Gathering Shadows

New Beginings

Well it’s been an interesting few months.

Lets re-cap.

We tracked down and killed Legion.

Fragor met the Vampire Prince briefly. He also managed to gather the groups that helped take down Legion and threw a bit of a bash. This could be the beginnings to some sort of Accord. But that is something Fragor and I can work on over the next few years.

Oh and Grim died. We had just come back from handing Legion over and about to walk in to our Sanctum when he got shot. The impact threw him over the side of our building but his body was never found. It’s been three months. We had a funeral, even Morwen Bevan spoke over the empty casket.

The gap in our group can not be filled. While I may not have agreed with Grim on much he was part of our Cabal. Sylas has not given up trying to locate the killer and wile I have my own theories I help where I can. Not that I have much spare time now that I feel that we need to cement in our claim to our Territory. I have spent a lot of time walking around getting to know the people, developing a connection to the area.

I have also discovered that there are a number of semi-sentient Gargoyles around. I have made it a task to befriend them as they could be a very useful asset to watching our territory. We have eyes and ears covering most of our streets now. Using them I have discovered a small group of Vampires. It took me about two months before I could meet them in person. At the time they didn’t know who I was nor what I stood for. All they new was that I was a Mage of some clout. Apparently the Cabal and the other troupes has become a little famous amongst the various races after taking down Legion.
The group known as either the Carthian Movement or the Reformationists. The terms seem to be interchangeable. The leader who introduced himself as Elwood Kean spoke to me at great length once he found out that Fragor had met the Prince. Apparently the Prince is not well loved in London and there are groups such as Elwood and his gang who openly oppose the Prince and his lack of foresight. It has become known to me that Prince Vincent has a great intolerance of the other races in London. THis could pose a great roadblock in Fragor and my plans. While Elwood has expressed a keen interest in working with both Mages and Werewolves within London. He went on to tell me of how Chicago has managed to pull off this loose alliance with each race benefiting. Maybe this could be worth looking in to more. Unfortunately the sun was on the rise and Elwood needed to leave.

One week later I found a message to meet someone named Agent Rosswell at the same warehouse that we met with The Damned. She had information on something I sort for. I attempted to scry ahead but was blocked. Every attempt to gain knowledge of what lay inside was smashed. Some Mage with great power lay waiting for me. I needed to know what the Agent Rosswell could tell me. Was it about the Council, Legion or some other knowledge? Inside I went and was promptly knocked out. Serves me right.

I don’t know how much time passed until I gained consciousness but I was somewhere else. It was dark, quiet and had five other people in it. An attempt to locate myself in relation to the Cabal’s sanctum left me in pain. “Who are you?” someone whispered. This was the time that I noticed I had a mask on as did the other five people in the room.

“Who are you?” The question came again.

“I have no name.” I answered truthfully.

“Why are you here?” Someone else whispered.

“To seek the truth.”

“How do you seek the truth?” Came the whisper from behind me.

“I watch.”

“You see?” a woman’s voice came from my left. “He is one of us without even knowing it.”

A man’s voice spoke. “One more question. Man with no name, will you lead others to the truth?”
Something deeper was going on here. Something profound. Something that probed my soul. the question sort an answer that would change my life. If I did not answer correctly I may not leave this room. But only one answer came to mind. “No. I do not lead, I will guide those who lead. I will whisper in their ears. I am no-one.”

The woman to me left giggled. “I’ll teach him.” With that she walked forward and grabbed my arm. “With your permission I claim this man with no name as my apprentice. I shall show him the ways of the Ahl-i-Batin.”

“So be it.” Spoke the man in front. “I release the space. Go and watch.”

Darkness. I awoke in the Cabal’s Sanctum. “That had better not have been a dream.” I yelled.
Only Anastasia answered, “What was that Steve?”

“Never mind.” My thoughts were broken by a knock at the door. My emotions were in a grim place when I opened the door to see…

“Grim? But your dead?” Apparently he isn’t though and also no longer Grim. His new shadow name is Ankou.

Well I am stunned to silence.

We spend the next day speaking to Grim/Ankou finding out that Death had come for him but turned out to just be the ARCH MASTER OF DEATH. Freaking hell.

The Toilet door knocks and we invite Lord Dylan in. He has come bearing news that the Council has passed the notion that the Colicium is to be broken up. Lord Victor is to become the new Hierach of the London Square Mile. We have also been invited to the first council meeting to be held soon.

The next day we have another knock at the door. Man we got to do something about the security of this place. Oh we have? Bugger.

Anyway we have a visitor by the name of Gawain, a well travelled Mage of the Mysterium. He came seeking Hospitality and offered us the Right of Sanctuary. He is wounded and asks to stay with us for three days. We can not refuse.
What we do find out later this that 1. he is a nice guy 2. he is on the run from a group he knows nothing about (sounds familiar) and 3. he and the Cabal he was with (The Broadening Mind) were archaeologists.

We put him up and become friendly with him. He is after all a second degree master and could easily pass news of our treatment to the council. That will not do with the plans I have.
The next three days go passed without issue and Gawain leaves us early in the morning before any of us are awake. He has left us a gift. A small hand bell and a poem.

By Her grace She leaves this Ring,
So all might find the Truth they seek.

Fragor examines the artefact and comes to the conclusion that once infused with mana from a Mage it will enhance a future spell of Unveiling. That is all he can tell us thus far. we find out later that Grim leaped at the chance to use it while the rest of us are away researching it.
Once we return we discover Grim/Ankou’s activities and it seems that Death has not dampened our brother’s enthusiasm for leaping before thinking.

Now we need to find out what it does. We take Ankou to a fairly quiet park and have him cast an unveiling spell such. Nothing happens from our point of view. But for Ankou his Mage Sight becomes stronger and changes his perceptions. We now all have Toe Tags on parts of our bodies. we do not know what to make of this. Fragor expresses interest in using the Bell himself. I caution him against it until we know more.

The next day more research managed to find us more of the poem.

By Her grace She leaves this Ring
So we might find the Truth we seek.
She leaves this Robe of mystic night
So we might dwell beyond Their sight.
This Sceptre drawn She leaves for all
To brush aside Their distant calls.
She leaves to us this Crown of souls
To twist Their thralls toward our own goals.
By Her grace She leaves this last;
A Throne whose seat will let us pass.
—From Gifts of the Dethroned Queen

We are going over this when the Toilet door knocks Bugger I forgot about the Council meeting. Lord Dylan has come to collect us. we are to meet wit the other Cabals that populate the London Square Mile.

