Gathering Shadows

Chapter One
The Cabal meet and are given a small task.

Page one of notebook found amongst missing persons clothing.

Day 23

Summoned to Council chambers. Spooky, Seems they went out of their way to create an atmosphere. Are they trying to scare us?
Promptly told we are to investigate the death of three boys and the disappearance of a fourth named Robert.
Fragor asked why us. This is a test.

First task. Meet with Sergeant Willaims. Seems she is heading a “special” task force.
Told that a group of boys broke? in to a storage room at Manor House Station. Three of them died in the room within five minutes of entering.
Train driver reported that he thinks he hit something large and hairy. Hair sample removed from the front of the train. These are in evidence and are inaccessible.
Next task. investigate the scene of the crime. Went to station masters office. Spoke to him and gained access to the room. Fragor noticed a Chinese menu taped to the platform. Must walk on tracks to get to the room. It’s very dark. I opened myself to the space around me of warn of trains.

Found the room. Used the access codes to gain entry. First thing is the smell of the place. The hint of something dead. Second thing is the blood. This is after the cops have cleaned up as well. It is fairly easy to see that three boys died quickly and violently here. we started to use our mundane skills to investigate before using our magicks.
Not much to be found. There was a hint of Space and Prime used in the room but unable to find out more. I remember that the train driver said he hit something so opened the door and looked out. "where could it have gone since no body was found outside the room. My Supernal Vision showed me a clue. A pipe amoungst the tracks. I picked it up and dodged a train. Defiantly something powerful. Not much to look at however. Just some PVC piping with a cap on e one end. It is full of Prime. Fragor managed to discern its use. It summons a werewolf from a random location. That would explain the mess in the room. But who used it and where are they now? And where is the werewolf? Left the room and headed away from the station since there was no report of chaos from the platform. Fragor eventually caught up.

Found another door with another menu. Getting a hunger for Beef Chow Mein.
Opened it up and followed the corridor. Now why are we being followed? And who is the woman standing in front of us? More important why is there a man holding a gun in our direction?
Fragor charms them and ‘Rach’ leads us through the corridors. She appears to be trying to get us lost. It doesnt work on me.
The corridor opens up to an abandon but well used platform. A refuge for the homeless of London.
We are introduced to Boss, the leader of a pack of werewolves calling themselves the Werewolves of London. That does explain the Menus at least. We quickly show why we are here and what we are investigating. Seems they think we can help them.

More tasks.
One: A young girl “Gwen Miller” has gone missing. we are to help find her.
Two: Find this new werewolf.
We hand over the enchanted pipe (with much reluctance on Fragors part) and agree to help. In exchange for their help in our current task. Fragor noticed (seems he is an observant fellow) Robert in the crowd of Tunnel Rats.

First things first. we go to talk to Robert but he notices what we are (as did the werewolves. Boss seemed to know lot about me. Must talk to him after this to see what he knows). Robert pulls out a shotgun and my attempts to calm him down don’t work. He shoots at the “fiends” Fragor and me. However there is just one thing Robert seems to have forgotten. The pack of Werewolves around us. He is very quickly taken down. I wanted him alive but there was little chance of that. Fragor at least was protected by Pitt (seems to have taken quite the shine to each other. Good on them).
We do a quick exam of the body but find nothing on him. This is a problem I need to sleep on.
Any valuables we find I hand over to Boss. This was his territory after all.

Summary of tasks.
Task One: We have discovered what happened to the boys. Need to report to Williams and the council.
Task Two: We talk to Mr Miller who takes a sudden dislike to Fragor, I am not sure why. He lets us take a sample of her hair to help track his daughter down.
Task Three (at the same time): Need to track down this rogue Werewolf. to do that we need a sample of it. With the hair samples unobtainable there is the slim hope that the train may still have some on it. It is currently at the Depot.
We take our leave of the Werewolves of London and head back to Williams. She takes the news of Robert dead fairly well (need to write up proper report. Side note wonder if we get paid for this?). She gives us the contact details of a no questions asked Doc who patches us up a little.

Next to the Depo.

On the train trip I fall asleep and Dream. A shovel needs testing and there are a lot of them. The maker gives it to his underling who hit a boy on the head and tells him to test the shovel.

