wondering around the area. Looking at the people around me. People engrossed in their own tasks occasionally glancing at me as they go by. I spend the day just walking. Occasionally I read the auras of those around me. There is suspicion and distrust everywhere I look. What is wrong with this place? I find a park and sit on a bench watching the people go by. Something is definitely wrong here. But I dare not ask. A said that we must see but be unseen.

It is then that I remember a line from a science magazine I read in a Doctors waiting room. ‘The very act of observing changes that which is being observed.’ Maybe my very presence here is stopping me from seeing what is going on.

I wrap anonymity around me like a shawl but it is late and there are less and less people around. A walks over just as the sun sets.

“There was a wonderful shoe sale on just over there. I think I just saved myself about $300. So Dave, what have you discovered?”

“I thought you were calling me Bob?” She looks at me like I am the confused one. “Being here changes what I see.”

“So don’t be here. Well I’ll see you tomorrow maybe. You should find a room or something. Gets cold around here.”

“what you mean I am to stay here?”

“Well duh, you haven’t found out who runs this place yet. I’ll come back when you do.” And again she walks away leaving me in bewilderment. It is not too hard to find a room even if the attendant was rude and I had to almost force him to let me a room for a few days. In the morning I again hide myself from the world and head out. For hours I walk the area. Through shops, parks and café’s. Past families, couples and loners. Nothing I see tells me that anyone is running the place. The strain of hiding myself drains me. Just before heading back to the room I try to read the auras of those around me while hiding. I see less suspicion and more fear, less distrust and more depression. there is something going on here but I am tired and head back to the room to sleep. Maybe tomorrow I will have more luck.

The next day is much the same. I decide to follow someone to see if that will help. No joy there.

The days seem to repeat on themselves. My luck needs to change soon.

Luck. Maybe that is the key. I have not yet finished my training with Sylas in the magic’s of Fate. Or have I? Was it Fate that helped me to find A? It must have been. Less order not more may help here. Use Chaos to find the Order of things. Chaos be gets Order.

In the morning I do my normal ritual to help remain unseen for the day. Out the door flip a coin to determine which direction to go. I let my mind and sight wonder aimlessly. I turn at random and completely loose myself in the township of the suburb. For half the day I walk, eating when I need to. At about 3pm I find I have stopped out the front of a laundromat. I can not decide what direction to turn. even spinning around and pointing I find myself facing the laundromat. Finally I flip a coin to go either left or right. It flashes in the air as it spins. The clinking sound it makes when it hits the cement is loud in my ears. I can feel the ebbs of Fate flowing around me and the coin. The coin rolls away from me and falls into a narrow crack in the cement becoming wedged on its edge. I am to stay here it seems.

I spend the rest of the day watching the laundromat and the people coming and going. A number of people including some cops seem to enter and leave without bags however. This appears to be a front of some kind. Drugs? The auras show a strong level of fear on people both leaving and exiting. I need to find out what is going on.

“Remember, see but be unseen.” A near scares me to death as she sits down next to me. “Well you found the place but what to do next, hmm? You still have not found who runs the place. Just where it could be run from. Right. Lesson one, do without doing.” She then pats me on the back and walks away again. Do without doing? how the hell do you do something without actually doing it?

I refresh my mind and stay to watch the laundromat. At about 3am I see three people I have not seen throughout the day leaving the place. I follow them. I feel these are the people that have the control. Getting closer to them I notice that they have similar faces. Brother perhaps? One I can feel has awakened but has a taint on his soul. This Mage has a responsibility to protect his flock and instead he seeks to control them. I can sense that his powers are just developing but his lifestyle and apparent goals show me the need to stop him. On the second day of watching this man, whom I call Jack, I find him waiting for one of his brothers, I call him Bill, to go to work. Bill walks out his front door with a woman. I notice Jacks aura shift to jealousy and desire. I have found the key to their destruction. I touch Jacks mind and urge his feelings of desire to grow. While I continue to follow them both I gently increase the lust in Jacks mind his jealousy of his brother grows on its own accord. It grows to maddening levels. Jack finds a way to leave and following him he makes his way to Bills. Shortly after I hear screams coming from inside. Scrying I can see Jack taking what he wants from Bills girl. Her sobs quieten while he finishes. Looking down he sees what he has done. A look of shock crosses his face and he runs from the room. The girl pulls the bloody sheet around her and manages to make it over to the phone. Her broken jaw makes it difficult to speak but she tells Bill everything. Jack is in the bathroom attempting to wash away his actions. Shortly after Bill and Tom (the other brother) run down the street. I can feel the anger emanating from Bill. I touch his mind and encourage it.I then touch Toms mind and find his desire to protect his family. I grab this and twist it to focus on protecting Jack from Bill.

