Legion has absorbed the Werewolf Gwen Miller, the Promethean Angel, the Changeling Much the Millers Son, the Geist Vinnie Filipi, the Mage Hobby and the Vampire Honey.


Legions Poetry

Legion mad a Poetic phone call to each PC

Fragor (Wednesday)

My dearest, sweetest Fragor
For it is you that I adore
When the candle is lit
I shall be inclined to sit
In my private little hole
And feast upon your sole

Grim (Thursday)

I knew a man that was so Grim,
All he cared about was sin
Soon, all he will know is fear.
Morwen will never, ever hear
From him, the words “I love you”
I shall help him face his Ankou

Nameless (Friday)

To the man without a name
The one with a little fame
This call, you will no doubt track
And you shall find my little crack
I will complete what was started
You will become the dearly, departed

Sylas (Tuesday)

One man can only say “Alas”
To the man called Sylas
You have failed to save the five
Failed to stop my little hive
After that number becomes, six
I will use your bones for tooth picks


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