Ankou (Grim)



Name: Grim
Path: Moros
Order: The Mysterium
Faction: Bricoleurs
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Cabal: Knights Errant


Int: 4 Strength: 1 Presence: 2
Wits: 2 Dexterity: 2 Manipulation: 2
Resolve: 2 Stamina: 1 Composure: 4
Gnosis: 3 Wisdom: 5

Skills and Merits

Academics O
Computer OOOO Hacking
Craft O Mortician
Investigation O
Occult OOO Arcane Items
Science OO Physics
Drive O
Firearms O
Larceny O
Survival OO
Stealth OO
Animal Ken
Intimidation O
Persuasion O
Socialise O
Streetwise O
Subterfuge OO
High Speech O
Fast Reflexes OO
Eidetic Memory OO
Destiny O
Luxury OO
Sanctum (Security) O Shared
Allies O Goths London
Contacts O Goths London
Imbued Item – Ankou Robe OO
Imbued Item – Untraceable Smart Phone O


Size: 5
Defense: 2
Initiative Modifier: 8
Speed: 9
Health: 7
Willpower: 6


Level: 5

  • Fixation
  • Narcissism


Death OOO
Mind OO
Forces OO
Matter O


Death Forensic Gaze O Knowing Instant Concentration Covert Intelligence + Medicine + Death 7
Death Grim Sight O Unveiling Instant Prolonged (One Scene) Covert Wits + Occult + Death 8
Death Corpse Mask OO Veiling Instant Lasting Covert Intelligence + Subterfuge + Death 9
Death Destroy Object OOO Fraying Instant Lasting Covert Resolve + Crafts / Science + Death 5
Matter Dark Matter O Unveiling Instant Prolonged (One Scene) Covert Intelligence + Occult / Science + Matter 8
Death Ring Sight O Unveiling Instant Prolonged (One Scene) Covert 1 Mana Death + Wits + Occult 8

Untraceable Smart Phone


Grim was always a special child. He was born with an eidetic memory and was speaking before his 1st birthday. By the time he was 7 he was already doing the work of 12 year olds. This made his adolescence very difficult. His only companions were the authors of great books such as Stephen Hawking. Despite this, however, Grim had a relatively comfortable child hood. Both parents worked and the household would be considered textbook normal otherwise.

When Grim was 12 a family moved in next door. It was the Bevan family. Grim never did get the names of the guardians, but he got their charge’s name. Her name was Morwen. Morwen Bevan, an orphan being cared for by her aunt and uncle – her mother died and her father’s location is unknown, if he is even still alive. Grim fell in love with her at first sight. She was 2 years older then Grim was, and it was the first time he had ever been exposed to the “Goth” subculture. He was also the only person in Morwen’s life that seemed to be as mature as she was, and never even thought twice about what she was. She was simply Morwen to him, and this earned Grim her affections.

At the Age of 13 Grim had attained his Highschool Equivalency. He spent the next 12 months getting to know Morwen better, helping her with her highschool work without judging, and preparing to enter University the following year.

By the age of 15 Grim was well on the path of achieving high university level qualifications. He had enrolled to undertake Undergraduate degrees in Parapsychology, Science (specifically, both Physics and Chemistry degrees), and Computer Science, with Masters level degrees in the Occult, Physics, and Network Security (read: Hacking and Cyber Defence). It wasn’t until Grim was 21 that he graduated. Even his own teachers doubted if Grim could truely handle the work load, especially when his girlfriend of 2 years was forced to move away when her and her family moved.

With the graduation ceremony behind him, Grim had attained gainful employment before his 22nd birthday. Specifically working for the London police force in Cyber Crimes. During the next few years Grim would focus almost exclusively on his work, not finding time for love interests. In truth, he never really recovered from the loss of his first love. Such is the way of the truely genius though.

When Grim did find time off he was either being brought in as a specialist by MI6, or visiting the local goth clubs and mingling with the only people he ever felt comfortable around. Secretly he hoped he might meet Morwen. He never did.

At 25 he was approached by a man known as The Recruiter. He claimed to work for The Phoenix Institute. An organisation you have never heard of, that works at an international level. He would be a specialised task force member tasked with hunting down cyber-terrorist organisations. Everything he needed would be provided for him, and his budget would be virtually limitless. The downside: He would not exist.

During the 3 month orientation, which Grim does not remember, he was indoctrinated into the organisation while a sophisticated removalist team erased all recollection of his existance from all databases – both digital and physical. A new cover identity was also established in its place, that would make it easier for Grim to pursue his assignments, even if they entailed field work, without worrying about compromising himself or his organisation.

At the age of 27 Grim was in a major car accident. He was persuing the leader of a cyber-terrorist organisation in a high speed car chase when the man he was chasing threw caltrops behind his car, designed to penetrate the tyres of any following vehicle. They did just that, but Grim was fortuante enough to stop safely. Unfortunately for him, there was a semi-trailer driven by another member of the organisation behind him which slammed into Grim’s car and that sent Grim head long into a light pole. Assuming he was dead, the semi-trailer continued on its way.

Grim experienced a disembodiment where he was traveling through a haze and seen a great edifice in front of him. He approached this building, and as he gets closer his recollection starts to fade. He knows he interacted with it, and felt a surge of awakening. A bright flash of light, and screams… or was it wailing sirens. Grim sits up, and realises he is in hospital. The doctors have said he was undamaged. Not a single scratch. They just couldnt wake him, and thought he was in a coma.

Outside his bedroom window is a tall man, with a very tight appearance, as if too little skin was pulled over too much bone. Grim thought he was one of his goth friends for a moment. But just a moment. The height, and the scythe in the… man’s… hand made it obvious that this person was not someone Grim knew. He stared at Grim for a moment, before turning to walk away.

After being discharged from hospital Grim was approached by a representative. The name escapes him, perhaps as a result of the recent trauma, but this man claimed to be part of an organisation known as The Mysterium. They would offer to teach Grim all the things he ever wanted to know. It was only until after Grim’s acceptance of the chance to gain even more knowledge that he really found out what and who the Mysterium were.

From this point on Grim’s life would never be the same.

Ankou (Grim)

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