Occult Sacrifice at Stonehenge

Stonehenge has always been a place of the occult. Druids gather there along with many other worshipers of all sorts. But last night saw a darker side to the occult at Stonehenge. Along with the body several candles that had been burnt to there ends were found around her.

A woman was found this morning lying in the centre of the circle. The young woman, who is not a local, is unknown in the area. There was no car in the vicinity, suggesting that somebody else was involved. Mrs Victoria Helmsley discovered the body.

“There she was just lying there in the middle of the circle” says Mrs Helmsley “With all of herself out on display. I thought to myself, ‘Vicky’ I thought ‘Vicky, you need to go over there and teach this girl some respect for herself.’ So that’s what I did, I walked over there and started to have a go at the poor deary. It was then that I realised she was tied down to some pegs. Also that she wasn’t breathing.”

The coroner has released a preliminary report that the girl was killed at around midnight. He aslo stated that there is no obvious cause of death. One thing did trouble him. The fact that the girl had no blood, not anywhere in her body. She had been drained of blood, through no obvious wound. The coroner will release an official report later in the week.

The local constabulary released a statement this morning saying that some belongings found in the area are believed to be hers. At this time they suspect the girl to be a Gwen Miller from London, although the Metropolitan Police will eb confirming this in due time.


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