The Merry Maidens Rise From the Stone

Legend has it that nineteen maidens were turned to stone forming what is now known as the Merry Maidens. They had recieved this punishment as they had been dancing on a Sunday. A crime that was severly punished by the Pagen gods. The two Pipers that provided the music were also turned to stone some distance to the north east. When the Maidens were set to stone the Pipers fled but could not flee their punishment.

How much of this is true has been lost to time. But last night the remains of a woman were found a round the stones. The woman had been disected into 19 pieces. There was no blood to be found anywhere around the seen. This has lead to speculation that the case may be linked to the Occult sacrifice of Gwen Miller a few weeks ago.

Local Pagan Madam Beatrice O’Hare assisted by giving possible reasons for the occult sacrifice. “Well” said Madam O’Hare "There are a number of possible reasons why there could be sacrifices at these ancient monuments. There could be to appease the the god Taranis or Lleu. Or maybe it could be to raise a demon such as Owain or Legion. Or perhaps it is in order to remove some people that the Pantheon just don’t like.

No matter what the reasons for the murders at the stone circles there is sure to be more. Hopefully the police can catch the culprits before another is sacrificed.


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