Gathering Shadows

Lessons Learnt

We finally get inside Castle Richard only for to really want to be somewhere else. It is an itch that I can not scratch. “There is something wrong guys. I don’t think I should be here.”

“What do you mean?” Fragor asks.

“Sorry guys. I have to go…somewhere.”

“Again, what do you mean?”

“I don’t understand.” says Ankou.

“I don’t understand either Grim.” I say.

“Ankou.” replies Ankou.

“Ankou.” I correct myself.

I feel a small spell being cast. “Is something pulling you?” asks Sylas.

“Yes. But I don’t know what. I just need to be somewhere else.”

“Fuck that.” Fragor interrupts. “We just got here and now you need to fuck off? This is important. You know what? You can go.”

“Whoa,” Sylas butts in. “Um guys, we have a problem. This hallway is full of bad things happening.”

“I can death gate us around it if we need.” Ankou offers.

“No.” we all answer at the same time.

“I’ll make you a portal to the end of the hallway but then I really need to go.” With that I pull at the edges of Space, reach out the the other end of he hallway and bring it toward me. The spaces merge and a portal opens. Everyone but me steps through. “I’ll catch up as soon as I can. I shouldn’t be too long.” With that I release the portal. I can just see them at the end of the hallway talking to each other. Fragor looks back and turns away first. Ankou follows and Sylas gives me a quick wave.

But where do I need to go? The urge is there but I can not see where I need to go? I look back at the rest of my Cabal leaving and the sight of Sylas gives me some inspiration. Maybe Fate should decide where I go.I pull out the coin that I have been practising to learn Fate with. Rolling it between my thumb and forefinger I let my mind wonder. The itch is still there. I focus on it, follow it. I let it guide me.

I see a room. A small room with two windows and one door. In it sits a person somehow familiar to me. I can feel the thin connection and recognise it as the source of my itch. I drop the coin and a portal opens. As I close the portal behind me the person rises. They are dressed in a old hooded cloak and is wearing a feline mask. “Nothing is real. Everything is allowed.” Her whisper gives her sex away. Her voice is familiar.

“Your the one who said you would train me.”


“Train me is what?”

“To see the world around you. See how it is all connected. See how you can change it. I am to teach you to be see and be unseen.”

“I don’t think I understand.

“And nor should you my apprentice.”

I sigh, “Look the catty Palpatine act is not going to work for me.”

Her whole posture drops. “Oh thank god for that.” She says as she removes her mask. “I hate the whole no-one must know who we are bit.”

“So who are you then?” I ask.

“Oh I can’t tell you that. You got to work that out for yourself. For now you can call me either Master or ”/campaigns/gathering-shadows-2012/characters/roswell" class=“wiki-content-link”>A. I am going to call you… ummm…"

“How about Steve. Seems to work for everyone else.”

“Oh I know. I’ll call you Bob. So Bob do you know why you are here?”

“I believe you brought me here.”

“That’s right. I did. Man am I good at that. Gotta be subtle. Lesson one. Be subtle. Write that down.” I look around for something to write. “So you coming or what?” A asks standing by the open door. Time for your first lesson."

“I am just trying to find a pen to…” I do not get to finish the sentence as A walks out the door in to a bright sunny day. I run to catch up.

“So what we gottta do today is see what you don’t know.” She says while walking. We are in the suburbs but I do not know what city or even what country. I can not read the street signs so I know we are not in England any more and I feel it would be rude to use magic to find out.

“You mean what I do know right?”

“Sure. Right we are here. What I want you to do is find out who runs this place. See ya.” And then she left me in the middle of god knows where to find out who runs this area? How the hell am I going to do that? I think of plans only to discard them just as quickly. Nothing is going to help. So I start wondering around the area. Looking at the people around me. People engrossed in their own tasks occasionally glancing at me as they go by. I spend the day just walking. Occasionally I read the auras of those around me. There is suspicion and distrust everywhere I look. What is wrong with this place? I find a park and sit on a bench watching the people go by. Something is definitely wrong here. But I dare not ask. A said that we must see but be unseen.

It is then that I remember a line from a science magazine I read in a Doctors waiting room. ‘The very act of observing changes that which is being observed.’ Maybe my very presence here is stopping me from seeing what is going on.

I wrap anonymity around me like a shawl but it is late and there are less and less people around. A walks over just as the sun sets.

“There was a wonderful shoe sale on just over there. I think I just saved myself about $300. So Dave, what have you discovered?”

“I thought you were calling me Bob?” She looks at me like I am the confused one. “Being here changes what I see.”

“So don’t be here. Well I’ll see you tomorrow maybe. You should find a room or something. Gets cold around here.”

