Archmaster of Fate


Fortune is an Archmaster of Fate, and Adept of Time and Prime, and a Disciple of Life and Apprentice of Space.

Fortune lets Fate take its course, and lets the winds of chance guide him through life. Five years ago Fortune set out to learn the secrets of the Space Arcanum. With a small amount of understanding he set out to travel as far as he could in order to learn more. His travels took him as far as Svalbard. He is has found himself in a cabin in Nordvest-Spitsbergin National Park. His experience with the Life Arcanum has allowed him to survive for the last two years but he has grown tired of the snow.

During his time in Norway, he has learnt a lot about Norse Mythology. He has come to the conclusion that Asgard may well be Atlantis. If he can find artifacts that would prove the myth to be true, than he could discover Asgard.

He has found a Mage in London that he has foreseen to help him. He has started manipulating the strings of Fate to pull the Mage to Norway and on to Valhalla.


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