Grim's Log
Entry 04

I am now back in London.
Everyone was surprised to see me, though I can understand why.
It feels strange to be back, but oh so good to be with Morwen again. How I missed her.

Apparently Sylas has been trying to track down my ‘killer’, and Steve has said that as a coven we are family. Harm one of us and you harm all of us. I should have had more faith and trust in my friends… my family…

I went to get a job. Found out that my entire identity had been erased. I had to use Steve’s laptop to hack into several databases to create a new identity. Though I did manage to find work at a funeral home now. It is a ways for travel, but it is worth it.
There is this mausoleum there I am interested in. I traced the family tree, and the family died out a couple centuries back. It will be the perfect place to set up a sanctum, along with some security. It is out of the way, and isolated. Best part is, with the identity I now use, I can create the appropriate documents – both digitally and with help of a professional forger – that will tie me directly to the family.
What status they had, what property they had, if the laws allow for it, I will be able to reclaim. This will not only help in hiding me from the Phoenix Institute, but will also aid me in tracking them down and obliterating them!

Interestingly enough, we had a 2nd rate Master stay with us. He really wasn’t worth my notice. Apparently he had a falling out because he wanted to go after an ancient artifact that was created by the deities of the seers, or some such. Personally, I like the bell.
At any rate, he stayed with us for 3 days. He requested hospitality, and for some reason nameless gave him sanctuary. He up and disappeared, but left us the bell. Obviously fishy, and why I suspect he was a seer.

Also turns out the bill to institute additional counseliarum within the world of the magi passed. There is now a counsel that rules the square mile of London. Having defeated Legion, we were invited to the proceedings. It will be interesting to mingle with the other 2 independent covens that are within the square mile of London.

Frankly, I have not paid a great deal of attention to the events of late. Given my isolation for 3 months, and the betrayal and attempted murder I suffered, I am seeing snakes in every corner. I am unsure of how to proceed. I know I need to start trusting my fellow coven members, and I think I do… But they can not always protect me, and there are times I will not be able to protect myself. I just want to curl up inside Morwen, but I know I can not. I have to be strong. I have to grow in power.

But where do I begin?


I can’t believe we did it. Legion is dead. By our own hands. We sealed him safely into a specially made pine box and made a wary exit from beneath the Olympic Stadium and said our farewells to our new found allies before returning to our sanctum.

We arrived on the roof when my second phone rang, and my heart sank as I read the message:

Sniper on the roof.

I looked up to warn my friends but before I could open my mouth, an explosion of blood erupted from Grim’s chest and he tumbled off the edge as the report of a large caliber rifle sounded out across the rooftops. We ran over to the edge and just caught sight of a dark, smokey portal snapping shut.

Grim was gone.

Snapping out of the momentary shock of losing a friend, I turned to scan the buildings hoping to see the shooter, but unfortunately there was no one there.

The next few hours went by somberly as we came down from the high of ending Legion. We still have enemies.

I stayed the night at the sanctum and returned home in the morning with a head full of questions and no answers, but I did come to one conclusion. Someone with serious expertise was on the other end of that rifle and only name rose to the top of the list.

Sean O’Hare.

I pulled out my phone and dialed a number I’d memorised from the old days, back when I was running counter intelligence.

“Hello?”, the familiar gruff voice asked from the other end.

“Sean. It’s been a while.”

“Well, blow me down! Is that you, Sylas?!”

“It is. I need a favour.”

“That serious ey? Should I bring the cavalry?”

“Maybe another time. Can you meet me tomorrow at our old haunt?”

“Sure thing mate. Same time?”

“I’ll be there.”

The next day I made my roundabout way to the Kings Arms and sat down next to Sean at the bar. We spent half an out catching up over beers and small talk before he turned the conversation to heavier topics.

“So what’s this favour you need?”

“A friend of mine got shot yesterday and I think the organisation he worked for decided that he had outlived his usefulness. The problem is I never saw the shooter because he was about a click away. Real professional. And the mob he was working for are powerful enough to stay under the radar.”

Sean whistled and swallowed a mouthful of beef before replying. “I don’t know mate. Sound’s like these guys don’t fuck about.”

“Yeah, which is why I’m asking for your help. I figure chasing a nameless, faceless mystery group will be a waste of time and effort. Trained marksmen who can nail a guy in the spine at a grand on the other hand, are a rare breed.”

“Find the shooter, find the group. I like the way you think.”

I nodded in agreement. “All I need is the names of people you know who are capable of taking that shot. I don’t want you digging too deep on this and getting killed for it.”

“I’ll be discreet then.” He got up to leave. “You look after yourself, Sylas.”

“You too, Sean.”

The rest of the week was spent contriving ways to track down the unknown gunman and plotting possible vantage points on a map from which the shot could have been taken. One thing was certain. This guy was going to tough to track down.

Once I’d figured out a dozen likely places, I began checking them out one at a time, taking every precaution not to be seen. I eventually struck pay dirt. Looking back in time at the precise moment when Grim was shot, I saw a face. No one I knew, but it’s a start.

Grim's Log
Entry 03

Spatter the stars
Douse their luminosity
With our amniotic retch
Promulgating the birth
Of another Hell on Earth
Shadows gather poisoned henna for the flesh
A necrotic cattle brand
The hissing downfall pentagram
Carven deep upon the church doors of the damned
But no Passover is planned
A great renewal growls at hand
And only when they’re running
Will they come to understand…

So ends the pitiful reign of Man

With one fell swoop The Phoenix Institute has sealed it’s fate. They have shown me the pain of betrayal… and being shot through the spine by a sniper… And I will not forgive. I will not forget. I will destroy them. I will obliterate every single one of them. I will turn their buildings to ruin, I will sever their souls and turn their bodies to ashes and remove their ashes from existance.

I awoke in darkness. Reaching around to feel my surroundings the shadows crept away. It felt… it felt as if they walked away from me.
“Animate Shadows. It is an ability all Magi with powers over death can master, if they have the time and patience. It is a only a minor ability though. Be patient Grim. Death walks with us, with every step we take”

I was speechless. Here was Death, talking to me. I had been seeing him for months, but now he was finally talking to me. All I could do was…
“Umm… Death? Would you like an apple?”
As I reached out with it I noticed it had a hole clean through it. Was what happened to me real? Was I shot? I almost fainted
And I froze in place
“Yes, you were shot. It was The Phoenix Institute. They will not hunt your friends. Yet. But they will hunt you if they know you are still alive. You can not leave these catacombs. Paris is a very popular place to be”
He walks towards me and reaches out his hand
“Gods of death like Apples. I prefer red”
He chuckles then takes the apple and eats it.

