The existence of certain intelligence agencies are well known. The security service has been operational since 1909. Now commonly known as MI5 or Military Intelligence Section 5. MI6 or the Secret Intelligence Service has also had a long history as it branched out from MI5 in 1916. Although the public has long known about the existance of MI6, it was only officially acknowledged in 1992. Of note, is that all directors of MI6 after the first have been known as “C”. Something a certain pop culture icon was rather close to.

One service that most of the public don’t know about is the Ministry for Magic or MI7. Where the MI5 is England’s domestic intelligence agency and MI6 is their foreign intelligence agency, MI7 is England’s magical intelligence agency. It is rumored among Mages that MI7 has detailed files on every Mage on the planet. MI7 is the only intelligence agency in England that does not answer to Parliment. They answer to the Council of Mages.

Although most believe that only the Guardians of the Veil can join, that is not true. The current director is actually a member of the Free Council. For the most important thing about MI7 is that England comes first. The Empire is second and the Awakend society is third before oneself.

They are scrying you.


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