Gathering Shadows


I'm Back

So where was I last.

I had just returned from my training to find the Cabal in bother. Ankou had killed… again… and again.


To summarise, Ankou had found himself to be arrested (I am not sure why) and to escape he had the wonderful thought of fusing the accelerator of the cop car he was in to the floor and destroy the cops seatbelts. Everyone died. Ankou managed to come back however.
We had a small talking to Ankou on this and his general behaviour. I mentioned quite firmly that his actions no matter what they were reflected on the Cabal as a whole. The Council left it up to us to arrange for a suitable punishment. He must save an equal number of lives as he took without the use of magic. He swore to us that he will not kill again.
The Cabal had discovered that the Pendragon Swords may be corrupted and have allied themselves to a Pure Werewolf pack. This is something that the Werewolves of London do not like.
The Cabal also discovered King Arthurs other Sword.
Well it seems they can be very productive when I am away. All I need to do is put them on the right path. This I can do.

What else.

Oh yeah. Ankou killed again. Another Cop this time, accidentally. What happened was that we were tracking down the thefts that had been occurring around the Sanctum in a fairly precise circle. We followed them to a building bordering both ours and the Pendragon Swords territories. There was a fairly powerfully enchanted coin stuck to the road just opposite the building. it was Ankou, Sylas and myself that were there. I make an anonymous call to the cops of suspicious activity in the building we are watching. One cop arrives to check it all out. He knocks but there is no answer. He wonders back to his car. Meanwhile Ankou go to break in to the place thinking the cop had gone. He had not and saw Ankou attempt the break-in. He then did what cops do best and chased Ankou down an alley. What happened next I can only piece together from the aftermath. Ankou opened a portal to the Shadow realm but I think something went wrong as a lot, and I mean a lot of Wraiths started to appear. The cop freaked out and started shooting. Ankou somehow managed to draw the cop into the Shadowrealm and the Wraiths had a feast. Ankou meanwhile had been knocked out. It was up to Sylas and me to pull both the cop and Ankou out. The portal closed but the cop was already dead an Ankou out cold. At this stage I descided to keep the cops death from the Cabal. I needed to give Ankou a chance to redeam himself and this additional death could only harm him and by extension the Cabal. After Sylas left with Ankou I got rid of the body out in the ocean.

This still weighs heavily on my conscious.



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