At the depot I try to get in by clouding the guards mind but it appears he is a rare creature who has a clear mind while on duty. No luck there. Maybe breaking in. Fragor has the brilliant idea that we should try this at night. Turns out this is better than my idea of completely ignoring the cameras a bright light in the sky.

So we chew the fat for a few hour ‘s and get to know each other a bit better. My editor cals and asks me if I will be investigating the Haunting’s soon. I tell him I am working on a story at the moment and have an idea to investigate the death at Stonehenge. What was that girls name? Oh crap..“Gwen Miller” A quick comparison of pictures confirms it. well that mystery is partly solved. But back to task. We can get that information back to Mr Miller later.
We manage to break in and out with little fuss and a lot of luck. The train still had some hair on it. Home time. A quick scry shows the Werewolf in the area of Manor House Station still. Need to head back there in the morning.

So Summary for the day.

1. We have found out what happened to the boys. It seems that Robert is a Banisher with little power himself. But he has been given a powerful item to test.
Presumptions: The test could result in more hostilities between Werewolf Packs and strain the relationship between Mages and Werewolves.
2. Mr Millers daughter has apparently died at stonehenge. I want to investigate this more before revelling too much as I think there is more to this.
3. We have a werewolf to hunt down.

My oldest new friend

So just writing this down here to organise thoughts.

Couple of priorities:
1) Find out why Gwen died (if she died).
2) Find out why someone would make a werewolf in a can.
2a) Find out how someone makes werewolf in a can.
3) Find out what Legion is.
4) Find out why a bulgarian werewolf was in a can.
5) Find out about Orpheus, my oldest new friend.
7) Visit Svalberg.
6) Find out about Svalberg (sp).
6a) Find out how to spell Svalberg.
8) Find a better way to lock a shack on top of a shopping centre in London Metro
9) Find person who would name ship Niflheim.
10) Find out value and/or use for ’69 Ford cam shaft.

Must watch more time travelling TV to figure out correct tense for time travel.

Chapter Two
No ghosts here


We went to Flat Holm to investigate the “ghost cars” in the area.

To put a long story short we discovered that the cars were in fact being driven buy Sage. She is the Areas Arch Master of Mind. Turns out that she simply enjoys driving fast cars. Perfectly understandable. She has been turning her Ford Angelina in to the different cars using Matter. While this has been Vulgar Magic I felt that it was not my place being a mere Apprentice to point out the dangers of constantly practising this magic. I just would not ride in the cars.

Anyway I put forward the idea of writing the story to expose the Ghost Cars of Flat Holm as just a very rich guy who has smuggled these cars to the island after hearing that there was a resurgence in the idea of a race track being built there. The owner himself declined to be photographed and just allowed his collection of cars hidden at a secret and very well secured location on the island.

Sage helped with the photos.

Think I may come back here someday to ask to be trained with here.

Lady of the Lake


Since we had finished the with the cars it was on to finding the Enchanted Lake.

Lord Dylan came to us asking us to investigate the Loe. A fresh water lake next to the sea. Someone was to meet us in Bristol and drive us out there.
At Bristol station we met Sylus and Anastasia a quiet girl. A quick aura scan showed me they were both Awakened. The drive was fairly uneventful. We all talked about ourselves. Mages can be such self centred people. Yes I include myself in that.

Well it turns out that both Sylus and Anastasia are newly awakened Mages living in London. Well thanks Lord Dylan for being so subtle.

We get to the lake fairly easily thanks to the GPS that Sylus has. The loe was not much to look at but for the red haired guy sitting on a chair on the Lake. ON THE LAKE!!! He had turned it into bloody jelly. While I was having a fit over that Fragor just walks on out to him. OVER THE JELLY LAKE.

Fragor starts talking to him and I then recognise the face. Fred I. Lionus, except that he introduces himself as Louis Friend. So he is a Mage as well. He is allowed to be a little weird. Hell our little group has someone who just does not have a name.

So after a little chat with Louis/Fred and whirlpool opens up in the lake and Fred/Louis asks us to get the shovels from his car.

Shovels… Why shovels? I am starting to hate shovels.

