Pendragons Swords

Pendragon’s Swords

Cabal Creed

We the Swords of Pendragon, set upon ourselves to uncover the secrets of Camelot and the Knights of the Round Table. We trek through the Fallen, the Astral, the Shadow and the Gauntlet both with our living bodies and forever living souls. We will find their lore, history and their artifacts here in our home, the Sanctum known as The Stone.

Members and Titles

Cabal Oath

I <insert name="true"> of sound body and mine, who has written my name as <shadow name="true"> on the Tower of <supernal>. Swear to honour and defend my brother and sister Mages of the Pendragon’s Swords. I vow to perform any task demanded of me by my brothers and sisters, should they be of one mind on what they ask. I will adhere to the rules of the Council and our Creed.
In exchange, I ask only for shelter and food in our common sanctum, The Stone. And no less than 16 measures of Mana during each cycle of the moon.

Cabal Rites and Practices

  • Right of Crossing: Let no borders stop anAwakened with a clear heart.
  • Right of Emeritus: Those who have earned respect must be treated with respect.
  • Right of Hospitality: Those who request hospitality must be granted it.
  • Right of Nemesis: When vengeance is declared, let none stand in its way.
  • Right of Sanctuary: Protect your home, and let no action cause it harm.

Cabal Sigil


Cabal Sanctum


The Stone is under the Monument in Monument Place in London. Below is a series of
h5. Merits

Merits used by Cabal relating to the Sanctum.

●●●● Sanctum Size
●●●● Sanctum Security
●●● Hallow
●●● Library

Pendragons Swords

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