Gathering Shadows

The Final Straw

The house shook and I knew instantly that something was up. I diverted my attention away from the street and focused on the life forms inside the house. Ankou’s life signature had become solid again. He’d come out of the twilight inside the house!

In my head, the clock started ticking. I feared the worst was about to happen.

With a sudden magically enhanced burst of speed, I crashed through the front door and sprinted up the stairs to see Ankou clutching the window sill, a massive hole where the floor used to be, and a determined looking member of his former organisation about to put a bullet through him.

Without hesitation, years of training kicked in and with one smooth action, I drew my sword and dropped through the hole, slicing downwards in a massive overhand sweep, very nearly cutting the gunwoman in two.

The rumblings of the house became more pronounced and with a series of crashes began falling down around me. I managed to dive outside before the whole lot came down behind me.

I stood up and surveyed the wreckage. Where the house once stood was now a mound of rubble, two very faint human life forms within. I searched within the house for Ankou, finding him deathly pale and quickly rushed him to the car, then started driving back to the sanctum. As we moved away, I felt the woman’s life slip away and frustration made me pound the steering wheel.

On the way, I called Fragor to appraise him of the situation. He hung up without a word. I also called Anastasia and told her to meet me at the sanctum – it was an emergency.

I arrived a short time later and dragged the unconscious and bleeding Ankou onto his bunk and began stabilising his condition. Anastasia arrived a short time later and began seeing to his injuries.

Fragor turned up and demanded a full run down, he wasn’t impressed at all. I think we have reached a breaking point.



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