Gathering Shadows

Ankou's Diary

Entry 01

{{Feel free to input the appropriate names into the following text, where appropriate. The character has an eidetic memory, I do not. Also, dates will be added to the days, where possible}}

Given the events of late, it would benefit me greatly to keep a diary of the events that happen. While I have an eidetic memory, there are emotional and personal concerns that would benefit from having an outlet of sorts.
As always, if you read this I will kill you. Enough said.

Today was really exciting. The changelings took us to the Goblin Market. It was massive. There was vendors selling everything you could imagine – even slaves! We eventually found a stall named /insert stall’s name/. It was the same name that was on the note that we found at /insert name of the castle/ We did, indeed, find the shards of the artefact sword. I think we should have planned better though. We had little in the way of currency. Though apparently morals, memories, deepest desires and other personal items are also considered currency here. How interesting. After Fragor stepped out to call Steve – at least I think it was steve. I was not paying a great deal of attention, I was more interested in this place – I was asking about what would be accepted as currency. Apparently not only are souls an acceptable form of currency, so is a persons morality. The later I only found out because the… man… made me an offer I simply could not refuse. He would give us the shards, and I would be given a smart phone that could not be tracked, traced, hacked into or otherwise monitored by any means – though I suspect the archmage of forces could do so if said archmage so desired – and only for a tiny bit of morality. It had no noticeable effect on me. I felt exactly the same as I did before! Fragor didn’t seem too impressed. I have no idea what crawled up his craw though! I mean he refused every reasonable offer that was presented. I was able to get it. Me. Not him, but me! He should have been happy that his superior was able to acquire the item at very little cost to anyone! He was acting like I had no idea what I had done, or what I was doing. It was ridiculous! I am massively intelligent, with an eidetic memory, who was chosen by Death, itself, to be a herald. A representative of the ultimate power! At any rate, we went back to the sanctum. I had intended to call Morwen and speak to her for several hours. But given it was late – and she seemed a tad annoyed that I had called her as late as it was, I figured it would be best I call her at a later date.

Fragor called one of the council Lords, who had advised that we would need to seek out the metalsmith. Looks like we will need to research how to do that… tomorrow. I want sleep. I will get sleep.

It was time to do some research. I must call Morwen tonight, if I get time. I do miss her company. So I head to the Mysterium library, start doing some research into how to summon the Metal Smith. It takes me 7 hours or so. It was interesting, reading through all those old books. Oddly enough, I found out that the ritual in question has to be performed in Death’s shadow.

I was so over-the-moon happy when I got back to the Sanctum. I told the others what we needed to do. We had to enter into a near death state, in my shadow. I was unsure of how I would enter into a near death state in my own shadow though.
Fragor, as usual, had something crawl up his craw. He refused to even acknowledge the possibility that my interpretation of what I read might be accurate. I am getting fairly annoyed at his constantly treating me like a child, and refusing to acknowledge my superiority. He even has difficulty in acknowledging his romance with the werewolf. At any rate, it was agreed that we would visit the morgue of an abandoned hospital. I found this an interesting opportunity. We might find ghosts, or zombies!
We arrived at the hospital, made our way through to the morgue without much difficulty. We attended to the ritual, and met the metalsmith. All in all it was not that difficult a task to accomplish. I do believe I am going to have a Scythe made of Thormium. But it will cost 8 pints of blood. The human body only has 10 pints of blood, and would have difficulty running on anything less than 5 pints of blood.
There are 2 ways I could do it. I could connect 4 iv drips into my arm, with bloodpacks connected, and donate the blood for the forge myself. Or I could have someone else pay. Donating myself, even with the blood packs puts me at risk. The world would be at risk if I was to be placed at risk. I feel having someone else pay might be the best option, but I will have to consider how to do it more.


Nothing much happened on Monday. I found out from Sylas that he has a lead. He was going to follow up on the lead by tracking the car that the shooter who attempted to kill me was driving. I put in another day of work at the docks.
While working at the docks, a rather menial duty, I formulated a plan to help my predicament. Either the phoenix institute direct – or the person who was my successor, Noob, either knows or suspects I am alive and is trying to make it impossible for me to do anything – they doctored photos to make me look like I was performing inappropriate activities with the dead. They even had a court order in place preventing me from working with or even being near the dead. I was both very angry and very impressed at this.
The solution to my problem was simple – to be dead. Publicly. Legally. I have the power to die. I have the intellect to arrange it so I die in any number of ways. But I had to give more consideration to how. I needed to be able to get out of the morgue before an autopsy, and to make sure my body was still there. It was a good idea.


