Ghost of Drowned Girl Warned Family Before They Boarded the Titanic

There are many historical accounts of those who had premonitions about the ill fated Titanic. Lives were saved because they listen to their intuition and did not board the ship.

According to a new book, titled Haunted English Pubs by Donald Stuart, on the night of April 2, 1912, the ghost of Kathy, an eight-year-old orphan who was drowned in a sluice near the Cauliflower hotel in the late 1890s, made an appearance. Kathy appeared in the dining room, her dress was dripping wet. Her apparition was waving urgently at Ben Hart who would later tell his family

“It seemed like a very bad omen.”

The Cauliflower Hotel was hosting a bon voyage party that night for Ben Hart, wife Esther and seven year old daughter Eva. The family was set to depart just days later on the Titanic.

Ben Hart ignored the ghostly warning and he and his family did board the Titanic.

The Ilford Graphic reported five days after the ship sank “We see from the papers that Mrs Esther Hart and Miss Eva Hart are among the saved, but there is no mention made of Mr Hart, and we fear the worst.”

Ben Hart died along with 1,513 others in the Titanic disaster.

The Cauliflower Hotel which first opened it’s doors in 1900, is now a pub. Current staff say thay have heard the ghostly rumors but claim not to experience any paranormal activity.

Mr Stuart’s book Haunted English Pubs, which took a decade to write, contains chilling accounts from more than 170 English pubs that are reportedly haunted. We at Miami Paranormal Research Society are very interested in obtaining a copy so that we can review it here on


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