Knights Errant

Knights Errant

Cabal Creed

Members and Titles

Cabal Charter

Cabal Oath

Cabal Duties

Cabal Rites and Practices

  • Right of Crossing: Let no borders stop anAwakened with a clear heart.
  • Right of Emeritus: Those who have earned respect must be treated with respect.
  • Right of Hospitality: Those who request hospitality must be granted it.
  • Right of Sanctuary: Protect your home, and let no action cause it harm.

Cabal Sigil

Knights errant

Cabal Sanctum


The home of the Knights Errant is located in a shack, on top of Millennium Bridge House in London. The only access is through a freight elevator from the loading dock of the building.
Milleniium Bridge House is also home to law and accounting offices including Badenoch & Clarke Accounting and Financial Services, which is on the top floor directly underneath the Cabal’s shack.


Merits used by Cabal relating to the Sanctum.

●● Sanctum Size (● Owned by Sanctum)(● Contributed by Fragor)
●● Hallow (●● Owned by Sanctum)
● Retainer (● Owned by Sanctum, Boom)
●●●● Sanctum Security (● Contributed by Fragor)(●● Contributed by Sylas)(● Contributed by Nameless)

Artifacts and Enchanted Items

Artifacts and enchanted items owned and protected by the Knights Errant

Cabal Experience

PC Earned Logs Total
Demetrius 159 0 159
Fragor 159 6 165
Nameless 159 30 189
Sylas 159 14 173

Knights Errant

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