I decided to try my own investigation into my shooting, and the Phoenix Institute. After all, I should be able to do a better job than anyone else! I was successful! I hacked into the /british equivalent of the dmv/ and did a search for the numberplate of the SUV. It was registered to an address in White City. Would have to get Sylas and the others to come with me. It is safer for me that way.
I proceeded to leave from where I was hiding when I was apprehended. Fortunately, through burning some mana I was able to destroy the laptop without the police knowing – just in case I didn’t cover my tracks. Turns out, however, I was wrong. Or rather, I assumed incorrectly. It turns out the laptop was gps tracked and flagged as stolen. But this apprehension. This… Accusation. This interruption to my plans!
Hulk Mad!
As they put me into the car I plotted my revenge. I did, however, catch them radioing back to their precinct that they have the suspect in custody, as well as the stolen laptop. Interesting! I might be able to use this to my advantage. It would be wrong for me to outright kill the police officers. They are doing their duty. But I would teach them a lesson, no matter the cost! As they were taking me to their precinct I buckled myself in and proceeded to bring damage to the car.
I fused the accelerator to the floor, then severed the anchors to their seat belts. Either they would learn their lesson – quickly – and save themselves or they would fail and suffer the consequences. In the end, we must save ourselves! To that end, I severed my own life.
What happened next, I had no idea.


Well, I am still dead. Hopefully soon I will be alive again. Think my body has suffered a bit though. Hahahaha. Seems I was in a fire. Guess the police failed to save themselves. Wonder if I should cut a jigsaw out of them before I leave. Would be highly ammusing. Wonder if Morwen has heard of my death. I hope she doesn’t worry too much. I must explain to her why I had not spent much time with her, or even talking to her, of late.


Still dead. Watched an autopsy being done on the other 2 officers. I think I am next. Seen their ghosts depart as well. I waved at them as they went. I do not think they understand. Oh well. Inferior specimens of humanity!
I decided I would compose a love poem for Morwen while I just float around dead.

Your beauty overwhelms me
As I wrap my arms around you
I press your softness tight
Great passion fills my inner being
I’m captured in your embrace
Your eyes control my very soul
The touch of your lips, heaven
Forever frozen in time
All else fades into nothing


Though, apparently only just. My autopsy was to be performed first thing in the morning. I must get out of here. Emergency escape route? Yes! got it!
ok, fresh corpse? good. Corpse data… Found it! My blood type? YES! Great! Make it look like my body. Good, appropriate tags, put it in the right place.
Can’t make it obvious though. Must take another body, but this will limit ability to move.
I know! fry the power grid of the building. That will give me maybe a few minutes of power outage. It will take me 2 minutes to carry a corpse to the fire exit.
Ok, now we move!
At the exit, destroy the door, and move!
Down that alley, through that street, down this alley.
Now to dispose of this corpse.
Car. Boot. Body in boot. Move away from car. Detonate fuel tank. Good.
Now run!
Duck. Dodge. Weave. Hide.
Hours pass, and I make it back to the sanctum.
Open the door, slump against the wall.
Ugh… I feel like death. Appropriate, mayhaps.
A light flicks on, and it burns my eyes.
Fragor? Great… Can’t I just sleep… For a year…
He begins questioning me and Sylas joins him. I manage to get him to switch off the lights, and I start answering his questions.
It didn’t take long for him to work out that something I did was responsible for the deaths of the police officers. Apparently it was on the news and in the paper. How exciting! I made the news!
Eventually, they let me get some sleep. Though I am placed on house arrest. Anastasia comes around, and heals me. I am thankful for that. It is less painful. After my rest, and a couple hours recovery, I call Morwen. She rushes around and is astonished by my appearance.
She wraps her arms around me. It hurts so much, but feels so good!
We spend the day together. It was nice.



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