We all get out to the middle. and Louis/Fred shows us the bottom of the Loe. Mud. And he wants us to dig? The others start to while I rant on about he fragent use of Vulgar Magic. Sylus hits pay dirt so to speak. A stone tablet engraved with an Atlantian Rune. Fragor pulls out a crowbar and gets Sylus and I to open it. Apparently Fragor is just too weak to help. But that does not stop hmi from jumping down the hole we reveal first. Without checking for Magic. There was Magic but luckily it was to stop the water from getting in the hole and not idiots.

We find ourselves in a tunnel. Granite with no tool marks nor seems. The whole place appears to have been made from a single piece of stone and Guy tells us that it it very old.

The tunnel leaves us with only one direction to take and he head out to sea and down into the earth. Not too far ahead I can tell that the tunnel opens up into a cavern. Inside here we seem a large, ugly humaniod statue and ten pillars. I go and look around while the others check out the Staute and pillars. The pillars each have the symbols for a sphere of magic. A quick roll call tells us that we manage to represent each sphere.

I walk to the other side of the Mind pillar so I can see the statue, yes I am a little paranoid, and try to make contact with it. It welcomes me back and the staute comes to life looking right at me. Yeay. It walks over to me while I make my way to the Prime pillar. It beats me there and punches me back to the wall. The others make their way around the room and start awakening the pillars. Lucky for them the statue focuses solely on me. I get up and run around the room with the statue chasing me. The rest of them manage to awaken each pillar, Mind was the only one they did not have together. Once they all light up the statue freezes in place and a door opens at the back of the room.

Inside here we are confronted with books. A lot of book. Fred/Louis quickly pipes up and claims them all. We can have anything else we find. Bloody Mysterium. There is a fountain that flows with Tass. I drink deeply of it. Once filled we all converge on a sarcophagus in the middle of the room. Sylus and I push the lid off. Inside is not the Lady as I was expecting but a sword engraved with Atlantian Rune. Translating it we discover it is the sword of King Arthur, Excalibur.

Oh crap.

While Fragor and I examine the sword Anastasia finds another room. The Lady’s sleeping quarters and inside that is another book. Louis/Fred doesn’t want that one so we take it, Excalibar and some other swords from the room and leave. I place some of my hair just inside the enterance so I can find my way back here.

Home we go with proof of he existence of King Arthur.

Grimoir de Vampire
Icky sticky book theft

Part One

Sylus and Anastasia were invited to join our Cabal. We will get their answer when they come back from meeting with the Council of Mages.

Meanwhile Lord Leviticus approached us to get him a Grimoire that he thought was held by a vampire. He also introduced us to Grim.

The only clue to the books wereabouts was the Vampires name. The Mysterious One. What a laugh.

We managed to track him down to being the owner of a nightclub. Some research did not result in too much extra information other than getting. Grim howver showed some very interesting skills with computers and got our names listed as VIP’s for entry.

At the club we simply walked up and told the bouncers our name and then shown the way in.
Inside we saw some stairs that lead us up to the VIP section. There were only two other people there other than Grim and I

I approached one of the people and discovered that it was the Vampire. He was accually quite up front about it but a quick look at his aura shown there was nothing really special about him. Just some jumped up Club owner with delusions of grandure. I did however ask if I could do a quick interveiw with him. He was very co-operative with my questions even after telling him what magazine I worked for. When we talked about his history we turned to the subject of artifacts.

Again he was very co-operative and willing to show me his collection. First up was a book that matched the description of the grimoir we needed. I asked him where he got it from and he said that some guy gave it to him, just after he lost another tailsman that could summon Vampires.

Now we have Vampire-in-a-Can to worry about too! Apparently the same guy gave the Vampire this artifact as well.

Anyway, I interviewed him for a long time. while looking around for possible ways to get in. There is one window that did not appear to be very secure and loking at the book display I felt that it was not secure either. I prbably could have just walked out with it.

So tomorrow morning we will will be trying to get in the window and out with the book.

Part Two.

Sylas and Anastasia met Fragor, Grim and I back at the Shack. A quick round of introduction followed. Lord Dylan knocks on our toilet door. We give him the the Lady’s Journal since we have copied it already for our selves.

