The Seer Journal

The Journal from the Righteous Path


The journal found on the 13th floor of Bucklebury House.

Entry #1017

Azazel has given us instructions. We shall revive the spirit Legion and unleash him onto the world. Azazel has provided us with six enchanted items. Each will summon a supernatural creature to be consumed by Legion. Legion is then to be unleashed at the opening ceremony of the XXX Olympics. Where he shall consume millions of people.

Entry 1047

We have located a newly awakened Banisher. After we used the first enchanted item, we were told to make sure the Banisher finds it.

Entry 1053

The Banisher has been killed. A new cabal has been formed and given a Sanctum nearby. Although they are not yet named, Azazel tells us to be weary of them. He tells us that he wants this cabal to get their hands on each enchanted item after it has been used.

Entry 1054

The puppet “Vampire” has lost the second item. Azazel has instructed us to give him our book of rotes. Azazel has given Muse seperate instructions. Mrs Adams doesn’t like that her lover has been given seperate instructions. Mrs Adams doesn’t trust Azazel.

Entry 1059

The third item has been used. Azazel has taken it from us. He says Muse will get it into the hamds of the enemy Cabal. Muse has not shown for a while.

In addition we have managed to turn a lord of the council. He has begun pushing for seperate councils governing smaller areas. This will make it easier to bring down.

Entry 1063

The fourth Item has been used. Muse returns and gives us news. The enemy cabal is called The Knights Errant. Arrogant fucks. The cabal has got the second item. She tells us to get in touch with the Hunters and take the second item back from them.

Entry 1067

The Hunters failed, useless sleepers. They don’t even know they work for us. Another group got the fourth item before the cabal. Muse tells us that it doesn’t matter, the cabal is on the chasing the bait now. Stace is told to sell Legions box on eBay.

I shall place a ward at the entrance of the building, just in case the cabal finds us.

Entry 1069

The fifth item is used and the box has sold. It is close now. We still need to get the second. We are instructed to apply some pressure on the Hunters.

Entry 1072

The Pentacle scum that bought Legions box also has the fourth and fifth items. It is expected that he will contact the cabal.

Entry 1075

The sixth item has been used. It was the Pentacle scum that was consumed. The cabal now has all of the but the second item. The Hunters finally managed to get their hands on the second item.

Entry 1078

The second item has been used. Muse has told us the dog Fragor will be using his allies. They should be able to defeat him.

Entry 1079

Legion is defeated. They have no idea that that was the goal the whole time. Pentacle mages are idiots.

We have begun planning on how to tear this new council appart.

Entry 1132

The council meets tonight for the first time. Muse will be there.

Entry 1140

We are trying to form a rift between the Knights Errant and the Pendragons Swords. They are beginning to tear each other appart. It doesn’t take much, but now the two werewolf packs know of each other, they were easy to manipulate. They will be at war and drag their allies into it.

Entry 1153

Plans are continuing. Everything is following the devine guidance. The Knights Errant have to have to give the Pendragons Swords Tass evey month. Hans will start disrupting that. When they fall apart it will be….

Shit the Ward! They are Here! How did they find us?

The Seer Journal

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