Gathering Shadows

Chapter One
The Cabal meet and are given a small task.

Page one of notebook found amongst missing persons clothing.

Day 23

Summoned to Council chambers. Spooky, Seems they went out of their way to create an atmosphere. Are they trying to scare us?
Promptly told we are to investigate the death of three boys and the disappearance of a fourth named Robert.
Fragor asked why us. This is a test.

First task. Meet with Sergeant Willaims. Seems she is heading a “special” task force.
Told that a group of boys broke? in to a storage room at Manor House Station. Three of them died in the room within five minutes of entering.
Train driver reported that he thinks he hit something large and hairy. Hair sample removed from the front of the train. These are in evidence and are inaccessible.
Next task. investigate the scene of the crime. Went to station masters office. Spoke to him and gained access to the room. Fragor noticed a Chinese menu taped to the platform. Must walk on tracks to get to the room. It’s very dark. I opened myself to the space around me of warn of trains.

Found the room. Used the access codes to gain entry. First thing is the smell of the place. The hint of something dead. Second thing is the blood. This is after the cops have cleaned up as well. It is fairly easy to see that three boys died quickly and violently here. we started to use our mundane skills to investigate before using our magicks.
Not much to be found. There was a hint of Space and Prime used in the room but unable to find out more. I remember that the train driver said he hit something so opened the door and looked out. "where could it have gone since no body was found outside the room. My Supernal Vision showed me a clue. A pipe amoungst the tracks. I picked it up and dodged a train. Defiantly something powerful. Not much to look at however. Just some PVC piping with a cap on e one end. It is full of Prime. Fragor managed to discern its use. It summons a werewolf from a random location. That would explain the mess in the room. But who used it and where are they now? And where is the werewolf? Left the room and headed away from the station since there was no report of chaos from the platform. Fragor eventually caught up.

Found another door with another menu. Getting a hunger for Beef Chow Mein.
Opened it up and followed the corridor. Now why are we being followed? And who is the woman standing in front of us? More important why is there a man holding a gun in our direction?
Fragor charms them and ‘Rach’ leads us through the corridors. She appears to be trying to get us lost. It doesnt work on me.
The corridor opens up to an abandon but well used platform. A refuge for the homeless of London.
We are introduced to Boss, the leader of a pack of werewolves calling themselves the Werewolves of London. That does explain the Menus at least. We quickly show why we are here and what we are investigating. Seems they think we can help them.

More tasks.
One: A young girl “Gwen Miller” has gone missing. we are to help find her.
Two: Find this new werewolf.
We hand over the enchanted pipe (with much reluctance on Fragors part) and agree to help. In exchange for their help in our current task. Fragor noticed (seems he is an observant fellow) Robert in the crowd of Tunnel Rats.

First things first. we go to talk to Robert but he notices what we are (as did the werewolves. Boss seemed to know lot about me. Must talk to him after this to see what he knows). Robert pulls out a shotgun and my attempts to calm him down don’t work. He shoots at the “fiends” Fragor and me. However there is just one thing Robert seems to have forgotten. The pack of Werewolves around us. He is very quickly taken down. I wanted him alive but there was little chance of that. Fragor at least was protected by Pitt (seems to have taken quite the shine to each other. Good on them).
We do a quick exam of the body but find nothing on him. This is a problem I need to sleep on.
Any valuables we find I hand over to Boss. This was his territory after all.

Summary of tasks.
Task One: We have discovered what happened to the boys. Need to report to Williams and the council.
Task Two: We talk to Mr Miller who takes a sudden dislike to Fragor, I am not sure why. He lets us take a sample of her hair to help track his daughter down.
Task Three (at the same time): Need to track down this rogue Werewolf. to do that we need a sample of it. With the hair samples unobtainable there is the slim hope that the train may still have some on it. It is currently at the Depot.
We take our leave of the Werewolves of London and head back to Williams. She takes the news of Robert dead fairly well (need to write up proper report. Side note wonder if we get paid for this?). She gives us the contact details of a no questions asked Doc who patches us up a little.

Next to the Depo.

On the train trip I fall asleep and Dream. A shovel needs testing and there are a lot of them. The maker gives it to his underling who hit a boy on the head and tells him to test the shovel.

At the depot I try to get in by clouding the guards mind but it appears he is a rare creature who has a clear mind while on duty. No luck there. Maybe breaking in. Fragor has the brilliant idea that we should try this at night. Turns out this is better than my idea of completely ignoring the cameras a bright light in the sky.

So we chew the fat for a few hour ‘s and get to know each other a bit better. My editor cals and asks me if I will be investigating the Haunting’s soon. I tell him I am working on a story at the moment and have an idea to investigate the death at Stonehenge. What was that girls name? Oh crap..“Gwen Miller” A quick comparison of pictures confirms it. well that mystery is partly solved. But back to task. We can get that information back to Mr Miller later.
We manage to break in and out with little fuss and a lot of luck. The train still had some hair on it. Home time. A quick scry shows the Werewolf in the area of Manor House Station still. Need to head back there in the morning.

So Summary for the day.

1. We have found out what happened to the boys. It seems that Robert is a Banisher with little power himself. But he has been given a powerful item to test.
Presumptions: The test could result in more hostilities between Werewolf Packs and strain the relationship between Mages and Werewolves.
2. Mr Millers daughter has apparently died at stonehenge. I want to investigate this more before revelling too much as I think there is more to this.
3. We have a werewolf to hunt down.


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