We all descided to call it a night and thankfully I had no more dreams of shovels. I am still trying to work out my last one. Who are the 21? I think four of them are mages and I think another four are Vampires.

Now for the hiest.

In the morning after planning ahead, we grab some rope and head for the club. Anastasia stays behind at the shack. Something about shelving for a library. I think a roof that doesn’t leak might be better. We head down a side alley at the club and see the windows I found while inside. Sylas, being the athletic type, climbs up the pipes with the rope. Fragor follows while Grim and I stay on look out. A quick spell gives me alround vision.

I am not sure what happens up in the club but after what i thought was longer than it needed to be Fragor and Sylas climb back down with the book. Well, that seemed easy.

Sylas drives us back to the shack. On the way I ask to have a look at the book. The cover just feels a little weird. Inside the words swurl around unit they start to form words. “What would you like to learn?” they say. In my mind I ask to learn more Mind magic. They letters change and show me a new rote. The rest of the trip back I learn it. It seems so easy. Maybe too easy. The book then tells me that it knows all magic.

I think we found our library.

Meanwhile Fragor calls Lord Leviticus to let him know we have the book. He meets us back at the Shack. I let him know that I had read the book and learnt something. He will bring it back in a week.

As a bit of an after crime spree get together Grim invites us over the house his EMPLOYERS let him stay at. Apparently he works for some organisation that even he does not have the security clearance to know much about. So you know now i really can trust him.


The Death of Gwen Miller

Part One.

Back to our original tasks. We have a murder to investigate. Gwen Miller the werewolf daugther to one of the homeless under the care of Boss.

Fragor and Sylas go out to try and find Everything Occult. Somehow they find it. and meet up with Orpheus. He quickly agrees to help us in our investigation. Nothing like having the Archmaster of Time helping us. AT least that if what I think he is doing.

Sylas manages to procure a copy of the Autopsy report. Nothing new there really. Body was killed about midnight with no blood in her. However there is now sign of injury. So we all think Vampire. Grim thinks they can heal their wounds up somehow.

We drive up to Stonehenge and book a room for the night at the nearby town. In the morning we visit the local morgue that still has the body of Gwen. Posing as Gwens father Grim and I get in the morgue. Grim uses Death Magic to see what extra information he can find. Again not much new.

Hi Ho Hi Ho. It’s Too the site we go.

Tourists everywhere. THis may be a problem. We all use our various sights to see what we can learn. Grim determines where Gwen was killed. At least we now know she was killed here and not moved later.

Orpheus brings as a glimps of the past.

We see a number of people around Gwen. All dressed in robes and hoods. One of them opens a pot and a black smoke escapes. It flows against the wind and forms in to a very rough humanistic shape. Legion. It go to Gwen and does something to her. Space shows me that they people involved are all strongly connected to this creature.

Orphues was right. We must hunt this thing down.

Get Out!

Part 1 by Sylas

We returned to London with more questions than answers, but first things first – we needed to let Boss know what we found at Stonehenge. After removing our weapons and all items of silver from our persons as (wisely) advised by Fragor we then entering the tunnels of the abandoned underground where we encountered Rach the Scot. Pointing a gun at Grim’s head, the she-wolf warned us not to make trouble before telling us we could see Boss.

A brief discussion with Boss revealed little insight as to who Legion might be, but we determined that we would need to consult an Archmage of Spirit for more clues as to what we were dealing with. After Fragor thoroughly inspected the Werewolf-in-a-Can, we began to leave when Pitt Dog burdened Fragor with a small engine that he said came from an old Mustang and the social obligation of going to see a band called ‘The Damned’.

Upon returning to the shack that we call our sanctum, we find a homeless person complete with flaming barrel. As we begin talking to him, we eventually figure out two important things – one, he only says the word ‘Boom’ which makes it all but impossible for anyone except Nameless to communicate with him; and two, that he recently lived under a bridge but was chased away by police in preparations for the London Olympic Games.

While we were discussing what to do about our new roofmate, Lord Leviticus returned with the grimoir we had recently stolen. He thanked us for our effort and left after eying the vagrant suspiciously.