Bill smashes his way inside pulling the gun I suspected he carried. I hear Tom trying to talk Bill down but a glimpse in his bedroom and the noise of a flushing toilet enrage Bill. Tom garbs a hold of him. Blind in his fury Bill pushes Tom away and the pistol goes off. Everyone is still. Bill sees the fear and blood on his girls face and walks towards the bathroom. He kicks in the door and fires three times in to his brother.

In the distance I hear sirens.

“Was that necessary?” asks A from behind me.

“Yes. A direct confrontation could lead to complication and a possible Paradox breach. I felt this was the subtle way.”

“First lesson over. Mediate on this and learn to do without doing.” We walk away together down an alley. “I feel a portal will get you back to your cabal quickest. It has been two weeks. You have done well. Be proud of what you have accomplished.”

I then open the portal to the cabals sanctum to find the cabal in attendance. Looking around it appears they have much to tell me.

Ankou's Diary
Entry 01

{{Feel free to input the appropriate names into the following text, where appropriate. The character has an eidetic memory, I do not. Also, dates will be added to the days, where possible}}

Given the events of late, it would benefit me greatly to keep a diary of the events that happen. While I have an eidetic memory, there are emotional and personal concerns that would benefit from having an outlet of sorts.
As always, if you read this I will kill you. Enough said.

Today was really exciting. The changelings took us to the Goblin Market. It was massive. There was vendors selling everything you could imagine – even slaves! We eventually found a stall named /insert stall’s name/. It was the same name that was on the note that we found at /insert name of the castle/ We did, indeed, find the shards of the artefact sword. I think we should have planned better though. We had little in the way of currency. Though apparently morals, memories, deepest desires and other personal items are also considered currency here. How interesting. After Fragor stepped out to call Steve – at least I think it was steve. I was not paying a great deal of attention, I was more interested in this place – I was asking about what would be accepted as currency. Apparently not only are souls an acceptable form of currency, so is a persons morality. The later I only found out because the… man… made me an offer I simply could not refuse. He would give us the shards, and I would be given a smart phone that could not be tracked, traced, hacked into or otherwise monitored by any means – though I suspect the archmage of forces could do so if said archmage so desired – and only for a tiny bit of morality. It had no noticeable effect on me. I felt exactly the same as I did before! Fragor didn’t seem too impressed. I have no idea what crawled up his craw though! I mean he refused every reasonable offer that was presented. I was able to get it. Me. Not him, but me! He should have been happy that his superior was able to acquire the item at very little cost to anyone! He was acting like I had no idea what I had done, or what I was doing. It was ridiculous! I am massively intelligent, with an eidetic memory, who was chosen by Death, itself, to be a herald. A representative of the ultimate power! At any rate, we went back to the sanctum. I had intended to call Morwen and speak to her for several hours. But given it was late – and she seemed a tad annoyed that I had called her as late as it was, I figured it would be best I call her at a later date.

Fragor called one of the council Lords, who had advised that we would need to seek out the metalsmith. Looks like we will need to research how to do that… tomorrow. I want sleep. I will get sleep.

It was time to do some research. I must call Morwen tonight, if I get time. I do miss her company. So I head to the Mysterium library, start doing some research into how to summon the Metal Smith. It takes me 7 hours or so. It was interesting, reading through all those old books. Oddly enough, I found out that the ritual in question has to be performed in Death’s shadow.

