Tag: Minutemen


  • Snake

    The leader of the Minutemen has been in trouble with law since he was a kid. He joined his first motorcycle gang at just 15 years of age. After he had his first change he formed a break away motorcycle gang, the Minutemen.

  • Butcher

    Butcher was always a happy person that loved food. He taught himself how to cook at a young age. He became a professional butcher when he entered the work force. He was always tormented with his imagination, the fantasy of "accidentally" pushing his boss …

  • Carver

    Carver started to work with [[:butcher | Butcher]] when they were just Apprentice Butchers. After they had both changed, they started to ride together. They eventually joined the [[Minutemen | Minutemen]].

  • Rain

    Rain was a good cop, always by the book. Since he looked like he was a part of a biker gang he was sent undercover to infiltrate the notorious biker gang, the Minutemen. While there he underwent his first change. In the presence of such dangerous …