Part 2 by Sylas

Fragor went out with Pitt Dog to see ‘The Damned’, finding the lost ‘Vampire-in-a-Can’ backstage in the band’s room. Things became tense when Fragor examined the item – ‘The Damned’ turned out to Vampires! Thinking quickly, Fragor was able to convince them to let him keep the Vampire-in-a-Can and leave intact.

While Fragor was making new friends, Nameless, myself and Grim debated what we should do about Boom. We eventually decided to keep him around as ‘security’ in exchange for a couple of pounds a day. With that settled, we all sat around the burning drum and settled in for a night of pizza and booze.

Bright and early next morning, Nameless receives a phone call at home from Sergeant Rebecca Williams who requested his help with a suspected suicide not far away from us. Quickly rousing the rest of us who stayed the night at the sanctum, we piled out of our beds and after a brief coffee detour, we met Nameless and Sergeant Williams at the crime scene. After brief introductions we all made our way inside and were filled in on the details. She told us she needed help, as she was very understaffed as a result of the increased security measures put in place for the London Games.

Nameless waited outside while the rest of us inspected the room with our various mage sights. My space perception helped me noticed a mobile phone wedged in between the cushions of the lounge in the middle of the room. I began to walk over to it when suddenly, it rang. Thinking quickly, I pulled out my own mobile, sat down on the lounge, and then discreetly pocketed the hidden device. Making sure no one noticed the move, I then left the room and handed the phone to Nameless.

A look of shock crossed his face as he read the text message, then he shouted, ‘Get out! Now!’. He tossed me the phone back, and we hid behind the door frame as Grim, Fragor and Williams made a dive for the door. An instant later – BOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Part 3 by Sylas

Dust and debris billowed out of the room coating the hallway with dust and exploded bit of brick. Nameless and I picked ourselves up gingerly and looked in disbelief at the remains of the room through the doorway – the entire far wall was gone, opening out into empty air. Those inside were lucky – they were flung none too gently through the door by the blast.

As we pulled ourselves together, startled residents began milling around and Williams turned to ask Nameless how he knew about the bomb when Fragor saw a man he knew. ‘Bulgarian!’, he yelled. The Bulgarian werewolf turned and ran. Fragor, Nameless and myself began to pursue him down the corridor, leaving Grim to take care of Williams and the crowd.

The Bulgarian was fast – he ran into the stairwell and began climbing the stairs five and six at a time. Fragor followed him up, however the patterns of Fate seemed to pull at my gut and on a hunch I went down, Nameless on my heels. While we ran down the stairs, we linked our minds together and explained my plan to try to cut him off.

Fragor chased the werewolf to the rooftop and got a good look at him preparing to leap across the rooftops to an adjacent building. He realised that he wouldn’t be able to make the jump and had to watch as the giant Bulgarian escaped.

Part 4 by Sylas

Meanwhile my hunches lead us to a construction site not far from the crime scene. Once we got in the construction elevator, Fragor called to let us know that the Bulgarian was headed across the rooftops to a large crane.

My luck had held! As we arrived at the roof of the building, the Bulgarian crashed onto the roof about 20 meters away and sprinted past us towards the crane. Deciding that shooting him would be a bad idea, I ran towards the controls, hoping that I might be able to prevent him from jumping to another building but he quickly scaled the iron framework and leaped to safety and continued running.

As the others joined us on the roof we decided to call off the chase. Returning to the sanctum, we talked about the events when Nameless turned around suddenly and stared across the river at the building opposite. Finding a pair binoculars, he cursed quietly – it was the Bulgarian – on the roof!

Using his skill at mind magic, Nameless attempted to communicate with the werewolf, calming him sufficiently to organise a meeting between himself and the werewolf.

Part 5 by Nameless
Now this is a little confusing because I don’t actually remember any of this but Sylas shows me what he saw back in time.
I’m off too see the wolf, the wonderful wolf of Bulgaria. Tralala. I manange to get to the roof using some quick Mind nudging on the sleeper security. Up there I slowly approach the werewolf.

Touching his mind I dwelve in to his language and re-introduce myself. Well dispite all the trouble and chasing it is pretty easy to bring the Wolf, who’s name is Little Paulie?, down and convince him we only want to help get him home. For some unknown reason he doesn’t trust Mages (neither do I) and we contact Boss to find out if they will take care of Little Paulie while we find a way to get him home. They agree and so does Little Paulie. Oh and Pitt Dog gives us a car chassis to give to Fragor who has been off earning money, or something.