At this point I still can’t say anything. I am so stunned, and it is taking time to process everything. It is the next day when Death tells me his name and why I am here.
“I have been studying you for a while. Death told me that there was an interest in you, and I wanted to know what was so interesting about you. I must confess to finding you interesting myself. You seem to survive situations that should have killed you. Your awakening, the explosion, the horde of zombies, the fights with Legion, the collapsing staircase”
All I can do is nod. I had no idea that Death was aware of all this.
“Though, first thing is first. You must stop thinking of me as Death. I am not Death. I am, however, a herald for Death. And I would like you to join us and become a Hearld of Death yourself. I am Ankou. If you join us, you will become Ankou.”

I tell him I need a moment. I take a walk, and as I walk away from Ankou the shadows seem to move away from me, and move back as I pass, though 5 minutes later I find I am right in front of Ankou again. It seems the shadows were leading me, making sure I would not become lost down here.
“I will become Ankou”
And with those 4 words I could feel a change swell within me. It was as if Death, itself, reached up through the ground and filled me almost completely with itself. Even after 2 months I could never find out what caused the sensation.
“You need to know that you have earned a reputation with the Mage Council for defeating Legion. Or rather, you will have status with them once they become aware you survived your assassination attempt”
I nod. Despite how powerful Legion is, I was still surprised that the council took note. As I go to speak I am interrupted.
“Yes, I know. You will have means to contact the one without a name. And you will have time to tell your partner that you are alive. Surely she has heard of your death by now. However, not today. You are still not at full strength. Tomorrow you can tell them”
With these words Ankou seems to turn into shadow… or he fades with the shadow. I am not sure which.

I decided I would do a little exploring. Having an eidetic memory I am not likely to get lost. Turn left, turn right, turn right, turn left. The catacombs seem to stretch on forever. I eventually come to a large chamber.
As I look around I notice shapes on the roof. It appears the chamber is full of bats. As quietly as I can, I start to turnaround when I hear a screech. Then two. Then suddenly the bats are swarming. They swoop for me, and I spend every second I can trying to dodge. I know if I run back through the catacombs they will get me.
Something doesn’t seem right with these bats. It is as if I can feel them. Or I can feel something controlling them. I am not sure which. Despite my efforts to dodge I still get hit. I can feel the life draining away from me. I am near death when I start to feel it.
Deep within me is a well of darkness. A pit of death. I feel it start to churn inside me, it feels like my insides are caught in a tornado. Almost reflexively I begin to chant. A hand reaches for the jem-cut key around my neck, and raises it into the air. My chanting gets louder and louder, and all of a sudden the tornado is not inside me anymore. It is around me.
It is as if the tornado is made from the very essence of the shadows. The air swirls around me faster and ever faster. Or… no… it isnt the air. It is the shadows. The shadows are spinning. They are forming a sphere around me, and from this sphere black bolts shoot out.
Bolt after bolt flies out from the shadow sphere around me. It hits one bat, two bats, all the bats. They drop from the sky, one after the other.
“Morwen… I… am… sorry… I love you…”
And I collapse. Everything went black. It seems I was dead. And I would never know that at that very moment Morwen could feel her heart break and knew something had happened to me. She believed my ghost had been destroyed.
Much to my surprise I awoke. Still in the cavern.
“I seen what you did. You should not have been able to do that. I was master of death before I could do that level of magic. You impress me more and more. It is good that you found this place. This is where our training was to occur. However, as I promised”
Ankou reaches out his hand and waves over by the shadows. They start to form a circular pattern which widens, then shimmers. Through it I can see Fragor and Steve in the sanctum. Anastasia and Sylas walk over to them. They appear to be sitting around a small table. Fragor gets up, and moments later comes back. Morwen is with them. I am unable to hear what they are saying, but Morwen is crying. Much to my surprise, she appears as if she has a misty clone.
“That is the ghost that keeps Morwen alive. You never knew Morwen before she died. You only ever knew Morwen the geist. What you are seeing is like a portal, but not. You can see them, they can not see you. You needed to know they were alright”

I begin to cry. She is so sad. And I miss her so much. I long to hold her in my arms. To hear Fragor name something rediculous. To hear Sylas laugh at him and to have Steve read my thoughts. My friends… My family… I feel like I have done something terrible to them, but I do not know why.
“Morwen! I love you!”
I wail at the top of my lungs, and the shadows ripple. They all turn towards me… Though it isn’t towards me. Did they hear me? no. Surely they couldn’t. That isn’t possible. Is it? The shadows ripple more and return to normal.
“Grim. Are you ready to begin your training?”
I nod. I go to wipe the tears away, but they are gone already
“Ankou do not cry. We are the heralds of Death”
I nod
“Ankou. Master? Thank you”
He grins and our training begins. He tells me the story of the Ankou. How they started, who the first Ankou was. He teaches me some more rotes, but I admit it will take me more then 2 months to learn them to the point of being able to call them my own. Amongst these rotes is a practiced version of the spell I manifested when fighting the zombies, and a shadow portal spell.

Ankou also teaches me about the Astral Realm. How it is the collective unconscious, and how it’s appearance can change from perceiver to perceiver. He tells me that, as a realm with few stable laws, it is a dangerous place to be for the unprepared, and now is not the time for me to learn with first hand experience. It is not the realm of the Ankou.
Ankou also teaches me about the Seers of the Throne, the Banishers, and the Summoners. I find summoning magic interesting, and make a note to learn a little of it. He teaches me more about the Ankou. He explains the nature of Death to me, and why death should never be feared by us. My jaw drops when he explains why those who are not Ankou should fear Death. Ankou teaches me the secrets of the Ankou, things that only they know, and only they can do. He also teaches me some things that only he can do.

