The various In-A-Can range


Each look almost identical. Each are a foot long, 1" pvc pipe with a cap on one end. Most have some blue plumbers goop around the cap. All but the Vampire-in-a-Can are the usual white PVC. The Vampire-in-a-Can has been painted red by Gabe Love of The Damned, after it was found after one of their concerts.



Found by the Mage, Hobby at the Nine Ladies.
Activation Phrase: “I don’t believe in fairies”
Summoned: Unknown Changeling
Currently Located: Given to Robin Hood of the Merry Men


Found by the Geist, Morwen Bevan. Was subsequently stolen by the Mage Hobby.
Activation Phrase: “I ain’t affraid of no ghost”
Summoned: Vinnie “Lucky” Filipi
Currently Located: Given to Norah O’Neil of the Ghostlyband


Found in a ditch near Castlecrigg Stone circle. Near Kesswick.
Activation Phrase: “You’re a Wizard Harry”
Summoned: Hobby
Currently Located: Currently held by Fragor of the Knights Errant.


Found by the Anastasia of the Knights Errant at Ector Rose Farm. Which was run by the Blue Rose cult.
Activation Phrase: “It’s Alive!”
Summoned: Diva
Currently Located: Held by The Forgotten


Given to the Mysterious One, a wannabe Vampire. The Mysterious One lost it at a The Damned by Gabe Love. Gabe later gave it to Fragor of the Knights Errant.
Activation Phrase: “I Vant to Suck Your Blood”
Summoned: Unknown
Currently Located: Stolen from Anastasia, location is unknown.


Found by the banisher Robert Goodwin. Was used to summon a werewolf that killed three boys. Was subsequently discovered by Nameless of the Knights Errant.
Activation Phrase: “Here Boy”
Summoned: Gwen Miller and Little Pauly
Currently Located: Held by Boss of the Werewolves of London.


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