Unicorn Sighting in Manaton

In a world where the fantastic is slowly being forgotten and myth’s are being forgotten, a local man in Manaton has spied a Unicorn! The magnificent beast was seen in the nearby Wanford Wood at 4am last Sunday. When Robert Northford returned to town and reported his sighting, his blood alcohol level was recorded at 0.164.

“I was out there just minding me own business, fishing” said Mr Northford. “When this Unicorn came outs of the fog. It was such a beautiful and majestic creature. It stood by the river and had a drink. She had mighty horn at least a two foot long. Before I could get me camera out, she had taken off.”

Manaton which lies in rural Cornwall, is not known for its Unicorn sightings. Although they are hoping for a tourist boom. Mr Northford has already begun selling some Unicorn hair which he managed to capture from the beast. Another recent development is Mr Northford’s neighbour Mr Summers’ mare has inexplicably started suffering from alopecia. It is something not usually seen in horses.


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