I am in the catacombs for roughly a month, having had no contact with anyone outside. At this point in my training Ankou says that he has some things he has to take care of. I ask him if I can see Morwen. He agrees, and lets me view her. It is night time there, and she is getting ready for bed. She has just taken her clothes off when I notice there is something on her back. It is in a position on her back that very few would ever see, and would be most noticable when in an intimate position. It looks like a bandage. She takes it off, and appears to be checking it out using pair of large mirriors. I am unsure, but it appears… It appears to be my name. When did she have that done? It appears very recent. Were her feelings the same as mine? Did she feel as strongly for me as I did for her? I try to keep watching her without her clothes on but Ankou ends the spell. Sigh. Ankou leaves.

I start exploring the Catacombs some more. I commit to memory all the directions I take so I can find my way back with little difficulty. I am walking for hours before I take a break. As I sit down I bang my head harder then I had anticipated on the wall behind me. The sound was not as I imagined it should be. I bang on that part of the wall, and on a different part of the wall. The sounds are definitely different. I think the wall is hollow in a part.
I place my hands upon the wall and channel the power of decay. I feel it well up inside me and flow through me, down my arms, out of my hands and into the wall. It crumbles. To my surprise it is another tunnel. I follow this tunnel and it leads to what appears to be a burial chamber. Inside the burial chamber I find a crypt.
It appears I have found the crypt of [insert name]. Inside this crypt appears to be [insert item list]. Unfortunately, I am not alone. As I am exploring the crypt I hear scampering. These very large rats crawl out from holes in the wall. Did I say rats? They are more like fucking dogs!

Why me? Why do I always find the undead? It is time to practice some of the magic that Ankou taught me. I grab my key and start channeling the magical energies that flow through me. I fire a blast of energy at one of the rodents. It misses and impacts against the wall, damaging it. I try to keep my distance and fire again. And again. And again. I hit one of the rodents, and as my death ray impacts it, it smashes against the rodent behind it. The other 2 beams miss dramatically and damage more of the chamber.
With only 3 rodents left I keep firing. I’m like a death ray machine gun. If mortals could witness this, they would write me into a Dragonball Z I am sure. I eventually take down the last 3 rodents – I definitely need more practice – but not before damaging the structual integrity of the chamber. I grab as much as I can from inside it, including some solid gold items, a box, a sword, a crown, and a ruby scepter and get out of the chamber before it crumbles completely.

Back in the training chamber, Ankou continues his training. I learn more, practice more and this is the way of it for the next several weeks. Eventually, after roughly 2 months, Ankou congratulates me for completing my training. He tells me he is quiet impressed with me, and while I am not yet ready for my first attainment I will be soon.

Relaxing, after my final day of training, Ankou approaches me
“Do you remember when I had to leave?”
I nod
“Of course I do Master”
“Well, I had to visit a friend. There is something that I wish to give you”
I raise an eyebrow
“I am aware that in attempting to save the world you have lost everything you knew. I know how dangerous it is for you, on the path you have chosen. I had these robes made for you. This robe will obscure your face when you have the hood up. But be careful, those with skills as yours, or better, when it comes to the digital realm will find you if you are not careful and those who wish to find you, if it becomes known to them you are still alive, may stop at nothing to find you! Watch yourself. I may be unable to aid you in the future. ”
I bow on one knee
“Master, thank you. I will not forget this kindness, nor all that you have taught me”
Ankou waves his hand over me and I feel the shadows swirl around me. It feels like I am naked, but only for a moment. When I look at myself I am dressed like him.
“Much better. You are a Herald of Death now. You should look the part. Now, go”
“But, Master, how?”
Ankou once again waves his hand and the shadows swirl behind me. I see Morwen’s room. It is daylight. I wave my own hand and shadows grow in her room, thicken and darken. I step through the portal. I decide I will wait her for Morwen to return. I want her to be the first to know I am alive and well, and I want to explain what has happened to her.

Morwen comes home after the sun sets. I hear the key turn and her door open. She steps in and pauses for a moment.
“Who’s there?”
She moves into her apartment, and closes her door.
“I am Ankou”
“What are you? Where are you?”
With tears streaming down my face, I step out of her pitch black bedroom.
“I am the Herald of Death. I need to speak with you”
She is unaware it is me. What I am wearing makes it difficult to see who it is.
“What do you need to talk to me about?”
“Your partner”
She starts sobbing
“He is dead”
“He was dead”
I correct her
“He was dead?”
She is crying more as she asks me what I mean
“Grim was shot. The bullet came from a sniper at range, pierced him through the back and blew a hole out the front the size of a grape fruit, but he was rescued by Ankou. Death decided it was not time for his final passing”
“Oh my gods! Where is he now!”
She speaks louder then she had intended to, I am sure
“He has spent 2 months in the Paris Catacombs with Ankou, training to become Ankou. He missed you. He tried to tell you… that he loved you”
She looks stunned
“I thought… No… it was my imagination, wasnt it? I thought I heard his voice on the wind”
“I do not know what you heard. I only know what he tried to tell you.”
“So where is he!”
She is noticeably upset and yelling now.
“He is Ankou. And he is here”
I take my hood off from covering my face, and raise my head. Morwen runs into my arms and we have an intimate night together, in a mixture of love, lust, sadness and joy at finally being reunited. I tell her what I had gone through, not betraying Ankou by telling her anything I shouldn’t.
It is a bit past 4am, and the sun will be rising within the next couple of hours, when Morwen asks me what I am going to do now. I explain to her how I will protect her, my coven, and myself by removing the Phoenix Institute. Permanently. But before that, I am going to see my friends. I ask if she would come with me, and she agrees.
I stand up, and raise my hand. The shadows swirl and pick up our clothes and my bag. A portal in the shadows open, and on the other side of it is the inside of the sanctum. By this point I am sure that Steve has started to awaken, sensing the power manifest. I help Morwen through, then gesture towards the portal and slowly our clothes, and my bag, are pushed through the portal.
I step through the portal, and Steve is standing, staring at me as it closes behind me.

Dead starlight bleeds down on the Devil’s nitrate
All the nerves of the patients bathe in shock and shame
Cause I’m the trigger that’ll start this game

And the strike of the night will trash the skyline
And darken the marks I’ve put in your skin

’Cause I want to play God
With you
I want to rule it all
Rule you

The human cattle lick on the ethical nightsticks
All the tears of the victims run on cold cheeks’ meat
Cause here’s a future that’ll feed on sheep

Let’s play a game of two
I’ll play God and you’ll play you
Let’s play a game tonight
I’ll play Dark and you’ll play Light

Grim's Log
Entry 0X

It is a strange sensation. Knowing you have done something and not knowing what. But, ciest la vie – life goes on.
It is an even stranger sensation when you feel like you are going to die, and have a dream about falling from a great height, only to wake up knowing that your end has come and you will not see the new week.