I was so over-the-moon happy when I got back to the Sanctum. I told the others what we needed to do. We had to enter into a near death state, in my shadow. I was unsure of how I would enter into a near death state in my own shadow though.
Fragor, as usual, had something crawl up his craw. He refused to even acknowledge the possibility that my interpretation of what I read might be accurate. I am getting fairly annoyed at his constantly treating me like a child, and refusing to acknowledge my superiority. He even has difficulty in acknowledging his romance with the werewolf. At any rate, it was agreed that we would visit the morgue of an abandoned hospital. I found this an interesting opportunity. We might find ghosts, or zombies!
We arrived at the hospital, made our way through to the morgue without much difficulty. We attended to the ritual, and met the metalsmith. All in all it was not that difficult a task to accomplish. I do believe I am going to have a Scythe made of Thormium. But it will cost 8 pints of blood. The human body only has 10 pints of blood, and would have difficulty running on anything less than 5 pints of blood.
There are 2 ways I could do it. I could connect 4 iv drips into my arm, with bloodpacks connected, and donate the blood for the forge myself. Or I could have someone else pay. Donating myself, even with the blood packs puts me at risk. The world would be at risk if I was to be placed at risk. I feel having someone else pay might be the best option, but I will have to consider how to do it more.


Nothing much happened on Monday. I found out from Sylas that he has a lead. He was going to follow up on the lead by tracking the car that the shooter who attempted to kill me was driving. I put in another day of work at the docks.
While working at the docks, a rather menial duty, I formulated a plan to help my predicament. Either the phoenix institute direct – or the person who was my successor, Noob, either knows or suspects I am alive and is trying to make it impossible for me to do anything – they doctored photos to make me look like I was performing inappropriate activities with the dead. They even had a court order in place preventing me from working with or even being near the dead. I was both very angry and very impressed at this.
The solution to my problem was simple – to be dead. Publicly. Legally. I have the power to die. I have the intellect to arrange it so I die in any number of ways. But I had to give more consideration to how. I needed to be able to get out of the morgue before an autopsy, and to make sure my body was still there. It was a good idea.


I decided to try my own investigation into my shooting, and the Phoenix Institute. After all, I should be able to do a better job than anyone else! I was successful! I hacked into the /british equivalent of the dmv/ and did a search for the numberplate of the SUV. It was registered to an address in White City. Would have to get Sylas and the others to come with me. It is safer for me that way.
I proceeded to leave from where I was hiding when I was apprehended. Fortunately, through burning some mana I was able to destroy the laptop without the police knowing – just in case I didn’t cover my tracks. Turns out, however, I was wrong. Or rather, I assumed incorrectly. It turns out the laptop was gps tracked and flagged as stolen. But this apprehension. This… Accusation. This interruption to my plans!
Hulk Mad!
As they put me into the car I plotted my revenge. I did, however, catch them radioing back to their precinct that they have the suspect in custody, as well as the stolen laptop. Interesting! I might be able to use this to my advantage. It would be wrong for me to outright kill the police officers. They are doing their duty. But I would teach them a lesson, no matter the cost! As they were taking me to their precinct I buckled myself in and proceeded to bring damage to the car.
I fused the accelerator to the floor, then severed the anchors to their seat belts. Either they would learn their lesson – quickly – and save themselves or they would fail and suffer the consequences. In the end, we must save ourselves! To that end, I severed my own life.
What happened next, I had no idea.


Well, I am still dead. Hopefully soon I will be alive again. Think my body has suffered a bit though. Hahahaha. Seems I was in a fire. Guess the police failed to save themselves. Wonder if I should cut a jigsaw out of them before I leave. Would be highly ammusing. Wonder if Morwen has heard of my death. I hope she doesn’t worry too much. I must explain to her why I had not spent much time with her, or even talking to her, of late.


Still dead. Watched an autopsy being done on the other 2 officers. I think I am next. Seen their ghosts depart as well. I waved at them as they went. I do not think they understand. Oh well. Inferior specimens of humanity!
I decided I would compose a love poem for Morwen while I just float around dead.

