Gathering Shadows

Friends and Fun

Ok so it has been a while since I’ve written things down. I feel I should as it should be noted for posterity.

Let’s break this down into areas:
Clarent and the Metalsmith.
After Ankou managed to acquire the shards of Clarent from the goblin market we still had a problem of how to reforge it (I really need to think how he managed to pay for it, I believe the price was too high). Research indicated we needed to see the Metalsmith, a being in another dimension. His price was fuel, in this case our blood, for his forge. We completed the ritual and after a small amount dealing with his box we managed to have him repair the sword.

Ankou asked about a scythe being made for him of Thaumium. I’m not sure how he intends to pay for the construction of the weapon; but if his behaviour at the Goblin market is any indication then we’re going to have a problem.

Attack on the Werewolves of London
Pitt Dog called asking to come see Rach right away. It turns out Boss was attacked outside the underground station. We traced the assailants back to a portal where we lost the trail. It looks like their Harleys that they rode were distinctive.

We dropped in on the Pendragon Swords who have taken up an alliance with the new werewolf pack in town, The Minute Men. The Minute Men were motor bike riders themselves so they might know of them in the area. They didn’t have any direct information on the assailants. However they did try to serve us human meat, sorry “long pork”. My god what have the Swords gotten themselves into. After leaving we checked their bikes outside. They were a match to the assailants.

This is going to be problematic. We can’t tell Rach that the Minute Men are the assailants just yet as she’ll want to storm the place. The Pendragons might be helping, but the portal was done by the same person who yanked Legion out of our first meeting with him.

Pendragons Sword
Their research into Hexecutioner has apparently yielded results. They are communicating with the axe. Apparently something about feeding it essence. I fear this is something more sinister considering both its name and the circumstances in which we found it. But it is their issue we cannot interfere without good reason.

Apparently Ankou says their quite tainted by the exarchs, similar to the ring/bell we found. Again we can’t make a move without more conclusive evidence.

Without Nameless around we can’t make a decision about Ankou. He willfully used magic to kill two sleeper police. He was nearly killed himself and came back to us 2 days later looking like a corpse (quite literally, I think I will be having nightmares about that for a while). I have prepared a report for the council but before I can submit we need to decide on a punishment for him. After discussion with him about his actions he sees no fault with what he did. This troubles me greatly. It is a dark path he walks down, but I feel that if we handle this incorrectly we will only drive him further and faster down it.

There has to be a way.

Also apparently he has been attacked by his former employer, The Phoenix Institute. Apparently they were behind the shooting 3 months ago. They have recently gotten him fired and brought him to police attention. Attention which precipitated the murder of two police officers. Something about this attention doesn’t quite add up, a bullet to the back is fairly clear severance package. But it makes no sense not to try it again. The additional attacks seem juvenile in response. Unless they’re part of a larger campaign to destroy him and make us turn against him.

Oh, almost forgot. Merlin appeared to me in my dreams. The Merlin, of round table legend. Apparently I am to follow down his path and reforge the Knights of the Round Table. In ages past the knights were a group of all supernatural races. Apparently I was walking down that path without realising. This is a momentous undertaking, I have no idea if I’m up to the task, but I should try. Enemies such as Legion were defeated with the combined strength of the races, this showed me we can make a difference.

Apparently Jack in the mirror is still at large. He has yet to visit me again. This concerns me.

The original perpetrators behind Legion are still at large. We are no closer to finding them.

Also I should be planning my trip to Norway. Apparently the Metalsmith forged Mjolnir. Fate isn’t quite subtle.


Just corrected Ankou’s (Grim’s) name.
Loved it!
I had not actually considered the possibility that tPI might be trying to turn the cabal against me. Makes a certain kind of sense!

Friends and Fun

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