Thursday I receive a strange call from Legion. He says
" I knew a man that was so Grim,
All he cared about was sin
Soon, all he will know is fear.
Morwen will never, ever hear
From him, the words “I love you”
I shall help him face his Ankou

During the week, every one of the Knights Errant receives a similar call from Legion. I was second last, apparently. After Steve receives his he decides to try and find legion through scrying or some such. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was worrying about Morwen and getting rather intoxicated to drown out my woes.

Believing that Legion was planning on doing something major at the start of the Olympic Games, we called all our supernatural allies up to host a meeting with them, knowing we need to stop Legion before the opening ceremony concludes.

We meet up the day of the ceremony, and make our plans. Those of us who were good with close combat would engage in melee while those who had firearms or other ranged weapons (though, apparently, not necessarily proficient with them) would attack from range, trying not to shoot those in melee. Those of us who were better suited elsewhere – such as myself (in demolitions, naturally) or Anastasia and those of our allies with medic training – would provide support.

So we portal into the main enclosure of tunnels under the stadium, and with everyone knowing their duties, engage legion. It is a long, drawn out fight. Thanks to everyone working together Legion was not able to seriously harm anyone. However, due to our lack of combat proficiency, and the awe-inspiring mix of all the 6 supernaturals blended together, we were able to do little to Legion.

It wasn’t until Anastasia started sucking the life out of Legion, and Fragor electrocuting himself which resulted in his Werewolf boyfriend going into a frenzy that we were able to truly take down Legion. With Legion dead, sealed away, buried in concrete in a drum, and that drum handed over to The Mysterium to make sure Legion is never freed again, everyone decided to party to celebrate.

We arrive back at our sanctum, eager for rest and to get out of our rather offensively smelling clothes, and I notice Death – again. I always wondered why Death was following me. Maybe I could ask him. As Death sees me, he turns and walks down the opposite side of the Sanctum. I run after him. I hear a phone go off, but knowing it isn’t mine I do not bother to stop and ask about it.

I reach my hand out, and call to Death…


I lit my scars in a new cigarette’s light
The heart crawls to meet the shock
As the tender steel hits the naked skin
So life has first begun when death wins

It is so deep
It is so cold

It is so sharp
It is for foretold

I cast the dust into the path to really see
The bonds of my blood turn so cold
All the childhood’s memories scream inside of me
The pain for this world sets the other free

It is so deep
It is so cold
When the colours blend to black

It is so sharp
It is foretold
Via the end

The loneliness won’t leave me alone
Summer infernal paradisial hell
The sheer absence is the only presence
I understand now – The toll of the bell

It is so deep
It is so cold
When the colors blend to black

It is so sharp
It is foretold
Via the end

Lonely Legion
...for we are many.

Last time we spoke we had just left Scree with the mirror that Sylas broke.

We went back to the sanctum and was greeted by Grim and Anastasia, both with grim looks (yes, pun intended). Apparently they had been hit by the same guys who hit us and wiped our memories. They took the ViaC.

Legion is complete.


It’s Friday and I get a call while at the Sanctum. It is Legion with a merry rhyme for me.

To the man without a name
The one with a little fame
This call, you will no doubt track
And you shall find my little crack
I will complete what was started
You will become the dearly, departed

So I track him down. Hey, he invited me to. That turned out to be very easy as he is not hiding very hard and was quite pleased to feel me scrying him.

What an Ego this guy has. Legion is camped right underneath the main stadium for the olympics and its opening night.

So we make some calls and by we I mean Fragor as he has all the contacts with the races.

We gather the posse together.

The Merry Men
The Forgotten
The Damned
The Werewolves of London

Calling the Vamps first they suggest we meet in a warehouse set-up for daytime meeting. Everyone gathers and we discuss tactics. Not quite my strong suit but Sylas and Fragor love the stuff. We determine that I and a couple of other scouts get in to the stadium using Hobby’s tickets and gain access to underneath. Once in position I open a Portal and let everyone else in. Inside we are to split up and attack Legion (who has not moved from where I saw him) from multiple angles. The melee guys get in and hack at him using pack tactics while the shooters take pot shots. Anastasia and other act as support. Grim is to close off all the exists hopefully stopping Legion from leaving. We also contact Lord Dylan who agrees to close the area off from Teleporting out. We don’t want Legion from leaving the party too early after all.

It goes off almost with out a hitch.

Legion is waiting for us, “You have brought company.” he says.

“For we are many.” Fragor instantly replies. I think he was rehearsing that. But none the less it was effective. We all leap in and try to take him out. He is tough and very powerful. He almost gets a portal open right next to me but Fragor managed to counter it. He keeps trying but between Fragor and I we stop him.

The attacks go back and forth with no-one gaining the upper hand. Legion turns his attention to Fragor and nearly kills him. Pitt Dog goes berserk and almost rips Legion a new one. Somehow Rach the Scot gets a hold of Fragors sword. She twists and turns in a dance of flashing metal and blood as she slices and slashes her way through Legion. A last turn and she has Legion impaled. His flesh dissolves and turns to ash. We gather all we can up and dump it in the pine box Hobby bought.

Legion is dead.

Grim's Log
Entry 0X

{{This is a preliminary work, and may change if things need to be changed. There are things that might need to be corrected – such as names, spelling, etc. If so, please leave a comment with such}}

While investigating the Sanctum of Hobby I received a text message. It was from… A Specialist, that I know… I asked Steve to open a portal for me, taking me back to our Sanctum. He did. I hurried through, as I only had 15 minutes to meet up with the Specialist.

I went back to my apartment, which is where I normally meet up with the Specialist when he asks me to see him. Upon arrival, however, the Specialist was not there. There was, however, a woman known as Noob there, waiting for me. She told me that the Specialist was eager to meet me, so I followed her to the heliport on the roof, where the Specialist was waiting.

He greeted me the way he always did. With cold silence. He handed me a photo, from over a decade ago. It was the first photo that Morwen and I ever took together. He then proceeded to say
“We have a task for you. It is a task you may not wish to do. Knowing you will most likely be reluctant, and knowing you do not fear death as you once did… hold the photo up to the sky”

As I did he uttered the words “God kill Her” and a burning hole ripped through the photo, removing her from it. The photo never warmed up.

