Gathering Shadows

A Year in Review

It’s been almost a year since we stepped back through into the real world. Since we destroyed a part of ourselves to escape.

I have so much left to learn, so much to continue with. The lessons learnt thus far:

The fight against Legion taught me much. The Vampires, Geists, Changelings, and Werewolves are just as strong as the Mages. Together, we can strike down any who would seek to destroy. We lost some along the way: Gwen Miller, Orpheus (well kinda), Hobie, Honey, and Angel; but this loss strengthened us, helped us find each other.

What happened to Pendragon’s Sword was tragic. We played no small part in this. Symballine lost to seer artifacts. And yet we antagonised them, interfered in their territory and we did not manage to save them. This teaches me that no matter how good the past victories, you must always be cautious of new threats. And that while we wield mighty forces, it can simply be the rules of men and not magic that can lay you low.

The sojourn to Norway, Fate is sometimes unknowable, but always inescapable.

Treachery can wound greater than any blade. Anastasia’s betrayal will not be forgotten, she was a Seer and gave our enemies our best weapons. While we may have allies, our enemies may in turn have allies of their own. The attack by the Minute Men on the Werewolves o f London shows that.

I need to find out more about that artifact that trapped us in the dream world. It tapped into a part of us. I was foolish and did not understand the magic involved. I should have learned from our allies that even if it is not human, a life is a life.

My life has a destiny, and I must see it through. The Knights of Round Table must be reformed, 32 seats. It appears as though the original had members from all the races, so too must the new. I only hope I have a glimmer of the wisdom of Merlin in bringing together something that is a shadow of the former Camelot.

Loose Ends:

  • Clarent and Excalibur need rightful owners.
  • I possess the Abudeju Cipher (Many different parties wanted this).
  • Jack Thornton (the Ripper?) is still around, quiet as a mouse.
  • Anastasia is still at large.
  • Ankou our former Cabal member has gone quiet
  • Hexecutioner remains unaccounted for.
  • The original architects of the Legion madness remain elusive.
  • The seers behind the time bubble/zombie remain unaccounted for.


I still haven’t discovered the source of this mystery phone, though I’m sure a chance will present itself…

A Year in Review

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