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  • Free Council

    The Free Council (whose members are referred to as Libertines) is the most progressive of the five pentacle orders, concerning itself with bridging the gap between the modern and the mystical. h5. Notable Members * [[:voice | Voice]]

  • Fortune

    Fortune is an Archmaster of Fate, and Adept of Time and Prime, and a Disciple of Life and Apprentice of Space. Fortune lets Fate take its course, and lets the winds of chance guide him through life. Five years ago Fortune set out to learn the secrets …

  • Truth

    Truth is an Archmaster of Forces, an Adept of Prime and an Apprentice of Life, Matter and Mind. Truth is trying to Awaken all of London by broadcasting on [[Free London | Free London]]. He broadcasts out of the [[Maunsell Sea Forts | Knock John]]. He …

  • Lord Dylan

    An eccentric member of the [[Council of Mages | Council of Mages]]. He is deeply interested in Arthurian Mythology. He believes he will be able to travel to [[Avalon | Avalon]]. His quest to find [[Avalon | Avalon]] often results in him reading and being …