“If you do not undertake this assignment, you will never see her again. And you will never find the body. You will never be able to bring her back. I want you to bring me the artefact you know as Vampire-In-A-Can”

This infuriated me. I felt a surge of anger, rage, and energy flow through me. As I clenched my fist I could see dark spirals of energy whirl around me. The air quickened and it felt as if I was going to explode. Restraining the wrath I was feeling, I simply said

“I have been a loyal employee for years! You had no reason to doubt me. The only loyalty I have to the… companions… I have been working with is that it is a means to my ends. I do not trust them. And after this threat, I do not trust you!”

I was not aware that Noob had taken several steps away from me, and the Specialist had reached for his sidearm. I was not even aware that darkness had descended upon me and I was looking very… unnatural…

“And I am not as I once was, as you pointed out. I am master of death, and I am not afraid to take a life if it means protecting my loved ones! Angering me could significantly shorten your lifespan!”

I grinned, as I managed to suppress my rage.

“However, I have been given an assignment. And I shall fulfil the assignment as ordered. Just know that… should you threaten her in the future, your boss will need to find a new specialist”

The Specialist grinned at this. Before he could reply, I stated

“Oh, and I will need something that can erase memories. There was something used by a black ops group that erased the short term memories they had. I need 2 doses of this. Enough to erase the memories I have from this meeting, up until the job is done. The other dose needs to be potent enough to remove the memories from the person who has the item you seek.”

The Specialist looks surprised at this request. He chuckles though.

“I am impressed with you. What do you go by now… Grim. You have balls. Only a few years ago you would have never threatened me like that. Yes, we can provide you what you need. Once you have the artefact, place it in the secure lock-up we provided you at the First London National Bank.”

The task was simple enough. I had to steal an item from a ‘friend’ and give it to someone who had just threatened the love of my life. I had to do something to make sure that Steve could not read the memories of myself or of Anastasia and determine that I had something to do with it, and I had to make sure that there was nowhere that Sylas could use his abilities to view the past to determine what happened. This would be no mean feat. However, I already had an idea of how I would go about it.

I would call Anastasia, and tell her I have had an epiphany about who created the artefact, and why, and wanted to see her. I needed her to bring the Vampire-in-a-Can because there was something I needed to test. I did not want the others to know yet, until I had some concrete evidence, however. I would ask her to meet me somewhere our group has never been before, and would likely never go. Somewhere private, and out of the way. Maybe a cheap motel in an out-of-the-way part of London.

I would use my power over death to make myself appear dead, until such time as Anastasia attempts to resuscitate me. I would then shoot her with a tranquilliser dart and inject her with the short term memory loss compound. I would place her back in her car, call in one of my Goth contact’s and ask them to drive her to a car park, then leave her there. It would be a strange request to be sure, but not difficult.

I would then take the vampire-in-a-can to the bank for storage. I would then proceed to drive to a small village outside of London, and inject myself with the memory loss compound. This would erase all knowledge of the deed from my mind, as well as the threat made to Morwen. It is better that way.

I would not remember what I did, or why I was at the village, but having received a message from The Specialist soon following these events congratulating me on a job well done, I would not be too concerned. Yes, this was a good plan. I am sure it would work.

I call up Anastasia.

“’Stasia, this is Grim. I am staying at a motel on [street name]. Can you bring the item you are keeping safe for us. I have had an epiphany, and need to check on something. I believe I can find the maker of the items. However, I need to be sure what I have in mind will work. I do not want to get up the hopes of Steve and the others, or appear as a failure to them”

“Grim… I do not like being called ‘Stasia’, but yes, I can bring it. When do you have in mind? I can be there in a few hours”

“That will be just fine”

Great! It is going perfectly so far. I decide not to appear dead. I will just surprise her with the tranquilliser and go from there. It is less hassle, and the quicker this is done, the better! Several hours pass, and Anastasia arrives. She knocks at the door of the room I am staying in, and I bid her entrance. As she enters I give her a [drink she likes – assumed coffee] with sleeping pills dissolved into the drink – a tranquilliser gun would leave undesired traces and is significantly harder to get a hold of – and offer it to her.

As she drinks, I explain the ideas I have had – using the resonance of the artefact to call forth spirits that are tied to the item in some fashion. Then using these spirits to go forth and fetch whatever information they can from any spirits they can about the magician.

Anastasia does not seem to buy it. However, this doesn’t matter. I just need to make sure that she stays seated long enough for the sleeping pills to take effect. I should have mixed in more. It takes 45 minutes before she finally falls asleep. I inject the memory loss serum into her spinal cord, as I was instructed to do with it’s use.

I call up one of my Goth contacts. It seems I woke him up. He is not too happy. I ask him to come to my motel room, and explain the situation to him thusly: She is someone I once knew. She is not dead, and will not be harmed, but I need her to be dropped off at the indicated parking spot, in her own car, and left there. He needs to wait 30 minutes, then depart the motel room. He agrees to do this, but will someday want a favour back in return. Naturally.

I depart the motel, and take the pvc pipe to the bank for storage. They do not question me. So far everything is going according to plan. I am a little concerned that Steve and Sylas working together, with enough determination, will find me out. But I can not be concerned with that. If I kill her, then it will be much worse for me, and a lot harder to cover my tracks. I can not persuade anyone to take the wrap for me.

I decide I will not head to some remote village. It is more effort then I would, ultimately, like to undertake. I decide I will write myself a note, and email it to myself. It will tell me to call Morwen, and enquire as to how she has been lately and ask her if she would like to go see [insert metal band] in 2 weeks. Having sorted out my affairs, it was time to administer the memory loss serum to myself.

I wake up in the morning, unaware of anything I had done. I check my email, as I do first thing in the morning. I see an email from the Specialist. He congratulates me on a job well done. I call him to enquire as to what the job was, but it is not the Specialist that answers. It is Noob. I ask her what the job I had performed was. She tells me that due to my assistance I had brought down a terrorist cell that was going to wreck havoc at the opening of the Olympic games, but due to sensitive information I had gleamed my memory had to be erased. I feel very proud of myself about the task that had been undertaken, and am very happy with myself – though I will admit to being unnerved about needing my memory erased.