Your beauty overwhelms me
As I wrap my arms around you
I press your softness tight
Great passion fills my inner being
I’m captured in your embrace
Your eyes control my very soul
The touch of your lips, heaven
Forever frozen in time
All else fades into nothing


Though, apparently only just. My autopsy was to be performed first thing in the morning. I must get out of here. Emergency escape route? Yes! got it!
ok, fresh corpse? good. Corpse data… Found it! My blood type? YES! Great! Make it look like my body. Good, appropriate tags, put it in the right place.
Can’t make it obvious though. Must take another body, but this will limit ability to move.
I know! fry the power grid of the building. That will give me maybe a few minutes of power outage. It will take me 2 minutes to carry a corpse to the fire exit.
Ok, now we move!
At the exit, destroy the door, and move!
Down that alley, through that street, down this alley.
Now to dispose of this corpse.
Car. Boot. Body in boot. Move away from car. Detonate fuel tank. Good.
Now run!
Duck. Dodge. Weave. Hide.
Hours pass, and I make it back to the sanctum.
Open the door, slump against the wall.
Ugh… I feel like death. Appropriate, mayhaps.
A light flicks on, and it burns my eyes.
Fragor? Great… Can’t I just sleep… For a year…
He begins questioning me and Sylas joins him. I manage to get him to switch off the lights, and I start answering his questions.
It didn’t take long for him to work out that something I did was responsible for the deaths of the police officers. Apparently it was on the news and in the paper. How exciting! I made the news!
Eventually, they let me get some sleep. Though I am placed on house arrest. Anastasia comes around, and heals me. I am thankful for that. It is less painful. After my rest, and a couple hours recovery, I call Morwen. She rushes around and is astonished by my appearance.
She wraps her arms around me. It hurts so much, but feels so good!
We spend the day together. It was nice.

Friends and Fun

Ok so it has been a while since I’ve written things down. I feel I should as it should be noted for posterity.

Let’s break this down into areas:
Clarent and the Metalsmith.
After Ankou managed to acquire the shards of Clarent from the goblin market we still had a problem of how to reforge it (I really need to think how he managed to pay for it, I believe the price was too high). Research indicated we needed to see the Metalsmith, a being in another dimension. His price was fuel, in this case our blood, for his forge. We completed the ritual and after a small amount dealing with his box we managed to have him repair the sword.

Ankou asked about a scythe being made for him of Thaumium. I’m not sure how he intends to pay for the construction of the weapon; but if his behaviour at the Goblin market is any indication then we’re going to have a problem.

Attack on the Werewolves of London
Pitt Dog called asking to come see Rach right away. It turns out Boss was attacked outside the underground station. We traced the assailants back to a portal where we lost the trail. It looks like their Harleys that they rode were distinctive.

We dropped in on the Pendragon Swords who have taken up an alliance with the new werewolf pack in town, The Minute Men. The Minute Men were motor bike riders themselves so they might know of them in the area. They didn’t have any direct information on the assailants. However they did try to serve us human meat, sorry “long pork”. My god what have the Swords gotten themselves into. After leaving we checked their bikes outside. They were a match to the assailants.

This is going to be problematic. We can’t tell Rach that the Minute Men are the assailants just yet as she’ll want to storm the place. The Pendragons might be helping, but the portal was done by the same person who yanked Legion out of our first meeting with him.

Pendragons Sword
Their research into Hexecutioner has apparently yielded results. They are communicating with the axe. Apparently something about feeding it essence. I fear this is something more sinister considering both its name and the circumstances in which we found it. But it is their issue we cannot interfere without good reason.

Apparently Ankou says their quite tainted by the exarchs, similar to the ring/bell we found. Again we can’t make a move without more conclusive evidence.

Without Nameless around we can’t make a decision about Ankou. He willfully used magic to kill two sleeper police. He was nearly killed himself and came back to us 2 days later looking like a corpse (quite literally, I think I will be having nightmares about that for a while). I have prepared a report for the council but before I can submit we need to decide on a punishment for him. After discussion with him about his actions he sees no fault with what he did. This troubles me greatly. It is a dark path he walks down, but I feel that if we handle this incorrectly we will only drive him further and faster down it.