“what you mean I am to stay here?”

“Well duh, you haven’t found out who runs this place yet. I’ll come back when you do.” And again she walks away leaving me in bewilderment. It is not too hard to find a room even if the attendant was rude and I had to almost force him to let me a room for a few days. In the morning I again hide myself from the world and head out. For hours I walk the area. Through shops, parks and cafĂ©’s. Past families, couples and loners. Nothing I see tells me that anyone is running the place. The strain of hiding myself drains me. Just before heading back to the room I try to read the auras of those around me while hiding. I see less suspicion and more fear, less distrust and more depression. there is something going on here but I am tired and head back to the room to sleep. Maybe tomorrow I will have more luck.

The next day is much the same. I decide to follow someone to see if that will help. No joy there.

The days seem to repeat on themselves. My luck needs to change soon.

Luck. Maybe that is the key. I have not yet finished my training with Sylas in the magic’s of Fate. Or have I? Was it Fate that helped me to find A? It must have been. Less order not more may help here. Use Chaos to find the Order of things. Chaos be gets Order.

In the morning I do my normal ritual to help remain unseen for the day. Out the door flip a coin to determine which direction to go. I let my mind and sight wonder aimlessly. I turn at random and completely loose myself in the township of the suburb. For half the day I walk, eating when I need to. At about 3pm I find I have stopped out the front of a laundromat. I can not decide what direction to turn. even spinning around and pointing I find myself facing the laundromat. Finally I flip a coin to go either left or right. It flashes in the air as it spins. The clinking sound it makes when it hits the cement is loud in my ears. I can feel the ebbs of Fate flowing around me and the coin. The coin rolls away from me and falls into a narrow crack in the cement becoming wedged on its edge. I am to stay here it seems.

I spend the rest of the day watching the laundromat and the people coming and going. A number of people including some cops seem to enter and leave without bags however. This appears to be a front of some kind. Drugs? The auras show a strong level of fear on people both leaving and exiting. I need to find out what is going on.

“Remember, see but be unseen.” A near scares me to death as she sits down next to me. “Well you found the place but what to do next, hmm? You still have not found who runs the place. Just where it could be run from. Right. Lesson one, do without doing.” She then pats me on the back and walks away again. Do without doing? how the hell do you do something without actually doing it?

I refresh my mind and stay to watch the laundromat. At about 3am I see three people I have not seen throughout the day leaving the place. I follow them. I feel these are the people that have the control. Getting closer to them I notice that they have similar faces. Brother perhaps? One I can feel has awakened but has a taint on his soul. This Mage has a responsibility to protect his flock and instead he seeks to control them. I can sense that his powers are just developing but his lifestyle and apparent goals show me the need to stop him. On the second day of watching this man, whom I call Jack, I find him waiting for one of his brothers, I call him Bill, to go to work. Bill walks out his front door with a woman. I notice Jacks aura shift to jealousy and desire. I have found the key to their destruction. I touch Jacks mind and urge his feelings of desire to grow. While I continue to follow them both I gently increase the lust in Jacks mind his jealousy of his brother grows on its own accord. It grows to maddening levels. Jack finds a way to leave and following him he makes his way to Bills. Shortly after I hear screams coming from inside. Scrying I can see Jack taking what he wants from Bills girl. Her sobs quieten while he finishes. Looking down he sees what he has done. A look of shock crosses his face and he runs from the room. The girl pulls the bloody sheet around her and manages to make it over to the phone. Her broken jaw makes it difficult to speak but she tells Bill everything. Jack is in the bathroom attempting to wash away his actions. Shortly after Bill and Tom (the other brother) run down the street. I can feel the anger emanating from Bill. I touch his mind and encourage it.I then touch Toms mind and find his desire to protect his family. I grab this and twist it to focus on protecting Jack from Bill.

Bill smashes his way inside pulling the gun I suspected he carried. I hear Tom trying to talk Bill down but a glimpse in his bedroom and the noise of a flushing toilet enrage Bill. Tom garbs a hold of him. Blind in his fury Bill pushes Tom away and the pistol goes off. Everyone is still. Bill sees the fear and blood on his girls face and walks towards the bathroom. He kicks in the door and fires three times in to his brother.

In the distance I hear sirens.

“Was that necessary?” asks A from behind me.

“Yes. A direct confrontation could lead to complication and a possible Paradox breach. I felt this was the subtle way.”

“First lesson over. Mediate on this and learn to do without doing.” We walk away together down an alley. “I feel a portal will get you back to your cabal quickest. It has been two weeks. You have done well. Be proud of what you have accomplished.”

I then open the portal to the cabals sanctum to find the cabal in attendance. Looking around it appears they have much to tell me.



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