The second email I had in the morning, of relevance, was one from me to me. It tells me that I need to call Morwen, ask her how she is and if she has had a good week. It also tells me that I need to organise another date with her and that [insert name of metal band] is playing in [location] on [date a couple weeks from now]. I decide that I must certainly know better then me, and I probably emailed myself before my memory had been erased. I call up Morwen, and organise the date with her. She tells me she had really wanted to go, but could not afford tickets. After speaking with Noob again, I managed to get VIP tickets including backstage passes to meet the band. Morwen will be so very excited! Noob was displeased about me calling on them for such a menial task, when she was certain my own abilities would have been up to the task.

With these taken care of, I call the others. First is Fragor. I ask how he has been, and if he has managed to get in contact with the Vampires to return the vamp-in-a-can to them. [insert his response]. Interesting. It is exactly what I would have expected.

I call up Sylas, and ask him how he has been. He fills me in on his adventures while I have been gone. This is followed by Steve. He gets a little pissy with me for teasing him about his gargoyles and them wanting to get him stoned. Haha. He is, otherwise, in relatively good spirits. I still do not think he trusts me. Oh well. The feeling is mutual. But despite the absence of trust in the others, I can not help but care what happens to them. I think I am developing a friendship with them.

This could be bad for me, especially if I am to achieve all my goals. They will not be happy with all of them. Then again, they could be helpful. Hmm… I think the issue might simply be that I am unsure of what to expect. The last person I cared about in any fashion was Morwen. And I lost her. I have never felt love since Morwen, and I have never had friends… before Steve, Fragor, and Sylas.

Oh well, the future is yet to be written… or has it… Only time will tell what my future holds. Especially since Orpheus will not… Heh. Well, I must meet with my fellow coven members. It is time to put an end to Legion. Permanently.

Hobby's Home
is it raiding when you have permission?

What a weekend.

Apparently we are quite free to take what ever we want from the home of Hobby. It appears he kept a diary of sorts, some new years resolution maybe. Any ways we read it. How thoughtful are we. We just meet a guy and he gets whisked away, we presume he is dead and proceed to break in to his home and read his mst person thoughts. The things we do to keep knowledge alive.

Some time ago Hobby followed up on a rumour of a witch in Sherwood forest. He found her alright and a couple of arrows that just happened to be flying in his direction. This witch Scree also had a mirror that lets you see the future.
I am not sure if I have mentioned before just how much I hate messing with time.
So here we are going through his stuff which he says we can keep and also prompts us to go and see Scree.


Off to see the Witch in the Forest and some Changelings. They are pretty easy to find as we get lost quickly. We do find an area that oozes evil. Then some guy pops on out with a FREAKING BOW and proceeds to rob us. He is all dressed up in green as well. I think we found the Changelings. I pull out some Tass i gathered from our Hallow and place it on the ground. He annouces himself as Robin Hood, the leader of the Merry Men. A quick discussion follows and he agrees to show us the way to Scree’s home. On the way he introduces the rest of the Merry Men. Yeap each one follows the clique execpt Much the Millers Son, it’s a girl.

Soon we smell cooking Apple Pie by the scent. Screes home is um how do I put this, made of GINGERBREAD!!! She invites us inside and we start to speak of Hobby and what happened to him. Sylas of-course wants to look at the mirror. I am not sure what he saw but he turned and looked at Scree sheepishly and said sorry.

Whatever man.

She know little of Legion but we do show here the IAC’s we have. She goes over them for a while and discovers how they can be destroyed. Here we tell Robin how one of their own died after disappearing. They have agreed to help face Legion down when we call.

Fragor has come up with another great idea. (He has good ideas but is just crappy at naming things).

more too come…

Grim's Diary
Entry 02

We step through the portal, and find ourselves in the middle of a very public, somewhat crowded park. I am a little unnerved at this, as Steve had decided to take us to the entrance of the place we were at, back above the stairwell. Perhaps Sylas ties with Fate intervened.

Yeah I got no idea how this happened either. -Steve

When we turn around my heart skips several beats as I am face to face with Morwen. She is even more beautiful then the last time I seen her. Her pale skin, her raven hair. I almost collapse from the sheer splendor of her. I am fortunate that Fragor, as usual, opens his mouth. It always snaps me back to reality… unfortunately…

It seems that Morwen is a Geist. I was not aware of this when we were but young kids in love. It makes me wonder if she felt anything, or if it was just her spirit companion. Or perhaps it was a bit of both. Either way, she asks for an explanation and takes us to her companion Geist. We explain everything to them. Legion. The other supernatural entities. They vow to help us bring down Legion when the time comes. I talk to Morwen a little and organise a dinner date in my appartment with her.

We kind of did a few more things around this time. Morwen was kind enough to invite us to meet the rest of her gang (or whatever the collective noun for a group of Giest is). Well we get in Morwen’s van and she drives us around to a carpark (I think). An who do I find there but Norah O’Neil. I think someone has been holding out (besides me that is). So we discover that they had found the Giest-in-a-Can, but had it stolen by a BIRD. A BIRD. Seriously! Now this I got to heard more about and Norah reluctantly reveals their bad luck. -Steve

During the week I spend time studying. Studying. And more studying. Deciding that a job, especially one that makes use of my necromantic talents, would be good for me. A cover, if nothing else. Monday and Wednesday nights I go out clubbing, put the word out with my contacts that I am looking to set up a meeting with the vampires. I do not know if many of my Goth friends are even aware of the real vampires, but it couldn’t hurt. After all, I was ejected from one club. Tuesday and Thursday nights I spend the night in ritual practice in an effort to master my ability to destroy objects.

Friday comes around, and I am so excited. I preorder the food, a gorgeous roast meal. We eat by candle-light, champagne, the works. We spend hours talking, and laughing. The topics eventually fall onto what happened in our lives. Morwen seems very curious about how I can afford to live in a penthouse, and how I became a mage.

I explain that I work for a group. I basically hunt cyber criminals and other… things… where needed. They pay for everything I need. If I need to stay somewhere, I turn up and get a room provided for me. If I need a car, I get the best of what is in the area. I walk into any major clothing retailer and walk out with what I am after. I always found it odd that any established retailer seemed to be all too eager to provide what I need.

She found this as strange, and amusing as I did. We talked about her past, and the adventures she got up to. She noticed I was trying to change the subject and prodded at how I became a mage. I relented and told her the story. She kissed my cheek and told me how she became a Geist. Becoming a little… scared, I think… of the closeness and the sparks that had rekindled themselves she decided to head home. I made the offer for her to stay if she wanted, I would sleep on the couch, but she declined. As she left, she kissed me on the cheek and told me to call her.

