Gathering Shadows

Later...Much later

Ok… Azaezel has really screwed us this time.

After a long period of calm were we have been able to finally cement our hold over our new territory (what was held by the Pendragons Swords is now ours). We get a call from Robin to go hunting. Fragor, Sylas and I jump at the chance to break our routine up.

We meet them at a Pub in Cornwall where we are informed that they hunt a Unicorn.
No seriously. A unicorn. Which Fragor confirms is quite a dangerous creature.

Right, okay. Let’s go hunt us a horny horse.

Oh and I hate hiking.

We manage to track it down and I cast a quick emotional barrier over us. We split up with the Merry Men taking one path and us taking the other. Not the best of choices as it turns out.

Okay now this thing is just fucking with us.

We manage to find it before it runs off again. And again. And again.

It leads us to a ring of stone and walking into the middle of them (Fragor freaks out about this) I see each has a rune of a sphere of magic engraved into it. They are not magical themselves however. Fragor joins me and casts a prime spell causing one stone to light up. Between the three of us and a ring Fragor got from Fortune we light up each stone just as the unicorn approaches us it disappears.

Only it was us that left. I feel around the threads of space and find that we are not in Kansas anymore. Feeling a little disorientated Sylas informs us that we may be in Arcadia.


We try the stones again with no joy. I also cannot open a Portal back to Earth. More hiking in the world of faery. Fun.

We do come across an elf who was waiting for us. Apparently he built the ring for us. Azaezel made a deal with him to bring us here. He does however offer us a deal for three pieces of Tass to show us how to get back to our world. The Body Orchid we found the Heart of Flies in. Pointing us off in the right direction we do more hiking.

And more hiking.

Even more hiking.

We do come to a market. Unfortunately it seems to be a slave market. Fragor is very upset but this as are both Sylas and I. Looking around and following the ribbons of Fate Sylas leads us to one stall that has a Young woman who we see is a Mage, Two Werewolf twins and a very young girl. There is a connection between the Mage and us, specifically Fragor.

We need to investigate this more.

Fragor walks off and I join him while Sylas does his own thing. Should we break them out? Buy them? There are some of the things Fragor and I talk about. It looks to me that we may need this Mage so I go back and buy her with the intention of freeing her as soon as I can. I also buy the young girl as I feel she would not be able to survive this place. Fragor is a little upset by this.

Sylas however purchases the twin werewolves. I do not know why. They would be able to look after themselves and had no link to us at all.

We leave the place and hike more with more mouths to feed on our limited supplies. Fragor and Sylas manage to find food in this strange place.

Shortly after we are stopped by hobgoblins who challenge us to a contest. We accept as there is no other path that we can see around them. We do not succeed and now must pay the price. Two Buttloads of wine and an instrument of gold. But they still let us pass unharmed.

Then more hiking that I do not like.

Well we managed to find a way to get the hell out of here. All we need to do is get to the Orchard of Corpses. The same place we found the Heart of Flies.

Eventually I Portal us there and we find Will Scarlet waiting for us.

25 years later….




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