Gathering Shadows

The Living City

On our way to the council meeting with Lord Dylan, we stopped by the sanctum of the Pendragons Swords and were introduced to the members. Fragor and I spoke at length with Tome, the lorekeeper. She was quite keen on asking for our assistance with an investigation and we agreed to help.

Lord Dylan eventually took us to the meeting, and to be perfectly honest not much was said that we all didn’t know and I found it quite dry. I was keen however to speak to The Blind Path, the Adamantine Arrow cabal within the Square Mile Council and wished for the meeting to hurry itself up.

When it did eventually finish, I made a beeline over to where the members of The Blind Path were standing and greeted them. After brief introductions with the members I weren’t familiar with, I proceeded to ask them about finding a Tracker, more commonly known as a member of the House of Ariadne, as their ability to find anything or anyone within their resident city was the stuff of legends within the Adamantine Arrow.

I learned that no one really knew where the House was in London, however they knew there was one as Trackers had just happened to turn up when they needed their assistance as if they knew it was of the direst need. I thanked them for their time and rejoined my cabal members as we returned to the sanctum of the Pendragons Swords.

From there Nameless and I went with Tome, Joker and Cymbeline Hand to a construction site which had been reported as haunted. By chance, Nameless and I explored the fourth floor and found the scene of the haunting almost immediately. Looking back in time, I saw the construction worker experience something supernatural and related this to Nameless.

We waited for the others to arrive and told them that the haunting happened here. Tome found an axe with a spirit inside and decided that they should take it back to their sanctum to investigate. Nameless and I walked back to our sanctum side tracking ourselves at the pubs and bars in between in an attempt at Nameless to learn a little bit about Fate.

Waking up the next morning a little dusty, we all returned to the Pendragons Swords sanctum to find out what they had learned about the axe. The spirit inside was named Executioner. Fragor assisted in evaluating the artifact and then we left them, wishing them well in their investigation and cautioning them not to do anything silly with the axe.

During the week I turned my attentions to finding the House of Ariadne. Wandering the streets of London trusting to my luck to find them turned out to be the right play. After three and a half days of aimless searching I was ready to give up. Feeling tired and footsore, I sat down at a cafe and ordered. Not soon after my drink arrived, an attractive woman sat down at the table opposite me and spoke.

“I hear you have lost something. Maybe I can help you find it,” she said.

“My something is more of a someone, but yes, I would like the help.”

She closed her eyes for a couple of seconds, before opening them and saying, “You have drawn the attention of my House, and good Trackers are in high demand. Would you consider learning our ways?”

“You want to teach me?” I asked incredulously.

She nodded. “Our House occasionally looks for new talent and you have left your mark on this city, and we have seen the signs. That’s what led me to you. You aren’t quite ready yet, but one day you will be.” She wrote down an address on the back of her business card and handed it to me. “You will find me here when you are.”



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