There has to be a way.

Also apparently he has been attacked by his former employer, The Phoenix Institute. Apparently they were behind the shooting 3 months ago. They have recently gotten him fired and brought him to police attention. Attention which precipitated the murder of two police officers. Something about this attention doesn’t quite add up, a bullet to the back is fairly clear severance package. But it makes no sense not to try it again. The additional attacks seem juvenile in response. Unless they’re part of a larger campaign to destroy him and make us turn against him.

Oh, almost forgot. Merlin appeared to me in my dreams. The Merlin, of round table legend. Apparently I am to follow down his path and reforge the Knights of the Round Table. In ages past the knights were a group of all supernatural races. Apparently I was walking down that path without realising. This is a momentous undertaking, I have no idea if I’m up to the task, but I should try. Enemies such as Legion were defeated with the combined strength of the races, this showed me we can make a difference.

Apparently Jack in the mirror is still at large. He has yet to visit me again. This concerns me.

The original perpetrators behind Legion are still at large. We are no closer to finding them.

Also I should be planning my trip to Norway. Apparently the Metalsmith forged Mjolnir. Fate isn’t quite subtle.

The Living City

On our way to the council meeting with Lord Dylan, we stopped by the sanctum of the Pendragons Swords and were introduced to the members. Fragor and I spoke at length with Tome, the lorekeeper. She was quite keen on asking for our assistance with an investigation and we agreed to help.

Lord Dylan eventually took us to the meeting, and to be perfectly honest not much was said that we all didn’t know and I found it quite dry. I was keen however to speak to The Blind Path, the Adamantine Arrow cabal within the Square Mile Council and wished for the meeting to hurry itself up.

When it did eventually finish, I made a beeline over to where the members of The Blind Path were standing and greeted them. After brief introductions with the members I weren’t familiar with, I proceeded to ask them about finding a Tracker, more commonly known as a member of the House of Ariadne, as their ability to find anything or anyone within their resident city was the stuff of legends within the Adamantine Arrow.

I learned that no one really knew where the House was in London, however they knew there was one as Trackers had just happened to turn up when they needed their assistance as if they knew it was of the direst need. I thanked them for their time and rejoined my cabal members as we returned to the sanctum of the Pendragons Swords.

From there Nameless and I went with Tome, Joker and Cymbeline Hand to a construction site which had been reported as haunted. By chance, Nameless and I explored the fourth floor and found the scene of the haunting almost immediately. Looking back in time, I saw the construction worker experience something supernatural and related this to Nameless.

We waited for the others to arrive and told them that the haunting happened here. Tome found an axe with a spirit inside and decided that they should take it back to their sanctum to investigate. Nameless and I walked back to our sanctum side tracking ourselves at the pubs and bars in between in an attempt at Nameless to learn a little bit about Fate.

Waking up the next morning a little dusty, we all returned to the Pendragons Swords sanctum to find out what they had learned about the axe. The spirit inside was named Executioner. Fragor assisted in evaluating the artifact and then we left them, wishing them well in their investigation and cautioning them not to do anything silly with the axe.

During the week I turned my attentions to finding the House of Ariadne. Wandering the streets of London trusting to my luck to find them turned out to be the right play. After three and a half days of aimless searching I was ready to give up. Feeling tired and footsore, I sat down at a cafe and ordered. Not soon after my drink arrived, an attractive woman sat down at the table opposite me and spoke.

“I hear you have lost something. Maybe I can help you find it,” she said.

“My something is more of a someone, but yes, I would like the help.”

She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds, before opening them and saying, “You have drawn the attention of my House, and good Trackers are in high demand. Would you consider learning our ways?”

“You want to teach me?” I asked incredulously.

She nodded. “Our House occasionally looks for new talent and you have left your mark on this city, and we have seen the signs. That’s what led me to you. You aren’t quite ready yet, but one day you will be.” She wrote down an address on the back of her business card and handed it to me. “You will find me here when you are.”


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