Tag: Werewolves of London


  • Boss

    Mr Donovan to the Tunnel Rats and most other people but Boss to his wolves. He runs a disused [[London Underground | Underground]] railway station. He and his [[Werewolves of London | Wolves]] protect the homeless of London that now reside in the the …

  • Hunter

    Hunter is grew up on the streets of London. As such he only speaks in cockney. By the time he was 12 he had found his way down into the underground. Once there he joined the Tunnel Rats and eventually became one of Boss's trusted wolves.

  • Pitt Dog

    Pitt Dog began life in Essex. He grew up in boxing gyms and around cars. Eventually he would turn to petty crime. After a stint in goal he became a werewolf. His violent behaviour would catch the attention of the Pure tribes. But He was found by [[:hunter …

  • Julez the Fixer

    Julez grew up in Essex. He loved cars and working with his hands. He grew up along side [[:pitt-dog | Pitt Dog]]. When [[:pitt-dog | Pitt Dog]] started stealing cars it was Julez who stripped them and sold of the parts. After[[:pitt-dog | Pitt Dog]] and …

  • Gwen Miller

    Gwen grew up with her father and the Tunnel Rats. When she turned 17 she had her first turn and quickly joined the [[Werewolves of London | Werewolves of London]]. A week ago she disappeared. Her scent never left the tunnels.

  • Little Pauly

    Little Pauly is a Farmer from Bulgaria. He has been working with a pack of werewolfs in Bulgaria for over 10 years. On day while tending his field he just disappeared. When he arrived, he came out in a Death Rage killing three boys and chasing another. …