Now Grim shows a great deal of ingenuity and a little bit of stupidity. He contacts both an under ground People smuggling group and the Bulgarian Embassy. We go with the Embassy.

Sleeper Ambush

Great, one issue down. Twenty three to go.

Hi ho. Hi ho. Its off to the Shack on the roof we go.

Only it seems devoid of Boom but his barrel is burning away nicely. The shack door is open. I follow the threads of mental energy and feel Boom and Anastasia inside with five others. I think we have a security issue with the shack. Peering through the gap in the door I pull my thoughts together and attempt to find out who is inside. But the door opens and some man in black and a mask says, “Don’t do that.”

So I stop. Not so much because he asked me but more due to the gun in his hand pointing at my head. They generously invite us in but won’t tell us who they are. I let them do the talking.
It appears they are after the Vampire-In-A-Can. This is an issue as Fragor has it. We talk a bit more and one of them shoots Sylas. Apparently he was a smart ass. I thought he was patient and articulate.

Now heres the funny bit. They give us instructions on how to contact they when we have the V.I.A.C but drug us and wipe our memories.

HA. Idiots. Now we don’t have to do a bloody thing for them.

Later Lord Leviticus drops by again to invite us to investigate another murder. S130712. YES. Just want we need to do right now.

We tell him that we will look in to it next weekend. I don’t think he liked that.

Well its late on a Sunday night and I got to get to work tomorrow at taking over the Accounting firm under our little shack.

Grim’s Log – Supplemental
After the aforementioned break in by these… people… I decided that we need greater security for our place of communal residence.

I decided that I would invest in setting up a security system. Locks on the doors and windows. Though I did always find it odd such was missing to begin with, as well as a keypad on the door access to the roof, and motion triggered high intensity flood lights.

The flood lights are aimed directly at the elevator entrance, and are tied to the keypad system. Once we leave the roof, and the security pad activates, the flood lights are tied to the motion sensor.

Yes, I know it is feeble, but my companions are uncomfortable with the outside assistance I can have provided.

Though on that note, we did acquire some personal defence implements.
My… connections… were kind enough to provide a couple revolvers, a couple Barettas, a couple shot guns (though one is rather snub-nosed) and a fair amount of ammunition for each, including a half a dozen or so dragon’s breath cartridges for the shot guns. Should make dealing with unfriendly vamps more interesting.

The adventure Grim Forgot

During the course of the previous 2 sessions the following occured:

Sesson 1:

  • We were asked by Lord Leviticas to investigate some missing people and the ties the disappearance has to a country farm town that had suspected connections to a cult of seers
  • We discovered a strange news article that indicated that body parts belonging to 19 people had been strewn about a stone circle. The date of deaths and cause of deaths for each body part didnt add up
  • We recovered from having had a break in previously, while Fragor was out of town. Now that he was back, with the vampire in a can, it was very dangerous for us to stick about.
  • Due to the danger it was decided we would undertake our investigations early.
  • We headed out to the nearest town to the small farm, which took several hours. We then spent about an hour using time magic to retrace the steps of the people that had gone missing.
  • We eventually arrive at the farm in question, where we meet 2 of the 4 missing people. We calm them down, and proceed to the farm. Our entire group is seperated upon approach due to a time accelration field that accelerated time by a factor of 60:1
  • Upon investigation of the farm 2 of our group barricade themselves in an inn and fend of a zombie attack. This attack occurs prior to midday, local time stream. Inside the inn are a pair of sleepers. These are 2 of the 4 that were missing
  • Several hours after the first zombie attack 2 more members of our group meet up with the others, whereupon they begin investigating the farm, and when in the barn are ambushed by an arse load of zombies. This occurs at 6pm, local time stream. All members succumb and fall unconscious
  • The final member of our group enters the time acceleration field, at 9pm local time stream, where he is attacked by a zombie. He fights valiantly and eventually takes down the zombie, once overcome with terrible rage, by spearing him in the chest with a pitchfork, and slamming the zombie and pitchfork into the ground, wedging the pitchfork into the dirt road.
  • The final member of our group is knocked unconscious.