The next day I get woken up in the morning, having had very little sleep the night before due to being up all night thinking of her, due to Fragor and his mysterious Jack in the Mirror (box). Fragor first encountered him earlier in the week, when we were in the police station. Some mirror trap that inverts you or takes you to an alternate dimension. I am not sure which. But the same trick was used in a disney movie. It is actually quiet a good movie.

At any rate, when I arrive there is a rune on a piece of paper they have. Apparently it was tied around a bird. I neglected to tell Sylas that a bird crapped on his shoulder. I assumed he knew. This rune asked us to meet someone – who was aware of us and of Legion – by the Stoned Ladies. The name of the town they are near escapes me. Once we arrived I decided to get some scotch, and some cola, and walk to the Ladies and celebrate the night before – even if no one wanted to join me!

There was this strange bird there, I offered it some scotch. It declined the invitation. After sunset, the others arrived. Then our mysterious friend did. Hobby. Naturally. But before he was able to shake Fragor’s hand he vanished. The ominous chanting, which sounded like the chanting I heard in the vision of one of the previous supernatural killings, made me instantly believe that it was the Legionaires with their Mage in a Can. Fucking Mage in a Can. I swear it is the last thing Fragor names.

I fully concur with this. Fragor, your naming rights have bee revoked! -Steve

Steve instantly starts trying to scry for Hobby while Fragor attempts to dispel the magic. Both attempts fail. We search his stuff and Steve tries again with the keys he finds. He opens a portal to Hobby’s house. We go through.

Once at Hobby’s house, Fragor points out we have both Geist and Changeling in a Can. We all start looking for ways in, except Fragor who scours the other items in the bag to determine their properties.

I got to make a small comment here. One item found in Hobby’s bag was a can that had been enchanted with Emotional Urging. The perfect opportunity to name it something-in-a-can. So what does he call it? Pheromones. -Steve

I decide to break through one of the windows. I blast it, and blast it, and blast it. I can feel the forces of entropy flow around me and through me. It is almost overpowering, like standing in a hurricane, as I channel enough entropy through me that I should have been able to make a mountain crumble. Even Reality is unable to touch me through the aura of entropy I am sure is clearly visible around me by this point. No matter what I was unable to break it.

It is only when Steve finally tells me to stop, and Sylar manages to open the door, that I notice my shoes and socks have melted to the ground, and half my pants are missing. Maybe Reality was able to do something after all.

What really happened was that while Grim was attempting to rot the whole house down. The Sylas and I took a look around. The keys from Hobby’s bag fit the door but only opened a panel on the wall that contained a Magical silver Metal. Right. An ancient biometric lock. Brilliant. It was only after Sylas attempted to climb to the roof on a ladder that broke and cut his hand that we thought of the idea of mages blood. Turns out this was the key we needed. Good going Sylas. -Steve

Upon investigation of Hobby’s house we found a laboratory, a Library that mostly stocked books concerning Alchemy, Ornithology and Political History and a rather detailed, complex Scriptorium.

((The game mechanics for the contents of his house are: A 3 dot Laboratory. A 3 dot Library. A 9 dot Scriptorium with 5 dots in subjects resulting in Life, Matter, Mind, Forces, Time and 4 dots in depth))

Grim's Diary
Entry 01

No sooner do we get back to London from our little adventure in the bubble of time, giving the remnants of a major artifact to Lord Laviticus, do we stumble – once again – upon Orpheus.

This old man, an arch-mage of Time no less, decided that his shop would occupy the same space as our sanctum, though in a different time. Or perhaps it was simply chance. It is beyond my ability to understand at this point.

It seems, while I do not know what exactly happened in the time bubble, as I can not recall it, I appear to be significantly more obsessive over everything now. I have this urge to continue at a task until I succeed, or I am stopped. Failure at the task at hand makes me very depressed, but success fills me with a joy that very few could ever know.

Forgive me, I digress.
Despite my failure to understand how his shop moves through time, or randomly appears, it is a goal of mine to uncover the secrets Orpheus possesses. Such could only ever help benefit my mastery of the deathly magics.

Orpheus tells us that he knows the location to Legion. I am the first to jump at the chance to take down this ancient evil before he becomes too powerful. After being given a crossbow from Orpheus, and grabbing the 10 gauge shotgun plus several extra shells (totaling 6 dragons-breath rounds and 6 standard shells), we disembark from our rooftop, and head to… well… to be frank, I am not too sure what it was. It seemed to be an ancient part of the underground rail network. Though I may be wrong. Note to self: research what exactly it was.

We continue down into the dark, using torches where necessary, until we come to a stair well. We carefully descend, noting that it is in relatively poor condition, when at the bottom we come to a door, that is open. Through the door, past the gap, we see Orpheus unconscious on the ground, and Legion by his side. I move as quickly as I can to help Orpheus. He is the only mage I trust. The others keep secrets from me, but Orpheus is a part of my future!

After making sure that Orpheus is alright, I turn to engage Legion who has jumped through a portal created by Steve, and transformed into wolf form. Knowing my shotgun rounds will not hurt him, and not wanting to waste the dragons-breath rounds on anything but vampires, I decide that the best thing I could do would be to bring down the stairs above Legion by destroying the support beams.

I charge over to the main support beam for that side, and start channeling the awesome power I control into it – pure death, decay, and entropy. It takes almost a minute before my power is enough to bring it down, and it collapses. It is only after this event, whereupon I am rescued, that I am informed Legion teleported away a good while before I brought the stairs down. I wish someone had told me, they know how OCD I can be lately. I get the feeling something bad happened in the tunnel.

Sorry Grim, I stole your diary and I feel I need to make some updates. So what happened while Grim was bringing down the house was that Legion and I started grappling. Now this was a dumb idea by me admittedly but I had a plan. Kind of. I managed to draw my sword and attempted to stab the vile creature with it. But thought I should have a go at Legion first. It kind of didn’t work too well. Hell even Sylas had a shot at him. This turned out to be a great idea as Legion turned to go after Sylas, through the portal I had created. Just as Legion was about to grab him I cut the Portal off. Unfortunately Legion was prepared somehow and blinked out. bastard. So we wake up Orpheus get the hell out out here.
Nameless or Steve to some

Steve decides that he is too lazy to walk out, and doesn’t trust my spirit gate, so he creates a portal outside – though, I do find it odd that the Guardian has done more vulgar magic then any of us has.


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