Council of Mages

The Council of Mages is comprised of 100 Mages of at least Adept level. They rule throughout the United Kingdom. The make up is as follows:

  • 1 Hierarch
  • 5 Councillor for the Sacred Orders
  • 2 Representatives of the lower House Parliament, one for each politcal Party
  • 5 Representatives for the House of Lords
  • 51 Representative for each of the Commononwealth of Nations Members
  • 4 Representatives for the Armed Forces of Great Britain, One for each.
  • 32 Lords of the Council

Although most often when Mages refer to the Council they are only talking about the Hierarch and five councilors. Indeed everything that is decided comes from these six Mages. Only they have a say in the affairs of Mages.

When the Council gives instruction to a cabal. The entire Council is in attendance, but the lighting is low so they cannot be seen. The Council does not talk to the cabal themselves but has a Lord of the Council to issue the instructions. Even then, the actual orders are given by an Undersecretary Mage, who is not an actual member of the Council.

Council of Mages

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