Session 2:

  • All members regain consciousness, and are eventually reunited into the one time stream, still relative and local.
  • Eventually, all members are taken into a room and spoken with by a female. Everyone is mind raped, some worse then others.
  • During the conversation, one of the members discovers information regarding the time stream, the origin of it, and that the group at the farm are known as The Ministry. This same member is severely mind raped and loses the ability to process short term memory completely, losing focus on anything and everything as quickly as the seconds hand ticks past.
  • After an impossibly long time the group, with help of the 2 sleepers, break free of the basement where we were being held. A fight with several zombies breaks out.
  • During our daring escape the urn generating the time field is shattered, and that breaks the time field. We escape.
  • Soon after escaping the mind rape that one of our members was suffering fades, but he still retained no recollection.
  • Another of our members examines some remnants of the urn – an ancient artifact – and discovers that it was generating a powerful time field. This time field also sapped the souls out of people, then dominated any souless beings within range.
Grim's Diary
Entry 01

No sooner do we get back to London from our little adventure in the bubble of time, giving the remnants of a major artifact to Lord Laviticus, do we stumble – once again – upon Orpheus.

This old man, an arch-mage of Time no less, decided that his shop would occupy the same space as our sanctum, though in a different time. Or perhaps it was simply chance. It is beyond my ability to understand at this point.

It seems, while I do not know what exactly happened in the time bubble, as I can not recall it, I appear to be significantly more obsessive over everything now. I have this urge to continue at a task until I succeed, or I am stopped. Failure at the task at hand makes me very depressed, but success fills me with a joy that very few could ever know.

Forgive me, I digress.
Despite my failure to understand how his shop moves through time, or randomly appears, it is a goal of mine to uncover the secrets Orpheus possesses. Such could only ever help benefit my mastery of the deathly magics.

Orpheus tells us that he knows the location to Legion. I am the first to jump at the chance to take down this ancient evil before he becomes too powerful. After being given a crossbow from Orpheus, and grabbing the 10 gauge shotgun plus several extra shells (totaling 6 dragons-breath rounds and 6 standard shells), we disembark from our rooftop, and head to… well… to be frank, I am not too sure what it was. It seemed to be an ancient part of the underground rail network. Though I may be wrong. Note to self: research what exactly it was.

We continue down into the dark, using torches where necessary, until we come to a stair well. We carefully descend, noting that it is in relatively poor condition, when at the bottom we come to a door, that is open. Through the door, past the gap, we see Orpheus unconscious on the ground, and Legion by his side. I move as quickly as I can to help Orpheus. He is the only mage I trust. The others keep secrets from me, but Orpheus is a part of my future!

After making sure that Orpheus is alright, I turn to engage Legion who has jumped through a portal created by Steve, and transformed into wolf form. Knowing my shotgun rounds will not hurt him, and not wanting to waste the dragons-breath rounds on anything but vampires, I decide that the best thing I could do would be to bring down the stairs above Legion by destroying the support beams.

I charge over to the main support beam for that side, and start channeling the awesome power I control into it – pure death, decay, and entropy. It takes almost a minute before my power is enough to bring it down, and it collapses. It is only after this event, whereupon I am rescued, that I am informed Legion teleported away a good while before I brought the stairs down. I wish someone had told me, they know how OCD I can be lately. I get the feeling something bad happened in the tunnel.

Sorry Grim, I stole your diary and I feel I need to make some updates. So what happened while Grim was bringing down the house was that Legion and I started grappling. Now this was a dumb idea by me admittedly but I had a plan. Kind of. I managed to draw my sword and attempted to stab the vile creature with it. But thought I should have a go at Legion first. It kind of didn’t work too well. Hell even Sylas had a shot at him. This turned out to be a great idea as Legion turned to go after Sylas, through the portal I had created. Just as Legion was about to grab him I cut the Portal off. Unfortunately Legion was prepared somehow and blinked out. bastard. So we wake up Orpheus get the hell out out here.
Nameless or Steve to some

Steve decides that he is too lazy to walk out, and doesn’t trust my spirit gate, so he creates a portal outside – though, I do find it odd that the Guardian has done more vulgar magic then any of us has.


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